Bleacher Report: Philadelphia fans are known to be brutal. Throwing snow balls at Santa Claus, booing their franchise players, and cheering when opposing players get injured are just several infamous occasions in which the City of Brotherly Love didn’t live up to its name.

But that’s nothing compared to some of the disgusting fans in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Last season, Derek Fisher was a hero in Utah. His eleventh month old daughter, Tatum, had just been diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare type of eye cancer. She had needed an emergency three hour surgery and chemotherapy at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Choosing to be with her during surgery, Fisher wasn’t sure he would be able to attend Game Two of the team’s second round series against the Golden State Warriors. Upon landing back in Salt Lake City following the surgery, Fisher got the news that Jazz starting point guard Deron Williams was in foul trouble and his backup, Dee Brown, was seriously injured during the early stages of the game. Fisher knew he had to be there for his team.

He arrived at the stadium during the third quarter and was given a standing ovation. Fans and players alike were showing him a lot of respect and it was a feel good moment as a sports fan. Fisher would later hit a game tying shot that would send the game into overtime where the Jazz defeated the Warriors.

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  • awesomerob24

    Damn if these stories are true, these Utah fans are animals!
    It would be so sweet to end the series at Utah.

  • Day


  • kbfan24

    Jazz fans are not only the most disgusting fan2, but also the dumbest.

  • kbfan24

    [Comment ID #35823 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Most digusting fans. soory for the mispell.

  • lalball81

    You guys HAVE to know that this small group isn’t representative of ALL Utah fans, right? Really, you’re all old enough to understand that? Good.

    That said, I’ve lost complete and total respect for the few morons who decide to cross moral lines at Energy Solutions Arena. Their actions are inexcusable and uncalled for.

  • BringDFishBack

    Look, Fish is awesome and from what I’ve read it’s been brutal in his returns to Utah. But I can’t trust anything this article says because a lot of the “facts” they state are not true.

  • Sopi

    low class city with low class fans
    simple as that

  • Mitch4Pres

    the most shocking part of this is he fact that most of those fans are probably mormons who pride themselves on traditional values and morals. it doesn’t fully surprise me though, because they also seem to enjoy marrying 15 year old girls to 50 year old men and having a multitude of spouses at once. i think jazz fans provide us with a good example of some of the hypocracy some people bring to religion. no decent person would boo derek fisher for wanting to help his daughter.

  • Michael_23

    This is old news, but hey that’s how Jazz fans are. They are terrible NBA fans. Remember when Karl Malone joined the Lakers and was booed the game he played there? That’s just stupid.

    When Shaq left us and returned to play against us on that Christmas day in 2004, we honored him during introduction. Then it was business after that. They don’t appreciate anything. That’s why the mayor should apologize to D. Fish or did he do so already?

  • playdefense

    garbage fans.. i really would love for the lakers to close this series up in utah on friday.

  • laker#1

    no offense but UTAH fans are all white…i dont see one blak

  • west213


  • ek

    You can see from the pic that they are all white…not a single minority…must be something wrong with living in UTAH

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    [Comment ID #35891 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i think i remembr seing tiger woods at a utah gme

  • Jazz Fan For Life

    Go Jazz, we have the best fans in the nba! Fisher is a traitor, i would never make fun of his daughter but i love how he was booed. Play for the clippers or knicks, not a rival. At least try to make it look like your trying to look for another team to play for. Also Bryant is a cock with no class along with the rest of your team! No offense