Interesting article… Rumors has it, the Lakers in the summer wanted Amare, Raja, and Atlanta’s 1st Roundpick for Bryant. Would you have done it? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think!

HOOPSWORLD.COM: Ever since the Bryant situation boiled over, the Lakers had been publicly adamant that they weren’t even considering offers to trade him. Perhaps inadvertently Buss contradicted the company line – which was a flimsy premise to begin with.

One source says the Phoenix Suns reached out over the summer with Amare Stoudemire as bait – but the Lakers had some concerns about his knees. To consider giving up Bryant to a division rival – the Lakers wanted the pot sweetened with Raja Bell and the Atlanta Hawks’ 2008 unprotected first-round pick. Not surprisingly – that discussion went nowhere.

The Chicago Bulls have always been a favorite and if they started the conversation with Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich the Lakers would at least sit down at the table. Chicago has a number of pieces that would interest LA like Thabo Sefolosha, Joakim Noah and to a lesser extent Ben Gordon. Key to any Bulls deal would be the participation of PJ Brown, whom could stand to make a significant wage via S&T.

Considering Bryant’s $19.5 million salary and no-trade clause there would be a short list of suitors. A significant number of Laker fans would need to rethink their loyalties should the team move their star – but if Bryant is set to leave in 2009, that may be inevitable.

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  • rpouncy14

    No way in hell!!!!!!!!

  • alvin

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Trading Kobe Bryant in his prime, I’ve never seen anything stupider to be honest.

  • foxxy

    what a mess!!!

  • ab4sure

    Considering what is happening now….Yes I would do that, but I don’t think PHX would ever make the trade.

  • Laker Lover

    Yes i would do it. Kobe is gona take of after the end of next season and if we kan get amare raja and atl’s first pik i think we should do the trade. amare is one of the best if nt the best center. raja aint no where close to kobe but he can play D and he aint bad offensivly eitha and getting atl’s first pik which probly be in the top 5 kuz the aint getting no where close to the playoffs. i would seriously think about accepting the trade

  • lakersforlife77

    I would definitely do that trade, but the Suns would have to be incredibly stupid to do that. Their frontcourt would be in shambles, even with a backcourt of steve nash, Kobe, and Marion(gulp), I think they would struggle without a big man.