Another report on Ainge not confirming the deal and going against the AP report that this is indeed a “done deal” being agreed upon…

aingehasaplan.jpgTwinCities: Boston Celtics executive Danny Ainge refuted a report Monday afternoon that his team had reached an agreement in principal to acquire Timberwolves all-star Kevin Garnett.

The Associated Press, citing an unnamed Boston official, reported that the Celtics who could be traded to the Wolves are Al Jefferson, Sebastian Telfair, Gerald Green and Theo Ratliff in addition to at least one future draft pick. But Ainge said no deal is in place.

“They can speculate all they want,” Ainge told the Pioneer Press.

The Boston Globe also cited an unnamed Celtics official in reporting that a deal was in place. The Wolves would receive Jefferson, Green, Ratliff, Telfair, Ryan Gomes and two future first-round picks, according to the Globe.

The trade might not be officially announced tonight because of the number of contracts involved and some necessary reworking of Garnett’s contract, the Globe reported.

Ainge did say earlier in the day that he is pursuing Garnett. And Garnett is more open to a trade than he’s been in the past, his agent said.

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  • magicbalala245

    there is still hope folks there is still hopes

  • dark_ice18

    [quote comment=”9923″]CYRUS:

    As optimistic it sounds, I still have a tinny bit of hope left that Lakers could be part of a 3 way deal, which was circulating the Blogsphere 2 weeks ago.[/quote]


    you mean the Lakers/Minny/Celtics deal right?

    Lakers trade: Odom.Bynum, and Kwame
    Celtics trade: Theo Ratliff, Gerald Green, Telfair
    Minny trades: Kevin Garnett

    Lakers RECIEVE: Kevin Garnett
    Celtics RECIEVE: Lamar Odom
    Minny RECIEVE: Bynum,Gerald Green,Telfair,Kwame,Ratliff, and *maybe picks*

    ^SOUNDS GREAT TO ME…plus everyone’s happy!!!

  • cyrus


    Yes, that’s the one, more or less. But please, this is just my personal opinion, I have no reliable sources other than those discussions on different blog sites

  • cyrus

    In case you have problems getting the report from, because of login requirements, let me know, I have the full report to be posted. Actually I posted it in previous thread. I just don’t want to take unnecessary space.

  • rmeazy82

    Yeah right, u got kg shut your mouth and keep it moving.

  • jk9999990

    what you guys didnt see is that is to close though

  • dark_ice18

    [quote comment=”9932″]Dark-Ice18,

    Yes, that’s the one, more or less. But please, this is just my personal opinion, I have no reliable sources other than those discussions on different blog sites[/quote]
    Cyrus i know its all rumors from blogs…

  • LA All The Way

    What do you guys think about this Coby Karl sign?
    Well, maybe nothing do do with trades, but it realy look strange to me!
    I mean, another guard and today??? It may be just FO doing strange things again, but maybe Farmar or Java going out?

    Just thinking here but, what about you guys?

  • jk9999990

    ya maybe garnett

  • mr47

    Gotta love the way the quick and clever staff removed their LETS MOVE ON post, lol

  • shakobe

    people i found this audio link of theo ratliff talking on the radio here you go

  • dark_ice18

    If KG does go to Boston…

    Whatever we do (Artest, JO, Gasol), we need to do it soon. Now that the Celtics are back on top, WE need to get back on top and renew our rivalry. How great would that be for the NBA (and Laker fans). Imagine a Lakers vs Celtics finals. I mean the matchups already have me salivating.

    Kobe vs Ray Allen: we all know they don’t like each other

    LO vs KG: Imagine how loud KG would get booed in LA.

    Artest (potentially) vs Pierce: great match up

    plus the X-Factor in Bynum if we get Artest w/o giving up LO or Bynum…

  • Rpoc

    LO can’t guard KG and the Queens will never trade with the Purple and Gold.

    Only rational blockbuster other than KG left is JO and that’s if LO remains

    Kobe vs. Ray Ray
    LO vs. Pierce
    JO vs. KG

  • BEC

    Im getting really sick of this already. First, reports say DONE DEAL and then later NO DEAL YET. Mchale make a move already you moron, you know your options alrady, and your options arent getting any better as time goes on.

    Im sick of this waiting game. Somebody Getgarnett already, ANYBODY, just move his sorry “rear end” already. Lakers or any other team pursuing him arent going to make a move until KG is finally moved and LAKERS NEED TO MAKE moves to get impact players NOW. Like many have said we would be a lot better with a kb/lo/jo combo anyways. The only thing keeping that from happening is KG and he needs to go and go NOW.

  • Eric Thai

    “It’s amazing this worked out,” Dad said. “I always liked McHale — maybe he had better offers, but he just wanted to help the Celtics out.”

    I hate you McHale! You know we had a better offer.

  • nba analyst

    Darkice…your trade does not make Minnesota happy. They want Jefferson in any deal with Boston. You keep posting this trade over and over and over…and it is ridiculous to think it has any legs.

    The Lakers did not make a better offer. Why isn’t that obvious to you people?

    There are no impact moves the Lakers can make. Indy is going to insist on both Bynum and Odom in a deal for Jermaine….so that isn’t going to go anywhere.

    Take a look at the trade kicker problems that Garnett has in his contract. Boston is avoiding this with an extension to Garnett. Sadly for Laker fans, an extension of Garnetts’ contract in LA is going to land the team into the luxury tax….something the Buss family will not do.

    Carry on….this stuff is fun to read….

  • as1084

    what i dont get is that Minny is taking the gut of a team that won a whopping 24 games last season rather than taking two huge pieces of a team (odom and bynum) that went to the playoffs. i just dont get how minny will take the crappy players of a 24 win team over 2 main parts of a playoff team. i guess ill never understand…….

  • as1084

    freakin jerry west would have gotten KG to LA…its official…we have a dummy as a GM. go after JO without giving up LO and were back in business..

  • franchise98bn

    Damn right the Logo would have brought KG to LA! Mitch is an idiot. Thanks for destroying one of the most storied franchise’s in the NBA.

  • kgmvp

    KG is going to boston that´s what i have to say. We have a better chance with JO and artest i say start trying to get them.

  • Ciek

    Wow, the celtics are going to be a power house in the east. Great move by mchale to prolong his legacy as a former celtic.

  • DeepFrost

    Ciek you’re a Celtic fan? then get outta here!…