ESPN: LeBron James and his teammates easily shoved Angola aside. Now come the teams that can push back.

Dwyane Wade scored 19 points, James dominated the game with his size and strength on both ends, and the U.S. Olympic team wrapped up the easy portion of its schedule with a 97-76 victory Tuesday night.

Dwight Howard added 14 points and James finished with 12 for the Americans, who had another rough night from 3-point range but don’t appear to be stoppable in the open court. Wade was perfect from the field in Beijing until missing in the third quarter.

The United States improved to 4-0 against Angola, starting with the Dream Team’s Olympic debut in 1992. That romp is best remembered for Charles Barkley’s elbow to an unsuspecting Angolan player in a 116-48 victory.

Angola went down almost as easily this time.

The Americans (2-0) moved on to face Greece, the team that stunned them two years ago in the semifinals of the world championship. Two days later comes a matchup with Spain, the team that won that tournament and is also 2-0 in this one after rallying to beat China in overtime behind 29 points from Pau Gasol.

Long before this rout started, the Americans were already looking ahead.

U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski and his staff were seated behind the baseline about 5½ hours earlier for a look at the Greeks, who shut down Germany over the final three quarters while pulling away for an 87-64 victory.

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  • PeanutButterSpread

    Kobe’s 3-point shooting is atrocious, then again, he was never really a spot-up shooter for a shooting guard.

    Then again, he doesn’t really need to exert himself offensively on Team USA.

    Then again, I think he’s just saving all his normal moves and what not for Greece or Spain or Argentina. He’s not really in attack Mamba mode yet. He just looks like he’s enjoying himself on the court, having fun. Off the court, going to watch different sports, etc.

    Hopefully against Greece and Spain, he won’t be so chucking 3s as much. Leave that for Michael Redd.

    And what the heck is Spain doing?! They had to go into OT against China and won only cuz Yao fouled out …. Germany lost too … Croatia is looking good ….

  • Michael_23

    Woke up early for this game, will be looking to watching the rest as the games get harder.

  • lakaluva

    Lebron James and his teammates???

  • Kobe2k9

    Man Kobe was freakin cold from 3, they need to fix that because the rest of the teams are going to pack it in the middle and you need to hit jumpshots. They should hit it everytime, its a gimme.

  • John

    [Comment ID #48659 Will Be Quoted Here]

    YES. Lebron has clearly been the best player for the USA through the first 2 games.

  • lakaluva

    Actually, Wade has been the best player on the floor by far for team USA. He leads the team with an average of 19 points. Just more undeserving hype for King James I guess.

  • hows this

    damn…what happened to kobe?!!? i’m afraid he’s starting to decline ='(

  • Paul

    Kobe hasn’t shined as much as D-Wade or Lebron.. I think that was his choice. I think he’d be clutch if he wanted to, but they really don’t need his offense. Remember Kobe’s trying to stay safe too cause we don’t need another injury in the Lakers.

  • kb24 4life

    not an excuse, but i think kobe`s pinky might be what is affecting his shot.. remember he has like 6 months without having the 10 fingers… but i think he`ll step up against greece and spain…

  • roscoe

    you don’t have to make excuses for him, it’s not the pinky. it’s just if you shoot 2000 jumpers no matter how good you are you’ll go through a 1/15 stretch and that’s basically what he’s hitting now. the bad side of variance in shooting. you also might drain 15 straight. on occassion

  • Antequerano

    SCREW USA! Is disgusting to see how almost all ppl thinks USA is the only national country playing this. SPAIN IS PLAYING THIS, THEY HAVE 3 WINS AND 0 LOSSES, AND PAU GASOL IS A LAKER!

    I hope Spain beats hard USA for the good of basketball. I´m hating that damn arrogant national team now.

  • lakrfan4life

    [Comment ID #48830 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah, but the thing is, us usa supporters are patriotic, we support or country