I hear a lot of talking. And to blame the refs for Denver’s loss is just pathetic.

Denver Post: Phil Jackson and the Lakers were fined $25k apiece as a punishment for his comments regarding the officiating in Game 4. At least one member of the Nuggets believed those comments factored into how Game 5 was called.

“The Lakers paid $50,000 to win that game. They got their money’s worth,” said a Denver player, not wanting to be identified for fear of retribution from the league.

  • Isaiah


    even though jackson complained, his comments weren’t worded this way. what sore losers

  • TArizaFan


  • as1084

    its funny cause after the game, george karl was b*tching about the refs. so karl will prolly get fined 25K and so will the nuggets. so they are doing the exact same thing going into game 6.

  • MagicLaker

    Funny…..I didn’t realize George Karl was a player. It’s disgusting how these fools from Denver can actually complain about the officiating when they have benefited from it the most. How many calls or no-calls have been turned over by the league after review? Mind you, none of them were game changing, but they are momentum changing. Had they been called correctly to begin with, the Lakers may have been done with this series by now. The Thuggets have been allowed to play as physical as they want and as soon as the Lakers try to play some tight defense, they get called for a foul. As far as I’m concerned, the games have been called poorly from both ends. I’m tired of hearing their complaints….give me a break!

    Problem with that team is that they cannot accept defeat. This will be the cause of their demise!!

    Go Lakers!!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Money well spent. Just kidding.

    Hey I have a thought. Maybe the 11 shots in a row that the nuggets missed towards the end of the game and a break out performance by LO may have had something to do with the outcome.

    Just a thought.

  • LakersFirst

    They must grow them stupid in Denver…

    denver has 182 FT’s thru game 5

    LA has 174 FT’s thru game 5

    Now unless you are using some new math I don’t know about 182 is 8 more than 174.

    Concluion, the refs are allowing Denver to go to the line more than LA even though there has been 3 home games for LA to only 2 for Denver… If anyone needs to biatch its the lakers…

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    imo every team has some bias or theory that the refs are riggin these playoffs. i mean i dont blame the nuggets if they got mad with the calls, but for george karl (and im sure it is him) to call out the lakers and say we paid the refs, then thats just f*cking wrong! i can understand for a team to say oh hey come on my team wasnt gettin calls and the refs should of made the game fair, but when you call out another team and say they paid the refs for the win, then thats f*ckin messed up! i hope the lakers end this series tomorrow and ram it down george karl’s throat.

  • Bizdady

    They didnt have Lakers tripping and pushing them from behind. Karl aint isnt Phil Jackson, he should just stop trying.

  • as1084

    my guess is its either jr smith or kenyon martin

  • pio2u

    Get over it Nugs & get ready to go fishing!! I’m sure an NBA playoff game would cost more than 50 grand LOL!

  • mr.clutch101

    I hope the team reads this quote.

    I would believe it if the Lakers lead all game, but they had a chance and lost ‘fair and square’.


  • SomeonreadthistoLAkers

    this Nuggets fag cant even stand up for what he said, what a nubstick pussy.
    If you have the guts to say something, let people know who you are.

  • kobe8

    If you’re gonna talk reckless like that at least come out and say it. What’s up with this “Unidentified player” bull? Cowards.

  • baltimoresbest01

    JR is that you?

  • skew

    kobe > lebron

  • JustAnotherLakerFan

    “They must grow them stupid in Denver…” (LakersFirst)

    Hahahahha – that’s funny.

    Someone lost their balls (when they lost Game 5) that’s why this player doesn’t want to be identified.

    Like everyone iterated – the calls are bad all around.

    I do have gripes about Dahntay Jones – that idiot is such a dirty player. Pushing Kobe and tripping him!! Goodness, grow up and be a man!!

    As much as I’d ask for a suspension for his behavior – it doesn’t matter. Tomorrow night is their last game anyway! Hahahahahah…

  • xtro

    JR, is that you? Have you seen my three championship RINGS? I seem to have misplaces my three championship RINGS.

  • JohnJohn

    It was K Mart that made the comment. Nuggs are a bunch of b*tches. Karl lost what little respect I had for him.

  • LifeLongLakerFan

    It doesn’t suprise me…not only are the Nuggets the Thuggets but they’re cowards also.

  • Richard

    How many tattoos do the Thuggets have collectively? Anyone?

  • AL the Laker Fan you should meet.

