Well I guess we won’t know who we play til the 82nd game of the regular season after all as our very own G-Small pointed out to us on the forums. (Update: fixed by BBmB).

  • (1) IF we beat Utah we will see them in the 1st round, no matter what!
  • (2) Utah (48-33) W, Hornets (49-32) L, Mavs (49-32) L … IF all of these teams tie with a record of 49-33, we will play the Mavs and the stands will be Utah (6), Hornets (7), and Mavs (8). Utah wins the tiebreaker.
  • (3) Utah (W), Hornets (L), Mavs (W) … If Utah and the Mavs win, we get the Hornets.
  • (4) Utah (W), Hornets (W), Mavs (L) … If Utah and Hornets win, we get the Mavs

Our own podcast co-host G-Small also had this to say about both matchups…

We have the potential to sweep Dallas. Utah will bring that tough nosed physical defense every game and can make the Lakers use more energy than they wanted in the 1st round. And Utah would gain some momentum by beating the Lakers heading into the tournament [IF they were win tonight].

  • e-bucher

    “If Houston beat Dallas we will get the Mavs IF we beat Utah tonight! ”

    this is wrong…if houston beats dallas and we beat utah…then we face utah…


    “If Utah wins we get them no matter what. ”

    isn’t this wrong also…if dallas beats houston…then we face utah…even if utah beats us…dallas has a one game lead on utah…

    the only way we face dallas is if houston wins and utah wins…utah has the tie breaker against dallas…

  • Kobe8

    I honestly don’t care who we play. Every team in the Western Conference playoffs is tough but I can think we can smash every team out there. So it really doesn’t matter.

  • gugy

    I don’t think it really matters.
    Both teams are playing not so great. Dallas is maybe a bit easier to beat, since Utah is harder to play at their loud arena, but I really think in the end is not a big deal.

    The only team that might give the Lakers a bit of headache in the West would be Portland, just because they play very well at their home and the Lakers psychologically did not overcame it over there.

  • Gregory Small

    I see, DELETE!

  • Gregory Small

    So in fact the Lakers might throw the game if Dallas wins only to play the Mavs.

  • celtic killa

    If Utah wins AND Dallas loses, we get DALLAS……..
    If Utah loses OR Dallas wins, we get UTAH………


  • rg

    and if they both lose, we get dallas, and we can not purposley throw this game because if dallas wins tommorow, we dont want utah to even get one game in here all yr especially if we start plaaying them next week


    i agree. we should never throw a game away like that.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    PJ has been saying that they will be closely watching who falls into that 8th spot. Strategy wise, I say the Lakers tank the game against the Jazz. This is a team we will want to avoid in the first round. They are a physical team that bangs and plays dirty. We can win the series, but I don’t want to see our guys get hurt or get burned out in the first round. I would rather play the Mavs. We already swept them and we match up better with them. We split the season series with Utah (1-1), but they were missing some starters for the game at Staples.

    Hornets (49-32), Mavs (49-32), and Utah (48-33) are 6,7, and 8 respectively. Hornets play the Spurs on Wed, and the Mavs play the Rockets. The Rockets will want to avoid the Spurs in the first round, so they will need to beat Dallas. The Spurs are playing for home court advantage. If all of these teams tie with a record of 49-33, then the standings will be Utah (6), Hornets (7), and Mavs (8).

    If PJ is smart, he will agree with me. He should be instructing his guys to brick shots. I’m sure they are going over the different scenarios and coming up with a strategic plan. If wee see the starters resting early, then that could be an indication that the Lakers want the Mavs in the first round. In order for this plan to work, the Mavs will have to lose (hopefully with the help from the refs). It really doesn’t matter (to us) if the Hornets win or lose.

    We’ve already locked the 2nd best spot, so this is worth the gamble. The only thing that sucks is that the Mavs don’t play until Weds. Too bad the Wolves couldn’t pull the upset, losing by 2 pts on Monday. The Wolves had the lead in the 4th, but Terry hit a buzzer beater to win the game. I want to see the Mavs in the 1st round cuz all the trash talking by their club.

  • Freshh

    Lets play Utah.
    It’ll test us physically.

    Both series shouldn’t be overlooked just because Utah is very dangerous at home and Dallas has been “semi-rolling”

    but Utah is who I prefer

  • Nabil

    Isn’t there also a chance that we N.O. now? I mean, there could be a 3-way tie between Utah, Dallas, and N.O. (If Utah beats us, and both Dallas and N.O win tomorrow.) Also of note, there is a good possibility of a 4 way tie for seeds 2,3,4,5. Wouldn’t that be crazy?! A 4 way tiebreaker situation, AND a 3-way tiebreaker situation…in the same conference!!!

    Anyways, please someone with some actual knowledge break down how a 3 way tie between N.O, Dallas, and Utah would get figured our.

