Here is an article from Sam Smith, talks about the better offers; also indicates KG wanted to play in the Western Conference pre-draft. That could change now, evidently, as Allen & Peirce are now hooping together in Boston. Kevin Garnett appears about to be traded, though not to the Bulls.

Well, I was half right.

Hey! They was my deal! I’ve been working on it for two years.)

It seems the Minnesota Timberwolves finally got very serious this month after preliminary talks with Boston broke down before the draft when Garnett indicated he wanted to play in the Western Conference. There supposedly were talks with the Suns, Lakers and Warriors—and the Bulls were on the fringe.

Timberwolves sources say there were discussions about the Bulls’ first-round pick, which they used for Joakim Noah, a future first-rounder, Tyrus Thomas and potential short-term contracts involving P.J. Brown and others.

Minnesota balked before the 2007 draft with the Bulls, though not as strongly as it did a year ago when the Bulls were willing to part with Luol Deng, Tyson Chandler and the No. 2 overall pick in the draft for Garnett. Teams then were told Minnesota would never deal Garnett.

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  • shakobe

    man that jersey looks ugly, i still say the trade will fail wont go threw

  • DeepFrost

    still no words from KG himself… maybe he’ll reject again… who knows…

  • LD2k

    Ugly jersey switch indeed.

    Those Boston guys aren’t savvy with photo shop eh? ;)


  • DeepFrost

    BREAKING NEWS!!! (or not news) 30 days of Crit signing expire TOMORROW, AUGUST 1ST!!!!!! so there maybe a small chance for us