    The last resort for cowards are normally a last ditch effort to make amends with god or deny everything they have done so far and absolve themselves from the current issue that they are involved in…..Yeah i dont know what I’m saying but I do know that the Nuggets have defeated themselves lets bury them in there backyard and save them a trip to LA.


    that MITE be a retarded statment….prolly from BIRDASS cus he got shit faced on twice by BROWNIE AND CANDYMAN

  • RN

    No, the Lakers did not pay 50k to the refs to win the game they paid 100k to coach George Carl and the Nuggets for their 11 traigth missed shots and 3 turned over in a row to win the game. This Nuggets team is a joke.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    all the ink from their tattoos must be seeping in and going to their brains.

  • Lake4Life

    What the hell are Thuggets talking about. Did they forget how game 4 was reffered to make sure the Thuggets won down the stretch. The Lakers were just about to get started in the 4th to kick some A.S.S. (when those T’s started coming, etc.) but the refs starting calling this BS crap for Anthony on Luke.

    Phil did complain, but for good reasons…the game started with less calls and towards the end when the Lakers started to get a rythym and playing tougher all these ticky tacky calls started. Game 5 was ref pretty good to me, not just bcuz I’m a huge Laker fan…just looked fine (especially when you compare it to Game 4).

    Freaking Thuggets and their stupid coach…what pussies. Did you see any of the Laker players arguing about game 4…NO! But when something doesn’t go the thugs way they have to act like this pansies and complain all in the locker room in the bathroom and when they are jacking each other off on the plane.

  • iamthetie

    Technically the Lakers spend millions of dollars every year to assemble a team capable of beating every other team. That is why they won game 5. Get over it.

  • jason007

    this kind of bantering back and forth about the officials happens in the playoffs every year in almost every series that is even remotely competitive. Shut up and play basketball. I’m sure the nuggets players werent complaining when carmelo shot like 14 freethrows alone in the 1st quarter a couple days ago…wah wah wah!!!

  • LongDongMamba

    sore losers and cowards.
    At least be a man enough to stand up and show your face.

    Denver are bunch of clowns. I hope we can finish their season Friday.

    Bad calls have been happening on all games. These playoffs have been horrible on officiating. Sometimes the Lakers benefited, sometimes not. Same for Denver. So shut up and play ball.

  • trevor ariza lover

    are you kidding me?

  • lakers2000

    No, I paid the ref $5.00 to fix the game. The nuggets aren’t worth that much. I hope the Lakers are as fed up with this bunch of tards as we are. Nuggets need to go back to their happy meal where they belong. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean All Ivy

    Absolute cowaridice. Let them keep complaining as they watch us beat Orlando for the championship.

  • Sako

    Can’t be Kenyon Martin, or else it would’ve sounded like, ““T-T-The Lakers, you know what I’m sayin, paid $50,000, you know what I’m sayin, to w-w-w-win that game, you know what I’m sayin. They got their money’s worth, you know what I’m sayin.”

  • dada

    My guess is Nene, his mouth was pretty active last night.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #73503 Will Be Quoted Here]

    great point!!!

    even kobe said dahntay jones had great defense.
    sly, but didn’t do anything.
    now ever player on the nuggets is pissed? and opening their mouths? and saying phil paid for the refs to be nicer???

    holy crap…. that is amazing. amazing!!!!!
    phil is the only one that complained.

    in an artcile on espn they have martinc omplaining, of course, and billups, and
    even that loser kleiza complained!
    they should fine that whole team.


    the lakers kept saying that the nuggets are a good team.
    and they are.
    lakers fans give nuggets credit.
    but the nuggets when they lose just cry. JUST LIKE BULLIES IN REAL LIFE.

    this has turned disgusting.

    and george karl after such a long career is burying himself in drek just for his change at getting a ring after so many years. just like mccain, after a great career flings in with big bad boys sells his soul, to see if he can get the big prize.

  • LA LA

    would each player on the whole team be fined 25000 since this player decided not to identify himself? what a sore loser. If the game was called fairly from the beginning this series would be OVER.

  • soysauce

    r u f fing me, 50k, r the refs that stupid to take 50k n face prison time. what an idiot

  • Edward

    You guys are dumb, totally misunderstanding the post. This player is not saying the Lakers PAID the refs for this game. He is saying the refs were listening to what Phil and the Lakers had to say, and because the FINE was $50,000 that it was worth it because he feels that Phil and the Lakers influenced the refs even though they were fined.

  • J

    JR Smith must’ve said this one. Seeing as to how dumb he is. (see previous articles about hating showboats)

  • dracul

    The only people who can ‘influence’ the refs is their Supreme Leader and Master – Chairmam David Stern.

    ANd this game totally exposed the fixing that has been going on for a long time in the NBA – game 4 and game 5 officiating were SOO ridiculously different that there’s NO WAY you can say that ‘it’s accident’ that the game was being called so differently from one game to another. Its obvious that there is control over the way the game is officiated.

    To say that the Lakers “bought” this game is ridiculous – I guess the Nuggets ‘bought’ game 4 in that case with lobsided calls on their home floor.

