Safe to say that we’ll all be buzzing about this game for the rest of the season.

Video credit: MaxaMillion711

  • Jack Y.

    Wow. Nicely Done!

  • Green Flannel

    greatest video of the past two months

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    you`de almost think he practiced in front of a mirror the way he`s posing for the cameras….talk about having a hero complex!!!!!!

    • lakeshow2010

      no reason to hate
      he’s one of the best to play the game


      I’m sure that Pudgy Pierce(d) by a D!ck practices his whining, wincing, and crying in front of the mirror before he settles in for a quick b.j. with Gay G every night before they hit the sack!

      At least Kobe’s got a hero complex… Pudgy Pierce(d) by a D!ck’s got a gay complex!

      SUCK ON IT COCKSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mr.laker19

    This is definitely in my top 4 kobe buzzer beaters of all time with phoenix in the playoffs, trail blazers in 04′ (both the regulation tie and game winner) and the 04′ finals when he hit the three to tie and send the game to overtime. The shot was that great, and props to fisher too.

    But Im just disgusted at ESPN’s lack of coverage on this shot. I literally saw the shot once on t.v.. They didnt even lead sportscenter with that highlight. Now if it was Lebron we would have seen it atleast 100 times by now. Its just ridiculous…

  • pau

    Great Video. It reminds me just how good D-Wade is and how there is a real competition between the skills of him and Kobe.

    Lebron on the other hand just doesnt compare and he doesnt compete against Kobe like that cause he CANT

  • gugy

    that was a fun game.
    We kind need that. Lately Lakers games are too boring, we are just too good and blowing the opponents like tonight with 20 points against the Suns.

  • domz

    Kobe’s buzzer beater (NBA 2K10 Style made by me)

  • Short Dog

    Thats what I’m talking about. Good ass W.
    Lakers #1

  • Maku

    Check out this video too.

  • john louie

    nice shoot kobe…u my idol

  • john louie

    kobe i hope dat u win the game this season bcoz im always watching u everday…………..ur are my mvp idol

  • john louie

    u my inspiration kobe i hope that u will come inbohol want to see u inpersonal……….i want u and me one on one someday

  • Pourky

    Whats the name of this song!!! Good Music for that video.