At times, it’s easy to forget how good of a defensive team the Lakers can be — which is likely attributed to the high level of defense Boston has played in stretches during these Finals. BasketBreakdowns shows us what the Lakers are doing right!

  • double

    Love these videos… Great analysis.

    If the Lakers bring the same intensity tonight, the championship will be ours.

  • 123kid

    great analysis. if they give that same amount of help-smothering defense, then theres no stopping the lakers. they blocked the paint like the trophy was in the middle and didnt want any celtic jersey tryna get inside to get it.

  • LakerFanIam

    Does anyone know who does these videos? I always look forward to their analysis. Best there is, IMO.

  • PauLAsol

    Excellent video, Defense is key to the glory

  • hgo

    Perkins travels at 3’00… he always does that and always gets away with it!