NBA MixMaking by fans features some of the most sheltered and best talent out there across the world. A prime example of this can be seen in this new mix by Meir21 entitled “Depth Of Intensity.”

  • VICTOR((:

    Wow the Video is amazing!! Cant wait for next years championship video lol

  • meir21

    thanks for posting it :)

  • LkrFn4Lf

    That was awesome… I just wish it were longer, I didn’t want it to end!



  • kalderon

    that s soo nice !

  • Robert.

    Phenomenal! It just proves that nobody on earth has moves like Kobe, not even MJ. This guy can hit from any point on the floor, and hits the ‘toughest’ shots in the history of the game. He knows it too, which is why he only cares about basketball, and not the ‘hype’, like others do.

  • NBAmazingKB24

    great great vid! that was hot.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    they should show the 20 misses it takes for the gunner to finally sink one……………..

    • Chris Manning

      Yup. 6-24 and those precious Celtics STILL couldn’t beat us. It must burn inside. You know hatred is a form of flattery in the way of love, right? So good you still care.

    • laffs atu!

      All talk and no action makes laffs atu a DULL GIRL!!

    • si pepe

      he is just jealous..

  • LC09

    yea that vid was fu kin sick…great work

  • lakers0828

    Nice great video I love LA

  • 242LakerFan

    You know, we got kinda spoiled having Chris post his videos here over the years. Okay, reeeeeeally spoiled. But while I’d seen one or two very good videos besides Chris’, only since his announcement have I seriously started looking for other Laker Fanvids and I have to say that I have seen some incredible stuff out there! This one included, of course. Props to Chris for pushing these guys and I encourage anyone interested in these true pieces of artwork to scour Youtube or the rest of the web for these vids and encourage them with your feedback, because there are a lot of LD2K’s out there and they work hard. Yeah, there’s some crap, too, but exercise your judgement and support the talent!

  • bdmf

    shiiit that video felt like a shot of cocaine

  • steelkobe24

    WOW! Ive seen almost every kobe video out there and every one on this site and this is one of the best, if not THE best ive ever seen! congrats man, GREAT job…keep em comin-please

  • KUSH

    Trust men and they will be true to you.. treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great..

  • purple_and_gold

    damn this video shows best hight lights of season and playoffs all in one. sick video , Chris you gotta do a colabo with this guy and make it for the season opener! and threw out the seaon.