Some really good news on Tex Winter following his stroke. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, Lakers Nation!

O.C. Register: Tex Winter continues to progress and could be removed from the intensive care unit Monday. The Laker consultant suffered a stroke Saturday while in Kansas. Coach Phil Jackson, a long-time friend of Winter, 87, said the hope is Winter will be able to leave the hospital by the end of this week.

Also, ESPN had this to say about his condition…

ESPN: The assessment today is some of his faculties are coming back and he’s improving,” Jackson said Sunday at the Lakers’ suburban practice gym. Jackson said he heard Winter would be moved out of intensive care on Monday, spend a few more days in the hospital and then be moved to a care unit that specializes in rehabilitating stroke victims.

  • Michael_23

    Long time overdue to the Hall of Fame.


    Great News! Get well soon Tex!

  • rissa missa

    Good to hear that he’s improving.

  • Mitch4Pres

    stay strong tex

  • Myself

    Get better TEX. Without you the triangle offense would be nothing! You’re a true Guru and legend to the game.

  • kevin

    Why is Joe Dumars in the the hall of fame? the man that didnt draft Carmelo Antony or Dwane Wade and is responsible for destroying what use to be a good piston team. I know hes in the hall of fame as a player but come on…. Tex should be in the hall of fame. The man who created the triangle offense which won 9 hopefully 10 championships. Get well Tex your a good person!!!

  • sketch

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Tex and his family! Great news about his improvement! I just hope that he gets well enough to go down to Staple Center to see our boys bring home the championship trophy!