This is great news! Good thing we have him in the Finals, his contributions are needed.

ESPN: Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum said Wednesday his right knee has improved since receiving treatment and he intends on playing in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Bynum, who has played with a torn meniscus throughout the postseason, limped through the Lakers’ Game 3 win over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday. He played only four minutes in the fourth quarter after tweaking the knee with 5:17 left in the third, and afterward declared the knee “questionable” for Thursday’s game.

“There was swelling after the game yesterday, but it’s come back down,” Bynum said Wednesday, adding he could play 30 minutes or more if needed.

“Definitely,” he said. “This is it. We’ve got two more games to get and I want to be in for the rest of the show.” Bynum insisted the increased pain during Game 3 didn’t represent a setback.

“No, no, no,” he said about the condition worsening. “That’s gonna happen. The doctor told me about that. … It’s just something I have to deal with. It’ll hurt every now and again.”

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  • Gino

    should the lakers continue to play well and win the championship this year, it’s gonna be b/c of the grittiness and toughness that everyone on the team shows. artest, bryant, bynum, fisher, gasol, the bench…

  • lakerman1

    Great news. Bynum is growing up right in front of our eyes and becoming more knowledgeble about the game of BB. This years lakers will prove to all of the NBA they are true warriors. No more of the L.A. is soft crap that we have been hearing the last couple of years. Believe me Boston is worried.

    • lakerfan_4ever

      Of course,they are not just worried,they are scared!!,you can see the fear on their faces,body language,use of dirty tactics(sorry Garnett but mad dogging us is like an old dog with no teeth,you can bark but you can’t bite……we own these punks and hopefully we can win game 4 so they will get the message:this time,we are not fucking around!!!!….Rivers is already working the refs with his comments about the officiating…jeez,you didn’t hear the Lakers complaining after game 2,right?all Phil and Kobe said was that we had to make adjustments because the refs were quick with the whistle…DO THE SAME…is not like you guys are the only ones getting bad calls(that play where Garnett touched the ball last and went out of bounds…)…so shut up and play,I almost cried a river when you shared with the media how you told Paulina to drive to the basket when it seems like it was wide open and how he was afraid he might have a offensive foul called against him…pathetic…

  • Hater

    Go home bitch quit your crying Celtics SUCK BALLS!

  • rondo

    Do you non believers still want to trade Andrew Bynum for Chris Bosh? What happen to all those non believers they went and crawled back into their holes. A real bunch of assholes. The Lakers will kick the Celtics ass.

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      We are too busy enjoying the NBA Finals. We’ll get back to that topic when the time is right.
      For the record, I still believe that LA should cash-in on AB this summer. We all know LO is mentally weak and cannot handle the pressure.
      Phil closes with:
      Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Odom, Gasol
      Next year he can close with:
      Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Bosh, Gasol
      A much better, more versatile line-up.


    Funny how you don’t admit that Fisher got fouled 4 out of the last 5 made shots of his in the 4th! And you want to cry about your caressing touches along with Cock Rivers!

    Layup in the lane, foul on Rash!t Wall@$$, baby jumper right of the lane, foul on Gay Allen, curled around the screen on the left, banked in a shot off of glass in Big Gay-By’s face, 1st foul on Rondo on the reach, then Gay-By on the flop!

    The only foul that they called was the total massacre on layup in the face of the 3 and even then, they called the foul on the wrong Gay guy… it was Gay G 1st with a foul to the head, then it was Gay-By with the follow!

    And you know Kobe got F’d with the 3 touchy fouls, and the blatant flop by Rondo for his 4th! And Gay Allen flop for his 5th, but I won’t even go into those bad calls. The one that I will complain about is the Gay G hand on the ball and they called it on Pau. WEAK FCUKIN SAUCE! You fcukin review it and still get it wrong, either that or didn’t even take the time out to review that correctly during the last 2 minutes of the game like you should?!?

    So, justdogm1, I think it’s suffice to say that you can STFU and stop your bitchin and cryin like the little leprechaun, inbred, hillbilly, moonshine drinkin,overall wearin, little cunt that you are!

    I know it ain’t beneath you Celd!ck fans to complain about the refs and it’s fine, fans will do that… but for your coach, COCK RIVERS to send the NBA a tape of “all the illegal picks” set by the Lakers… must have been a really short tape!

    Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? No pun intended! He knows that his fcukin team sets illegal pics all the fcukin time! And you know this sh!t too, so don’t even try! If Phil Jackson decided to pull a COCK RIVERS, then he’d have all 82 regular season games + all the playoff games to submit as evidence!

    POINT, SET, MATCH! Thanks for playing Snapple! You guys will enjoy #2! More than where you were last year and where you’ll be for the next 24!

    Yeah, great franchise, you guys were about as competitive as the Clippers for 24 years between your last championships! Even the Clippers enjoyed more success than you! Enough said!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lakerfan_4ever

      wow!! this is the best combination of “words-rant-insults-facts-whoop ass ” that a Celtic fan has ever received….LMAO…

  • lakerfan_4ever

    I sense panic in the air…first Rivers…then the Mayor of Boston….now the owner?…LMAO…;_ylt=AuBzGf.W5Fq6VTifnw8WGB68vLYF?slug=tsn-celticsminorityowner#mwpphu-container

    I just can’t stop laughing at those punks…man up and play the game,BOTH TEAMS HAVE GOTTEN BAD CALLS…jeez!!…I will give them a BIG FAT @#$% fine so they can shut up and play the game…moving screens??….Rivers,you are so delusional that you can’t see that that has been the blueprint of the Celtics for the last 3 years,you taught them how to do it!!!…and is not just us Lakers fans complaining,I have heard Cavs,Magic and even Bulls players and fans complaining about the same…now you get a little taste of your own medicine and you whine? LOL…jeez,we ran just 4 plays in the whole series using screens(all of them in the 4th qt by Fisher)….you run EVERY SINGLE possession by the Celtics with screens and you complain?…your argument is as weak as a drug dealer being caught with drugs and telling the cops he is just using them for a medical research study….HILARIOUS!!!