When Kobe Bryant signed his two-year, $48.5 million extension back in November, the amount left fans and basketball analysts wondering if it were the smartest thing to do financially for a team looking to reload its roster in the coming seasons.

As it turns out, coaches from other sports also had an opinion on the situation as Jurgen Klinsmann, coach of the United States men’s soccer team, told The New York Times Magazine back in December his feelings about how athletes in America are catered to and brought up the five-time NBA Champion and future hall of fame shooting guard.

“This always happens in America,” Klinsmann said in the interview, which was released on Wednesday. “Kobe Bryant, for example — why does he get a two-year contract extension for $50 million? Because of what he is going to do in the next two years for the Lakers? Of course not. Of course not. He gets it because of what he has done before. It makes no sense. Why do you pay for what has already happened?”

The comments from Klinsmann was not meant to bash Kobe but instead was just a recent example used in an attempt to get his point across in the interview.  Five months after the interview, Klinsmann left Landon Donovan, who was considered the face of U.S. men’s soccer, off the World Cup roster which seems to stay consistent with his comments about making decisions based off the player’s past and not the present.


  • qurac

    obviously you cant know what a player is going to do in the future…this guy should question the talent on his team, id be surprised if they finished the WC with more than a single point

    • realmz

      i dont think so pal, your are noob and they get a good chance of advancing out of the group, 3 points from beating ghana, tieng to portugal, and a tieng germany, thats 5 points my prediction il see you here to remind you how dumb your 1 point comment was.

      • rio kid

        I still hate the Landon snub…hurts. But I have to give it to Jurgen K. he is doing great job with the U.S. team and the development academy and bringing U.S. Soccer to another level…including the positive effect he is having on the MLS. I know the MLS thing is a bit of a stretch but the fact that calls out MLS and prods his guys towards Europe and calls up EuroAmericans to the US. national team. It is all really good for U.S. Soccer. Hey, we have 8-9 guys from the MLS in the World cup and we beat freekn Ghana who just tied Germany…Klingsman is not perfect but he is pretty good. Did I say I hated the Donovan snub…

    • rio kid

      Win vs Ghana broster…i hated the decision on Landon. Still do. I totally agree with his perspective on Kobe. Almost got me shot on a Lakers blog…they love their Kobe in LA. All time great is–great player–was. Stupid to pay him that money.

  • Jossi

    Kobe is a bad TEAM player, he Is selfish, and he wants his money more than he wants another championship, if he was a realistic guy that wants to win at whatever cost, he would have taken a very respectable 20mil and left more cap-space open for new talent to join him. Michael Jordan was under paid his whole career until that last year in Chicago and didn’t care, he wanted a good TEAM that could help him win and win and win and win he did.

    Said it once, I’ll say it again, next season should be named: “Kobe Bryan; the 25Million dollar memoir and his D-League Team” nuff said

    • DDub

      Are you taking a pay cut at your job?

  • usmc9176

    isnt this the same guy who cut one of the greatest US soccer players?

  • rio kid

    Yes but this is in line with what he states, you pay for what you get not for what you got. I think the Landon thing is a little BS and I think it was a little personal. I think Landon probably thought he was bigger than Klingsman and well that’s how that went down…nice tie Landon…