Vic “The Brick” on Good Day L.A./FOX 11

“The painting of a rice cake……”

Vic displays (his) warrior like mentality on the set of Good Day L.A. Beginning at Noon today, AM570 KLAC continues live and local playoff coverage featuring Lakers news and information. Game 2 is Wednesday night at Staples Center.

AM570 KLAC is also giving away a trip to Phoenix for the weekend including airfare, hotel and tickets to any event of the winner’s choice! So far escapes have feaured Showtime boxing, Mandalay Bay, MGM Las Vegas, airfare anywhere in the country and more.

Jaime is the co-owner and Operating Director for from Alhambra, CA. He's help create the official websites for Kevin Durant and Goodwin Sports. Currently, he's the Online Producer for FOX Sports Radio and AM570 KLAC.
  • Jack /

    lol… Not sure how to comment on this.

    • Kam Pashai

      Haha! Vic being Vic. He’s part of our TLN family, you’ve got to love the guy.

  • TonyStarks79

    Feeling you Vic!

  • justdogm1

    smellin you, the balllicking zen master…..

  • lakers are the bomb

    Vic is a cool pot smoking dude who lives in whitter.
    Feel in you Vic burn one bro

  • Lakers 24 7

    Vic pretty much called it. lol

  • lakersno834

    Last Time I heard, Vic was gonna cut his hair when Kobe was gonna get his 4th Ring. Well.. He got his 4th and About to get his 5th… Common Vic.. Keep your promises.

    Feelin You BTW!

  • BeYoung

    it must be wierd to be related to vic lol

  • Leo

    It’s pretty funny watching him in the Lakers locker room, giving blessings to the players.

  • Karl

    Vic is the Lakers Sage! Live through death, show no fear!