Although Andrew Bynum says that there’s a 100% chance he’ll play in tomorrow’s Game 5, in the long haul, L.A. can’t win this series without Lamar Odom giving some sort of consistent effort. BasketballBreakdowns helps explain Odom’s trouble — we’ll at least they try. I don’t think its entirely possible to explain the Odom mystery… we’ve tried to solve that puzzle for six seasons now.

  • hoop247

    com’ on Odom. Nig, u r better than that. Don’t let the baby back biatch push u around. F’uk em all, dawg. Do ur thang. Take it to the rack everytime. Those green cheating team can’t win without cheating and u noe that. So man up n take that big baby back biatch to school.

  • Touch ME

    Well Game 5 is a huge game. Word on the street is that Boston got this for the following reasons
    1. Its on thier home court last game, won’t lose 2 of 3
    2. Ray Allen is due for a big game.
    3. Bynum is still limited.
    4. Kobe can’t beat the Celtics by himself.

    As much as it hurts me to say, I think LA will ose, the winner of this game will determine our NBA champion. Boy this hurts bad like in 08.

    • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

      Please i would like my fellow Laker Fans NOT to respond to this posting. It is a cry for attention that is really SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It is based on speculation WITHOUT any reasoning.
      Now this vid made me laugh a bit- Lets get game 5 and win the ship and LET US NEVER FORGET THE NAME “Touch Me” because he will try and celebrate with us later- reject him.

  • Touch ME

    I celebrate Cause Im a Laker fan with common sense. If I acted like everyone else we’d win every game in this series. Sorry my expertise is hurtful but thats they way I see it and its hurts like 08

    • 242LakerFan

      Don’t call yourself a fan, dude, seriously. “Fan” is sort for “fanatic”.Being a fan is a positive state of mind. Being a fan is being “fan”atical about supporting your team. It means finding reasons why your team can win; will win!!! It means lifting your team up above all others and not forsaking them when it looks tough. It means rooting for people like Smush Parker and Kwame Brown and Mike Pemberthy when there’s not much prospect of great things happening for your team.
      I spent the entire month of July 199 in an emotional funk. You were probably saying, “Gee, it’s okay, we should have expected that. Without Magic or Byron Scott, how could we really expect a team run by David Rivers to beat the Bad Boys anyway?
      You seem to keep finding reasons why the Lakers will not win. You are not a “fan”. You are a backer. You back the Lakers when it looks ideal, but when the going gets tough, you back the hell up.
      So keep backing up till you back out and go back home.
      And no back-talk from you young man!

      • 242LakerFan

        That’s July 1989, for you youngsters.

      • bostonSUCKS88

        couldnt have said it better myself.

  • rudy t.

    wow. wow. two thumbs up for the video. in my humble opinion, videos like these that breakdown aspects of the lakers nation and the state of play of la will prove to be highly entertaining and informative at the same time.
    good job, TLN! continuous progression and innovation at its finest. i’m so happy to be a big fan of this site and the organization it supports.

  • seankobe

    yes odom scores 6 points in the 4Q so as big fat baby and his responsible for that. as kobe said it has nothing to do with the offense if you don’t get stops, how I wish josh smith is on his place. If he don;t show up game 5, I believe his done in LA and i will celebrate that… I never seen odom did an alley oop dunk with LA, he’s game is predictable with his left lay-up which he can’t do perfectly..

  • Laker s Army

    La Mar 10 million dollar Bust.
    Pot smoking candy eating married a reality coke whore drunk.
    If we lose its your fault a 100 per cent . Your a lazy bum.
    6 11 dude at the 3 point line is a waste post up ass hole or drive to the hole.
    You make stupid offense charges and you never post up.
    Maybe A mare was right you got luck 19 and 19 and thats your season.
    Fuck ypu La mar lazy piece of shit. Play Mobenga or Ammo it least they show heart for this team.
    If we lost Mitch trade him to Toronto or Minnesota
    O DUMB did you forget how to play remeber rebounding,shoting,boxing out.
    You are a pathtic human being.

  • Touch ME

    242 your right because I am the one that was saying after game 1 we won the championship after game 3 we are winning it in Boston. Theres not much positive to find when Big Baby drools on us. Being a fan to me means not having to tolerate the Celtics beat down of the Lakers in 08 and watching them control this series tied 2-2. This back talk whatever you mean by it failed us in 08. I know I am very critical and hard on the Lakers when they lose but its not due to hate its tough love, you think I want to see Kobes legacy end with a 2010 Boston Championship, NO. 242 Ill give u the Kwame one cuz i did support him in wanting to get him traded.

    When the Lakers lose you DO NOT pat them on the back and say good try, you kick them to the ground and tell them their soft. If you can give me 5 solid reasons why LA will win tonight much stronger than my 5 for why Boston will win Ill congratulate you.

    • 242LakerFan

      I am not admonishing you for criticising the team after a loss. We all do that. What you did here in your first post was to list reasons why we would lose game 5. You offered no encouragement, no support, no hope. You said we were going to lose game 5 for these 5 reasons, that the winner of game 5 would win the series (already having said that would be the Celts) and that it would be ’08 all over again. That doesn’t sound like a fan to me; that sounds like a quitter.
      So since you’ve given up, just give it up.

  • JOSH IN DA 310

    Fuck You touch me you piece of shit! Jump off a cliff and dive head first you fucking fake fan, Bitch ass faget!