When Odom is asked how Bynum looked at practice, “Awesome.” That is some awesome news.

Video courtesy of the good people at Lakers.com.

  • Ethdude

    Hate when reporters ask the same thing 3 times hoping he will say he hates not being in the starting line up or something.

  • lakers4life.


  • http://neoshocapital.com Farmabrick

    Yeah, he looks kind of peeved. Still, I can hardly wait to see the Lakers with Drew out on the floor. It really ought to make a big difference to the second unit’s performance by giving Jordan and Sasha more open looks when the defense collapses on Drew. It will also allow Ariza and Lamar to cut the basket because Drew can really set up shop on the block.

  • ricky

    Lamar seemed very reserved during that short interview. I don’t think he is upset that he’s going back to the bench because I think he realizes how important it is to look at the big picture at this crucial point of the season. It almost playoff time and with Andrew back, this team seems to look unstoppable. It’s true this team’s depth is their greatest strength. I just hope that Drew can quickly return to form and be as good as he was during the stretch before he got injured. He was playing dominant ball and with that, no team in this league can stop us. Our perimeter game is superb, Fish can hit the 3’s and Kobe can do anything and then some. Our front court with Drew is top in the league, we have size and length down low and with Drew’s return our rebounding should go up drastically. Every team we may face in the playoffs really has only one good big man. No other team has a front line as big and talented as we do. So I think if we play passionately and with a renewed spirit like we did at the beginning of this season, I don’t think any other team stands a chance against us. No team out West can stop us, the only team perhaps is Denver, but with Drew back, they don’t have the size to compete with us. Spurs are too old and their time is up. They don’t have size inside as well except Duncan. Blazers are talented but young and inexperienced and won’t last 7 games with us. At full strength, no team of “Superman”, “The Big 3″, or even “King James” can stop us from winning #15!!

  • alex

    love his attitude. he didnt seem reluctant to do anything anything for the team. and it only gives me more confidence to say that he will be back next year

  • mark

    its about the championship… enough said!