Spoiler |ˈspoilər| – noun. a person who obstructs or prevents an opponent’s success while having no chance of winning a contest themselves.

That pretty much sums up the Sacramento Kings (38-43) motivation for tonight’s contest.

Tonight the Kings try to mar the Pacific Division Champion Lakers (56-25) dreams of a Number One seed in the Western Conference.

Simply put, the Lakers just have to win. Just post a victory and they are cemented into the No.1 slot, regardless of tiebreakers or how goofy that Hurrrrnet looks.

After their feats of strength this past weekend, where they slithered away from the former NOOC on Friday and then throttled the defending champion Spurs on Sunday, the stars are certainly aligning over Staples Center.

Let us not forget the cautionary tale of events of March 9th when the Lakers lost 114-113, with Beno Udrih slashing to the basket for a team leading 25 points and young Spencer Hawes dominating the fourth quarter to finish with 14 points and 8 rebounds off the bench.

It would appear that, in their regular season finale, the Lakers look to roll into the playoffs with a sound drubbing of their rivals from the State Capital.

Playoff Update!:

With a victory tonight, the number one seeded Lakers will face the eighth seeded Denver Nuggets on Sunday afternoon!

Who cares about the other matchups tonight?

Television -

Los Angeles: Fox Sports West (Joel Myers & Stu Lantz)

Sacramento: Comcast Sports Net (Grant Napear & Jerry Reynolds)

Radio -

Los Angeles: AM570 KLAC (Spero Dedes & Mychal Thompson)

Sacramento: KHTK Sports 1140 AM (Gary Gerould & Tom Abatemarco)

Injuries -


  • Out: A. Bynum (Knee), T. Ariza (Foot)
  • Will Play: K. Bryant (Pinkie), D. Fisher (Foot)


  • Out: B. Miller (Foot)
  • Questionable: K. Martin (Knee), R. Artest (Thumb)

Storylines -

The Friendly Confines of… Staples Center: Not only can the Lakers lock up the top spot in the West with a win tonight, but also along with that title comes the privilige of Home Court Advantage until the NBA Finals. HCA is something Coach Jackson has placed almost as much emphasis on as the importance of team unity through facial hair.

Do Not Pull a Memlotte Grizzcats: Or a Charphis Boblies! For Portmanteau’s sake, the Lakers cannot afford to let another sub-.500 team steal a contest at Staples Center. Just be advised.

Varsity Challenge (Prize: A personal Blue Goo® application with Gary Vitti!)

When was the last time the Lakers met the Denver Nuggets in the Playoffs?

  • baecp

    Hopefully we’ll face the Denver Nuggets; the Mavs didn’t clinch the 7th spot yet. If Denver beats Memphis, which can be assumed, and New Orleans beats Dallas, then Denver will be the 7th seed and the Mavs will drop down to the 8th seed. Who knows though, maybe we’ll luck out and get Denver in the playoffs.

  • domz

    Varsity challenge:

    The last time the Lakers (We) faced the Nuggets in the Playoffs was on 1986/1987 season. That was 1st round. The lakers (We) swept them. Heading to a Conf. semi-finals and conf. finals win against Golden State and Seatle respectively. In the Finals, Lakers (We) faced the Celtics, that time we were underdogs against them. But come up strong in 1st 2 games, and beat the Celtics in game 6. Leaving the Finals MVP award to Magic Johnson.

    Note: M. Johnson won his 1st season MVP in the same year.

    If you can notice, Kobe might also have his 1st MVP award this season, plus we might face the Nuggets in the 1st round. Hopefully, we’ll go into the finals and maybe face the Celtics, again. And will WIN the title again.

    Note: “History repeats itself”

    I got this info at


    Go there to see the history of our team.


  • Phant0M



  • che

    is ron artest and kevin martin playing guys

  • T-Dub

    Hey…Baron Davis was benched by Nellie at halftime in an important game like that lastnight. Left without speaking to reporters. He will opt out and come to LA for either the mid-level or sign and trade. He’s coming home!

  • jen

    wait…. does playoffs for us start on saturday or sunday??

  • Kong!

    Baron Davis is too much of a loose cannon.

    Sure he fits in well with Nellie’s style of play but he would have a hard time in the Triangle O.

    That is why it is so great to have D. Fish back in Purple/Gold, he doesn’t demand the ball.

  • kPoAbUe


  • T-Dub

    Fish gets abused on D and will only be older next year. He’ll be good off the bench 15 to 20 min a game. He only has 2 good years left. Baron is 29, and used to lead the league in steals, big, strong, can and will d-up. He grew up here in LA and this is where he belongs. PG is our weak spot, with B-Diddy, we’re invincable!


    We do need Mickael Pietrus,though(he wants to leave).

  • xtro

    We don’t need Baron. I’d go for Kirk Heinrich and Glbert Arenas.
    But, I want defense. Artest!!!


    Mickael Pietrus,my fellow LAKERNATIONITES. Baron Davis is the Sh#$ but Mitch is looking for only ‘1’ player who can play 15 – 20 mins.,that’s it.

  • gugy


    He is the man for our D.

    Yes he is nuts, but I have the feeling PJ would love to coach him and Artest would love to play for the Lakers and alongside Kobe. So he will behave.

  • http://mrsfox411@aol.com FOXXY

    LAKERS #1 !!!!!!


    Mickael Pietrus!How much doe y’all wanna bet?

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #32851 Will Be Quoted Here]

    what a star! vitti is gonna blue goo you gooooooooood!

  • varsityoptimism



  • kb24isback

    Hopefully we’ll face the Denver Nuggets; the Mavs didn’t clinch the 7th spot yet. If Denver beats Memphis, which can be assumed, and New Orleans beats Dallas, then Denver will be the 7th seed and the Mavs will drop down to the 8th seed. Who knows though, maybe we’ll luck out and get Denver in the playoffs.

