hairO.C. Register: At 9:01 p.m., Lakers officials sat down with Shannon Brown at Prego restaurant in Beverly Hills and signed the guard to a two-year, $4.2 million contract.

The group then walked down the street to Mr. Chow’s, where Ron Artest was waiting — no doubt pen in hand — and signed the foward to a five-year deal worth $34 million to $35 million.

By 10:10, the Lakers had two free agents in the fold. The third, Lamar Odom, was no where in sight.

Artest is holding a press conference at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. We’ll hear what the unpredictable swingman has to say and let you know. No doubt it will be interesting.

  • AY24

    Hey seriously i think lakers ought to get Marion if lamar is gone because there isn’t another guy that is versital like lamar.
    Obviously we all want lamar back but im sayin if he’s gone who does the lakers take?? and the only player dat is similar to odom is marion!

    Wut do u guys think???

  • Mitch4Pres

    WHERES LAMAR??????

  • 09champs!

    i wrote like 3 days ago that i read Ron’s contract was gonna be something like Trevor’s contract in Houston.. for 5 years and 33 – 35 mill .. instead of the reported 3 yr/18mill

    I like the deal better.. Ron-Ron will be a laker for a loooooong time
    Also good to see Shannon officially back..

    Only Candyman is left and we will be all set..
    Go LAKERS!!

  • Lakers=champions

    Lamar is still a free agent

  • Lakers=champions

    Yea i think Lakers should get marion if if if lamar is gone because there really isnt another versital player like him.

  • Omamba

    [Comment ID #78933 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Marion is definitely not going to sign with us. Reason being is that there’s just no way he’ll want to sign the MLE with anyone, he wants to go to a good team who can pay him a lot. Yeah…good luck with that Marion…ha ha

  • 123kid

    hurry up and sign LO! i bet this combination of LO, Artest, and Kobe has been dreamt about since they were little. f*cking send him an offer already and keep him from lookin at other teams, especially portland.

  • domz

    wtf, ron artest for 5 years? i hope he’s still valuable after 5 years

  • thisbedo

    to make us signing ron ron to even hurt more hes getting paid more than ariza…i bet he really regrets his decision now!

  • Margo

    I really believe Lamar Odom when he says he wants to be a Laker for life. The Lakers have offered Lamar 3yrs $24-25mil, according to Espn. I really believe that if Lamar was truly interested in Portland as being reported that he could have been signed with them, cause they can offer $10mil to him, but he has not done that! I believe he will sign for 1yr around 8mil, and then try again next season. Hopefully by then we will have shed some salary and will be able to give him $10mil,Lamar’s skills is invaluable.
    sidenote: If he does leave I would offer the same to Marion, and believe me he would take it…if people remember Marion talked about “loving to play with Kobe” the same season he got traded to miami! he not getting more than the midlevel anywhere else, so I believe he will take it!

  • dracul

    For Artest, I thought it was 3 for 18, not 5 for 35.

    Wasnt there an offer of 2 years for 18 for LO ?


  • kb24bestever

    please resign odom dont make a stupid mistake by letting him go.
    without odom we have no bench.

  • Robert

    yes, we need to have Odom back for the dynasty. Now that the luxury (salary) cap has been established, and it’s dropping next year, it will impact the scene this year. Not sure if Odom will try to get as much as he can this year (i.e., sign w/Portland) or what.

    In the meantime, it looks as though we are signing Artest for more than the MLE, right? Isn’t that ‘slapping Odom in the face’ by only offering him $8M? He asked for $10M, and should get that, or ‘at least’ $9M as a counter offer. If he stays, we have a Dynasty for a few years. 3 more rings for Kobe.

  • koberei24

    sign lamar … i think 5 yrs is long for a 30 yr old but i dnt care for as long kobe is hir 3 peat baby.. trade farmar for ty lawson…

  • lakers2009champions

    Just re-sign Odom and we have no problems for the rest of the offseason.

  • osm0nd

    Just to let you guys know it’s official RON ARTEST WILL BE WEARING #37… he confirmed it in a video at Why am I still up at 4 in the morning reading Lakers news? I just love them so much. Lets get that repeat!


    …If Artest took the MLE, then ONLY thru a sign and trade can Marion come to play in L.A. …Unless Marion choose to accept the $1.99 Million Dollar Bi-Annual Exception… And you know that ain’t happening!
    …Also, The Lakers Bi-Annual Exception looks like it was already offered to, and subsequently accepted by Shannon!