    However, the disparity in the way the games were called was over the top and exposed the league control and mandates over their serfs, err i mean their refs.


  • Tim

    Edward…it was a fine but then hes also saying we paid the league 50k to win, cause if he didnt mean it that way, then the dude wouldnt have been scared to let people know who he is




  • koberei24

    bust those ass of chcken nuggets tomorrow.. fuck aSS JR SMITH… dnt complain play dont sit your ass… go lakeshow



  • lakeshow8

    are u fvckin serious, these motherfvckers got almost every damn call in this series and are complaining that they didn’t get any whistles, all i got to say is fvck the denver nugget players there a bunch of dirty bitkchy cowards, if u got something to say then tell the whole world motherfvcker dont hide behind ur denver news papers, ur rich bitkhes u can spare a few thousands to show u have some nutts

  • kevin 0


  • Edward

    [Comment ID #73536 Will Be Quoted Here]

    My opinion stands. I think the only way what he says makes sense is what I said. After game 4 Phil and Laker organization talked, and were fined. But apparently in this anonymous player’s mind this altered how game 5 was called. Simply put Being fined $50,000 led to their victory. He could be keeping anonymous to make sure he isn’t fined or just because he doesn’t want to get into a mess.

  • Butch

    As of today George Karl and the Denver organization haven’t been fined for saying essentially the same thing Phil and the Lakers were fined for. Doesn’t make any sense. And I believe it was K-Mart. He’s just plain stupid!

  • 007

    Lakers aren’t going to Hawaii to cut costs.

    Still not sure why Denver and Karl hasn’t been fined. I guess Georgie is a little bit more philosophical than even he thought.

  • http://www.lakers-zone.blogspot.com LAKERSZONE


  • john

    May 28th, 2009 at 8:03 pm
    You guys are dumb, totally misunderstanding the post. This player is not saying the Lakers PAID the refs for this game. He is saying the refs were listening to what Phil and the Lakers had to say, and because the FINE was $50,000 that it was worth it because he feels that Phil and the Lakers influenced the refs even though they were fined.

    no, i think we all know what he meant. it’s not that difficult of a concept. it’s still a ridiculous statement to make, especially coming from the backhand of the lakers. oh well, denver will feel it again tonight. this time, they’ll fall back into their obscurity and not disrupt the NBA for another 20+ years. get real denver. this is a big boys league.

  • ilikebasketball

    you think before the game tonight george karl and the buttnuggets are going to say
    “hey man, this league is really unfair. way unfair! we complained like little b!tches and we didn’t get fine. phill jackson got fined. it’s only fair that george gets fined, too. that’s what we are aiming for. is complete fairness. so stu jackson, fine george karl, he complained, and fair is fair.”

  • sketch

    MAN UP FOOL! If you got the sack to call the shot, then have the sack to be identified! Just as we all thought… COWARDS, nothing but COWARDS! Can’t play straight up defense, you gotta resort to cheap dirtay plays and now you guys come with this ridiculous take.

    Let’s say that accusation is right on, that Phil and the Lakers paid $50K for the outcome of the game. Why don’t you man up and put your name to the accusation? It only makes sense that if you did, then you’d be paying $25K and possibly be buying the result of tonight’s game! I guess paying $25K is too steep for a player making $millions. But since you’re too cheap, I guess the Lakers will have to take it tonight then! FCUK YOU AND YOUR THUGGETS AND YOUR WNBA COACH!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

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    Money. It’s cheaper to hold it in LA: saves bigtime on travel and accomodation costs.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

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    LOL! Perfect. I hate that st-st-st-utterin’ moron.

    And those nasty lips tatted on his neck look like a giant boil.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    [Comment ID #73464 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Actually, it is $25k per game, so Lakers get to win tonight.

    In truth, however, that Sunday Game 7 Primetime slot with celebs littering the courtside at Staples is too valuable for ABC to pass up, so expect a rotten set of refs tonight.

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #73573 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So what you’re really sayin is that Jerry Buss and the owner of Staples Center want a game 7. Hahaha! Fcuk the celebrities! That’s the part of the game that I hate the most… when they show who’s there watching. Who the fcuk cares? I’m watchin the game cause I wanna see our players play, I wanna see their facial expressions during timeouts and whether they’re calm or angry about a call or a non-call. Of course, instead the networks show us Diane Cannon’s crept keeper’s face, Leo DiCaprio in his baseball cap, and Pam Anderson showing her floatation devices with her 5th husband. Anyway, that’s enough of the rants on those damned celebrities.

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dom1020

    Funny how they were posting those “Kobe Stop Crying” signs around denver, more like “George Calr Stop Crying”