    I’d rather us face the Mavs if we go in and blow the Nuggetsout we could get to cocky.

  • as1084

    seriously….why is everyone talking about free agency???! the season isnt over yet and everyone is already talking about who we should sign. focus on the playoffs people!

  • as1084


  • pjt

    [Comment ID #32893 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m with you on that…I think it’s because we have players like Radman, Walton, etc. that have been so spotty at times…Let’s hope the team comes together now, and plays to the best of their ability…

  • http://www.lakers.com kb24

    SAve The BEST 4 lAst…Must Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakerschamps08

    mavs or dallas????does not matter we sweeping on or the either

  • SliqRiq

    Sure Baron has gifted offensive abilities but he is also a great defender second in the league in steals behind Paul so it definitely wouldnt hurt to get him not to mention he’s a great passer as well as an exceptional clutch shooter probably second best in the league behind you know who KB24!!!!


    The reason why we talk Free Agency so much is because we see “The Glitch in the Matrix”,meaning,there are flaws that we have that need to be corrected,yes it’s early but we love our team.

    Think of it as a marriage,you start off hating(Beginning of the season),then you see something special about that person(Middle of the season),then the BULLS$@! starts but you still stick with it(End of the season),THEN YOU GIVE YOUR LIFE AWAY AND MARRY THAT PERSON ANYWAY DESPITE THE FACT(PLAYOFFS) but despite the crap there’s only one person who’s gonna watch your back(CHAMPIONSHIP),THAT’S US!

    We’re just helping Mitch that’s all,nothing too serious,just the love for the team.

  • http://thelakersation.com/blog PauKobeBynumDynasty

    I am sooo happy we wont play baron and the warriors in the playoffs.

    Lets go Lakers! Beat the Queens!

  • http://thelakersation.com/blog PauKobeBynumDynasty

    [Comment ID #32893 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I actually think our team is perfect and complete with the Pau Gasol trade. We dont need anyone more. Anyone agree?

  • kPoAbUe

    if we get BAron off free agency then were is jordan gonna play. What were gunna let go of jordan our future allstar point gaurd. in the future our team will relay on Drue and Jordan. We dont need BAron or artest beacuse where is Lo and Ariza gunna play. Where is Vkad going to play. We wont have enough minutes for these players who brough tus into these playoffs. If it wasnt for these guys we woulnt be here. Lo jordan rad ariza are way better than getting artest or BAron.

  • kPoAbUe

    i cant belive the season is over it was like just yeaterday that kob egot booed and the lakers lost to houston beacuse of shanes daggering 3.

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #32904 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Principal: Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
    Billy Madison: Okay, a simple “wrong” would’ve done just fine.


    I couldn’t read all of your comment because of the insults,did disrespect you like that? I’m probably a lot older than(and wiser)you so I don’t take comments too serious nowadays Mr.Varsity and it’s for that reason that I VALUE EVERYONE’S COMMENTS ON THIS SITE because none of us are getting paid or going to anal-yst on ESPN anytime soon.

    Let me give you an example,there was a guy on this site by the name of GETGASOL(MISS THAT DUDE).Alot of people,including myself,chewed this guy out and guess what? Well let me say we’re NO.1 because one man believed and had faith that getting Gasol would make The Lakers Contenders,so to him I apologize ’cause he was 100% RIGHT,PERIOD!!!

    This site is for those that LOVE THE LAKERS and want to see improvement beyond this season WIN,LOSE OR DRAW. I know your probably young because of your comments but they affect me at all but I know your just like me and the rest us,YOU EITHER APART OF LAKERNATION OR YOUR LAKERHATIN’,which one are you?

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

    Well…I don’t really agree with you, I’d like us to go against the Mavs instead, but it really doesn’t matter though. We’ll crush both in the series, just as long as we rebound though! That’s the key, defense, rebounding and conrtolling your anger, and I guess…smart shots too, but mostly defense and rebounding. So let’s hope we’ll win tonight in Staples Center like we did with the Spurs on Sunday!

  • T-DUB

    BARON DAVIS! Farmar will never be an all-star in the west…CP3,D-Will, T-Parker has that locked up. But B-Diddy will take them all to school. AND this is the team he grew up loving and wanting to play for. Perfect opportunity. And he’ll take a paycut to play at home. There’s room for another SF like Petris or Artest because we have LO, Ariza, and SORRY A$$ Walton who we can’t give away!

  • varsityoptimism

    [Comment ID #32913 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it has not and will NEVER be your job to help mitch out. if you think he reads this site, or puts one ounce of fan opinion into his thought process than you, sir, are naive, sad and sorely mistaken.

    i am as much of a fan as i am a realist. i know that for most of the time, my relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers is one sided. They do not reciprocate any reaction to my opinions. It was not GetGasol who encouraged Mitch to pull the trigger on the deal. It was not some good for nothing blogger like myself. It was based on his years of expertise and tutelage under Jerry West. Plain and simple.

    I am sick and tired of my contrarian viewpoints and respect for the decision making process of the Front Office being confused with “hating”.

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #32909 Will Be Quoted Here]

    [Comment ID #32916 Will Be Quoted Here]

    kPoAbUe… Jordan wont come close to being as good as BD!!!

    T-DUB…. Couldnt agree with you more! Baron would be sick on this team!!!!!!

  • kPoAbUe

    yea will we only have baron for 3 years and jordan for i dunno 14 years.

  • kPoAbUe

    baron wont becoma an allstar too if he came to la


    Varsity,it’s a new day,WE THE BEST AND JIMMY CRACKED CORN AND I DON’T GIVE F#$@!!!!

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