Lakers fans, Feelin’ you! My thoughts before tonight’s Lakers/Bucks game!

After almost two decades as a TV sportscaster and radio personality in LA, Jacobs refuses to be obsolete. The most inventive and metaphoric broadcasters continue to move, as he often says, from darkness to light...thriving in a city that still hasn't decided to embrace or dismiss him. Vic is currently one-third of the Loose Cannons from 12p-4p on AM570 KLAC as he adds his flavah of English and Spanish and mixed in with Yiddish and Martian--just a reflection, he says, on the melting pot culture of Los Angeles.
  • HungSoLow

    love it!!! keep it comin vic, all season to the championship!!!

  • Kid Kaos 310

    Preach on Brother Vic, preach on

  • K20

    U the man VIC!!!!

  • roscoe

    Vic is the man. Definitely took a little too much acid, but the man none the less.