  • Nabil

    I don’t think Lamar’s value is 10 million dollars a season. I mean, look at who else gets that money, and Lamar just doesn’t produce like those guys. For 10 million, you better be borderline all-star, and Lamar’s really not. Anyways, I think 8 million is the right value for him.
    If he’s gonna be a b!atch about 10 million, then there are certainly teams that would be willing to pay (actually overpay) him that much after his nice final 7 games of the season. But for those who have watched this guy day in and day out, it’s really hard to choose him over other guys at the 10 million per season level. So anyways, if he’s stuck on that number, I think our best bet is a sign-and-trade with Lamar, plus maybe try to unload farmar or sasha, heck maybe even Ammo, in a package with Lamar. We could get a really good 4 for that. :)

  • iLLWiLL

    Artest 3 years / 18 mil would have been a little better for the Lakers salary wise…. what is up with this 5 years / 35 mil business x_X… 1 mil may not seem a lot… but every mil @ the Lakers current = 2 mil… Does Mr. Buss really want to pay Odom 9-10 Mil (18 to 20 mil per year) is the question here…

    The mid-level exception is set at $5.854 million.

    From Yahoo Sports:
    In the private memo to teams, the NBA reported what the seven franchises paying luxury tax had to give up to the rest of the league. The list included: The New York Knicks ($23.7 million), Dallas Mavericks ($23.6 million), Cleveland Cavaliers ($13.7 million), Boston Celtics ($8.29 million), Los Angeles Lakers ($7.1 million), Portland Trail Blazers ($5.8 million) and Phoenix Suns ($4.9 million).

    The 2008-’09 salary cap figure was $58.68 million, and the luxury tax level was $71.15 million. The salary cap and tax figures are reached through a formula based on league earnings.

  • iLLWiLL

    maybe Odom would take the Bi-annual exception… and sign for something.. say…

    3 years – 29 mil
    09-10 2 mil
    10-11 13 mil
    11-12 14 mil

    in 10-11… Fisher/Farmar/Morrison’s contract expires.. and say we re-sign Farmar and drop Fisher/Morrison.. we would get 12 mil to spend… correct me if im wrong here… hmm

  • artest

    gosh artest is such a man and warrior.. doesnt let money get ind a way of his judgment and hes juss a freekin beast and a nice guy ….WELCOME TO CALI

  • Oriba

    Don’t forget though Marion can also be a problem in the Locker Room. There’s a good chance Artest will behave here, but what about Marion ?

  • WifelovesLuke

    You are all just silly little people. As Heath Ledger’s joker would say: “It’s all part of the plan”. Let Ron Ron have his attention and make his signing an event. A few days from now, the Candyman will ink his deal with LA and we can celebrate that event. Remember, little ones, this is a business. Stop all the Marion talk, seriously. LO is going nowhere!

  • Lakers=champions

    omg guys lamar has came to an agreement with the blazers omg!!!

  • RJ

    Odom gonna do what ariza did and want more money and we match offers and he goes to a diff. team if l.o. wanted to stay he would of stayed for less money and already signed a deal

  • LAKing

    Lamar’s not going anywhere. I hope he just takes what the Lakers are offering him because he should know that’s the best they can offer to him right now and he should know where his loyalties lie.

  • Fred A.

    Artest please talk to Odom ASAP!!!!!


    Forget about Marion coming to L.A. …It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for this to happen! …His rights must be relinquished off the Raptors books BEFORE the Raptors can officially ink Turkoglu to a contract!

    …Unless the Raptors can execute a sign and trade, that would still clear cap space to sign Turkoglu, even this ain’t happening! …Marion can easily become a player without a team to deal with!

    …Only a team such as Portland can ink Marion to a contract without a sign and trade, since they still have about $9 mil under their cap to deal with! …The Lakers can not sign any incoming player outside of a trade, since they are already well above the salary cap.

  • Logicguy


    I told the NATION that the price for LO would go up before it comes down. They should have signed him for the 10 Mil.(Down from 14) He wanted to stay. Portland is quietly positioning themselves to steal LO, strenghten themselves and weaken the Lakers at the same time. They are afraid of being used and are being very cautious.

    Now Detroit is in the act. McDyss just left Detroit just went to San Antonio and Detroit will probably make LO the biggest offer. This just happened tonight. The Lakers are blaming Kobe’s 27 mil extension for keeping them from signing LO to a 10 Mil contract. That 27 mil will not be very enjoyable if you can not get out of the West. I think LO is stewing over humiliation (Ariza Feeling) and will probably go to Portland to stick it to the Lakers. I would not blame him. I THINK HE IS GONE.

  • http://Lakernation LakersnDodgers

    Odom is important piece yes…need him to win the championship?NO! He is NOT worth 10million….that kind of money is for allstar consistent night in and night out players.Odom is a solid bench player that deserves 7 or 8million a year! Odom did say he would take a major pay-cut to stay in L.A….cmon Lamar stay true to your word.