Team USA proved why they are on a mission to be the best in the world.

ESPN: The U.S. Olympic team put away Dirk Nowitzki and Germany in a hurry.

Next up: the only team so far these Americans couldn’t blow out.

After destroying Germany 106-57 on Monday, the Americans (5-0) move on to a quarterfinal matchup Wednesday against Australia, the team that’s provided them with their toughest test in China.

The U.S. led by only seven points midway through the fourth quarter of an 87-76 exhibition victory in Shanghai two weeks ago over an Australian team that didn’t have starting center Andrew Bogut of the Milwaukee Bucks. He was resting a sore right ankle.

It’s hard to imagine a repeat of that semi-Shanghai surprise with the way the U.S. has played in Beijing.

“Nobody is going to beat them. No way, it’s just not going to happen,” Germany’s Chris Kaman said.

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  • vida8

    Just give them the gold ….right now.

  • Ko8e_f@n

    nice game to watch… pretty lopsided from the get-go but there were a lot of highlights though. :)

    I just can’t believe Kobe missed 2 dunks! lol.

    and Prince was playing like luke out there! :P

  • Banzai

    I hope the US puts the Aussies away…and not struggle like they did in their first meeting.

  • John Barry Sux

    Kaman gets what he deserves.

  • Kobe2k9

    I wanted Kobe to make that dunk, so he could’ve had the best dunk of the game, but Lebron threw down like the most powerful dunk I’ve ever seen, if someone tried to block that they would’ve gotten injured, i knew he was strong but damn

  • lakers4life

    link to dunks?

  • Sako

    First time Kobe got his shot going in a while and Coach K took em out. He hit 3 3’s in a row.


    Please read Kobe’s comments about Kaman at the bottom of this article…KOBE IS CRAZY HILARIOUS!!!

  • Ko8e_f@n

    [Comment ID #49107 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yeah… that was just SICK! i hate lebron, but there’s no doubting his talent and skills.


    I was laughin’ so hard I forgot to paste the article…!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Dude, im so piissed, I can’t find highlights to any of these games anywhere, and they don’t show re-runs of the game!!!!!!!!

  • PhillyDemon

    You can watch highlights and the entire game on web stream on

    However, to watch the entire game you need to know which cable company is in your zip code area. I don’t have cable, but I just put in my zip code and which ever cable company has the most commercials in my area and I was able to access the games.

  • Dave

    Game time — 5:00 AM Wednesday PST on USANetwork
    Sorry, no repeats except for tiny video on the website. The other problem with the online video is that there is no play-by-play announcing (its quiet except for the crowd and PA announcer) and far fewer replays & close-ups.

    Its well worth it to get up early and catch the game. If you’re like me, your cable provider will show it in high definition which, as we all know, rocks!

    Finally, finding the exact time of games really sucks! The NBC website will only tell you the nearest 12 hour block, which is pretty useless. I check this site to verify all the game times :