    I can say this though- we’ll take care of business against whoever!!!

  • Nabil

    Also, best case scenario for Lakers— blow Utah out by enough to kill their spirits, but not do anything unsportsmanlike in the process (like jacking up 3’s J.R. Smith style). So we get a Utah team that we just demoralized, but didn’t rile up.

    Worst case for Lakers. Kobe and Pau both get injured in the 1st quarter. Being a smart couch, Jerry Sloan immediately puts in his worst 5 players and makes them play the whole game without rest, and doesn’t even call timeouts to give them a breather. Thus, he throws the game and guarantee’s seeing a depleted Lakers in Round 1. Good thing he’s not a dirty coach. I’m sure some Utah fans are thinking the Jazz should slide some feet under some airborne lakers, and take out some ankles. Damn Jazz.

  • Nabil

    Correction- Damn Jazz FANS. I think the organization is upright and good. But they have some terrible, morally bankrupt fans.



  • TArizaFan

    If we win tonight, we get Utah. It’s that simple.

    For us to get Dallas, they would have to lose to Houston and Utah would have to win tonight.

    We could also get New Orleans if Utah and Dallas both win, and N.O. loses to San Antonio Tomorrow.

  • lainok

    as long as we meet up with those punk a$$ trailblazers at some point to stomp on them, it’s all good.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    I made a little mistake… here are the scenarios:

    (1) IF we beat Utah we will see them in the 1st round, no matter what!

    (2) Utah (48-33) W, Hornets (49-32) L, Mavs (49-32) L … IF all of these teams tie with a record of 49-33, we will play the Mavs and the stands will be Utah (6), Hornets (7), and Mavs (8). Utah wins the tiebreaker.

    (3) Utah (W), Hornets (L), Mavs (W) … If Utah and the Mavs win, we get the Hornets.

    (4) Utah (W), Hornets (W), Mavs (L) … If Utah and Hornets win, we get the Mavs

  • Lakers 24 7

    Don’t throw a game. You saw what happened to Dallas back in ’07 when they let GS win the final regular season game so they don’t play the Clippers in the first round. GS ended up beatin’ the top seeded Mavs. …Just win every game.

  • kwame4mvp

    [Comment ID #67931 Will Be Quoted Here]

    haha i saw something wrong with it too. but noone else commented. i thought my eyes were tricking me.

  • Vibe

    As dumb as it sound….lets lose tonight ….i want mavs PERIOD. they the one who has been trash talking and they are obviously the easiest match up for the lakers out of those 3.

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    Hey… where’s my props? Give me some credit guys… you took my comments and turned it into yours and you didn’t cite the source.

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #67951 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thanks, BostonBlowsMyBalls. :)

    Are you G-Small? Or did they take your summary when they redid the blog without giving you credit? Is that what you mean? Anyways, thanks for clearing up the scenaros!!!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    [Comment ID #67958 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, I’m not G-Small. I don’t know who this is. Maybe they didn’t want to refer to my handle, but they could have said BBB. Yeah, they just copied and paste my comment because they had the wrong scenarios and were confusing everyone.

  • skew

    to be the best you have to chellenge the best. lets just leave it at that. i really dont care who we play. we are smashing anyone in our way whether its utah, mavs or miley cirus. it doesnt matter..


    [Comment ID #67935 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They won’t throw this game away because they DON’T CARE who they play. Every team is cocky it’s just something that goes along with being famous, every team thinks they can beat basically anybody. Just like most of you guys and Kobe, I DON’T CARE WHO WE PLAY. Each team is going to give it their best and if the Lakers unleash the next gear they won’t give the opponent a chance to dribble.

  • Silentpojo

    Never throw a game. Just like that one guy said, Dallas was the #1 seed and threw a game so that they could play the warriors and the Warriors ended up winning. I’m sure that they Mavs would love to correct that, and what better way than for THEM to be an 8th seed this time and upset a #1 seeded Lakers team

  • Mr. WoodCocK

    What everyone doesn’t understand is that the NBA is a business and corrupt. The Lakers are the most popular NBA team in THE WORLD, and generate the most revenue! If the playoffs are anything like last year, we’ll get some help from the refs to get to the finals. There is no doubt we had some help last year. If you watched all the series, you know what I’m talking about. The same went for Boston.

    The way the first 2 games were being called in Boston, I knew they were going to HANDLE Boston the trophy. If my predictions are right, it will either be Lakers vs Boston or Cavs. It all depends on who the public wants to watch or who will generate more revenue. You can take that to the bank!

    The Lakers WILL be the Western Conference Champions. The big question is “Would you rather see them cruise there or bang their way there risking injuries”?

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    Beat the Jazz and show them whos boss!!!!!!!! :)

  • spankdatcelticazz