bussyL.A. Times: The Lakers don’t have the NBA’s best record this season, but they lead the league in something else — highest payroll.

For better or worse, because sometimes it’s a curse, the Lakers have a player payroll of $91.3 million and will spend an additional $21.4 million in luxury taxes if their roster remains the same on the final day of the regular season.

Their total salary bill would be $112.7 million if they make no trades or minor free-agent acquisitions. Comparatively, they spent about $86 million last season, including luxury taxes.

None of this includes Phil Jackson’s $12-million salary to coach this season.

Basically, owner Jerry Buss keeps reaching for his checkbook.

“As long as we keep winning, I think he’ll keep doing it,” center Andrew Bynum said.

The Lakers are typically among the top five NBA payrolls, but New York and Dallas have been the big spenders in recent seasons, joined also by Boston, Utah and San Antonio.

The Knicks, however, have been on a salary-shedding spree in anticipation of next summer’s free-agency pool, and the Mavericks now have the second-largest payroll, about $4 million below the Lakers’.

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  • iHateSasha

    wow. 5 million for sasha vujacic? seriously? he makes more money than shannon brown and jordan farmar combined!!

    sasha vujacic is the reason why Jerry buss are spending so much money, because we dont really need him! its a waste of 5 million!

    in the last 2 games, we won without him, he barely played, so why even sign him?

  • gugy

    I have the firm belief that this season will be the last for one or maybe two if these guys:

    Mitch is working hard to unload the garbage before season’s end.
    Sorry to say but I am tired of waiting for the scrubs to develop into good players, specially Sasha. He got what he wanted. $$$ and fu-ck Sharapova, Lucky man, but his lack of determination and skills on the court is really annoying.

    • NBAmazingkb24

      Sasha!!!! Machine!
      If i had to pick the weakest link from that list
      It would be Sasha.
      He is a shooter. If he cant make shots there is no
      spot for him in the team.
      Since he cant make shots, he isnt getting any playing time.
      On Morrison – I still have no comment on him. I only see him play during garbage time.

  • drive-for-16th

    sasha and morrison, im afraid i have to say it but bye bye sasha and ammo i don’t think u guys will be here full season. too bad.

  • Leo

    Don’t worry too much about Buss, guys. He’s still making plenty of money.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    If Sasha and Ammo were actually producing, then there is no problem with the payroll. But since theyre not, then why are they still here? 2 years Sasha hasnt done much, Ammo since his injury hasnt done much. I normally wouldnt say this but its getting to the point where I cant stand to watch them any more, especially when the starters need rest. Its annoying to watch him, catch, shoot, miss.

  • WatWudChickHearnSay? (WWCHS?)

    Yeah, you can pretty much kiss Sasha and Ammo goodbye before the trade deadline, if anyone will take either.

  • Lakersfannotjustkobefan

    trade sasha for five dollar footlongs

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Man if we let Sasha go, we coudlve resigned Ariza.

  • Salty

    And it’s a well made investment… they sell out every home game and just about every road game, they lead the NBA in WORLD merchandise sales, and the broadcasting rights and sponsors pays them millions in return as well.

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Shannon Brown’s birthday next Sunday!

  • highflyer

    do u guys think we will sign any1 else b4 d season ends………

  • Robert

    Yeah, recall that Buss is a sharp businessman. He would have never shelled out that $$ if he didn’t think that he would get a return on his investment. The Lakers ‘brand’ is huge worldwide, and buying championships for the next few years will guarantee that brand lasts well beyond Buss’ s years. His great-grandkids will be wealthy for some time to come.
    $5M here and there is chump change for him (not for most of us!). There will be some changes, but you can bet that Buss will never be hurting with this ‘core’ of a team, headed by the great Kobe.