After beeing bood with no class from the Utah Jazz fans, Fisher told this to Hoopshype; updates on his daughter and to the boo’s:

I asked Fisher how his daughter, Tatum, is progressing. Smiling for the only time during a 10-minute interview with the media, he said, “She’s doing wonderful [and] I’m just thankful. When I think back to where we were when we first got the diagnosis and what we were faced with 17 months ago and where we are now … “[She is] just truly a bundle of joy that brings a smile to my face. And that’s what life is about, you know? We get caught up in other things more than we should at times, when all that really matters at the end of the day is your family and your loved ones. She’s just doing great.” I think that response was intended for those who booed.

Growing up, Fisher was always my fav. Laker. I loved his hustle, savy and form. And on behalf of the ENTIRE LAKERS NATION, we love you Fisher and you’re truly back home.

  • gugy

    Fisher is the man, F•ck Utah!

  • double

    I could not believe it when I heard the boos. Did they forget why Fisher left??? The fans reminded me of a selfish ex-girlfriend who has complete disregard to whats most important.


    i dont know why utah bood fish? he played a very limited role and they should have been glad to get rid of his contract. no way should a backup pg get 6 million a year. remember when gs signed him to be the starter they sooned learned that he is not a starter and traded him. he is a great guy tho just not the a starter in the nba.

  • mr47

    I fail to see the part of the article where fish talks about the boos.

  • MILO

    That’s great new’s! Fisher is a good guy and he deserves no less than to have a beautifull healthy daughter.This will only help him concentrate on his game knowing he made the right decision for his daughter’s sake will make the boos in Utah irrelevant.Those people have no class and should be ashamed of themselves for not comprehending the more important issue in this matter…

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #18631 Will Be Quoted Here]

    read it again!!!

  • GoBEACH!

    L.A. Loves you FISH! Jazz fans have no class!

  • Michael_23

    Jazz fans want their players and coach to stay in Utah forever. Once a player signs with a different team, you are booed. (ie. Karl Malone and Derek Fisher)

  • ab4sure

    I saw fish and kobe play their first summer league game at the Long Beach Pyramid. Kobe could get his shot off against guys 10 years older than him and he was only 17. Fish did all the little things and looked like alittle general on the floor. Knowing at that time we had just gotten Shaq and traded for Kobe I knew fish was a player that would also help and he still is. He was always class and he has handled this situation with class my not addressing it further.

  • sako

    i’ve lost all respect for utah jazz fans because they booed fish, those ignorant infantile retards can all die, & i wont give a flying f**k

  • Nabil

    For the first time ever, I agree with ALL of you. FIsh is too classy to come out and complain about his former fans, even though they booed him like a bunch of inhumane idiots that are so childish they still believe in secret handshakes and passwords.