Here is an update on Turiaf:

RealGM: “I think (Sunday) I was about 791/2 percent, so the extra day of rest is not going to hurt at all,” he said. “So (today) I should be at 80, 85 or even 90 percent. You have to (do exercises) to keep it from stiffening up (on the flight to Indianapolis), so I’ll try to do that. I’ll wrap it. I’ll ice it.”

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before. It’s not like I never sprained my ankles. I played on two bad ankles in college. It’s nothing major. I think it’s better to play it safe.

  • LD2k

    I’m glad Ronny is playing it safe. We have more than enough depth to allow these guys to heal. Kwame may hurt us a little, but as long as they guys are resting and healing, we should be fine.

  • Michael_23

    We do have a lot of depth at the guard position. But anymore setbacks on the Center and PF positions then we have to worry. We do not have a big man on the inactive list. This is why I was surprised that the Lakers signed Coby Carl after many of the coaching staff and FO said they just wanted 14 players. When we have a healthy roster, we have Sasha, Javaris, and Coby on the inactive list, and they are all PG/SG type players. Why so crowded on the SG position? With Kobe and Mo Evans occupying that already? We need a big man on the inactive list in case 2 or more bigs go down.

  • MILO

    I hope he does’nt rush his return, id rather have him ready for the Celtics on friday…GO LAKERS!!!