So, I did see this poll up for a few days now and didn’t want to post it here. Mainly because, if we did, I’m sure it would’ve added a few Lakers fans to vote on the pro-Lakers side of the poll. So here we go… Twin Cities hosted a simple poll on their website – should Minny trade KG to the Lakers?

The results as of this posting:
Yes – 2103 Votes, or 71.09 %
No – 812 Votes, or 27.45 %
No opinion – 43 Votes, or 1.453 %

Now sure there is message forums and Lakers fans could invade the poll – I still found the results interesting to say the least…

  • dakobestopper

    damn right. folks in minny are smart.

  • Ed24

    Garnett is coming to LA.

  • Rpoc

    Hell Yeah

  • Kenny

    mchale sux

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  • k0be da 1 andonly

    Dam right . People in Minnesotta are smart, they dont want him to go any where else other than the team where the best player in the NBA is.

    !!!!!!!!KG2 LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SILO

    Very surprising. Lets hope 4 the best

  • LD2k

    These sort of polls lightly indicate the Minny population – I mean, Lakers fans will flood them. But nonetheless, still interesting.

  • Faith

    I’m sorry, I voted lol. It’s now 71.78 yes.

    KG come HOME to LA!

  • mj2kb

    Maybe the FO of Minny wanted to know wat there fans think of that idea since their only realistic choice is the lakers. Just like the blazers havin a poll on their website and billboards on who to draft #1.

  • nyla

    Its definitely interesting, but I guess I’m not shocked. Rick Kamla’s a big Wolves fan and he’s been on ITP for months saying that he wants to see Garnett go to LA. And if anyone listens to Sirius radio, you know he hates the Lakers.

    I think people voted “yes” because they know he’s prob not going to Phoenix.

  • KB24withKG21

    i never knew folks in minny can be so smart. KG is going to L.A.!!

  • Kenny

    i didnt vote ……

  • Eric Thai

    You know what else is interesting is that “The Nugget” lives in the same city as I do.

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”6106″]You know what else is interesting is that “The Nugget” lives in the same city as I do.[/quote]

    Hahaha. Where in Alhambra you at, bro?

  • lakersfan17

    [quote comment=”6093″]mchale sux[/quote]
    LOL yes he does!

    People im Minni want to see Kobe and KG duo.Lets hope KG is coming!!

  • Eric Thai

    You know where Valley and Chapel is? I live by Taco Bell.

  • Rpoc

    Another poll on front page:

  • http://yahoo danny584

    Man all i know Is that this is the toughest off season I have seen i cant stand it anymore i dont Know what to expect i hate being in suspense i hope we get kevin already! enough waiting we need results now or we will lose Greatest player in game

  • magic32

    so, its not like mcfail is going to trade kg.

  • http://yahoo danny584

    dont matter what happens im a laker fan for life! screw all bandwagon fans

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”6110″]You know where Valley and Chapel is? I live by Taco Bell.[/quote]
    Yah, the ACT bus passes through there. Cool, man. Good to know local Laker fans from my area frequent our website. :)

  • Eric Thai

    Haha. :)

  • cyrus

    Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

  • Fatty

    KG to LA [Trade-O-Meter]

    Saturday Late Edition Percentage [95%]

    [Trade-O-Meter] says it hacked twin cities computers and reversed poll results

  • cyrus

    Sepo8 and Lakersforlife77,

    Regarding Yi Jianlian,

    It was just information and by no means an opinion.

  • Eric Thai

    The Nugget, what middle and high school did you go to?

  • cyrus

    “Wittman (Wolves Coach) still hoping to keep K.G.”

  • cyrus


    Why not having JO and Gasol on your Trade-O-Meter as well?

  • Fatty


    Since you first posted the poll its gone up to 73%. I wonder how that happened?

  • The Nugget

    [quote comment=”6121″]The Nugget, what middle and high school did you go to?[/quote]
    I went to Alhambra HS for one year, my senior year. I’ve only lived here 7 years now.

  • SILO

    [quote comment=”6124″]Wow

    Since you first posted the poll its gone up to 73%. I wonder how that happened?[/quote]


  • Fatty


    I will take that into consideration. It costs me a lot to rent the M.I.T. Super Computer. I may have to set up a pay pal account for people to donate to help support the [Trade-O-Meter]

    In the mean time, I’m trying to sneak away my wifes credit card to make a donation for this site. We all have to do our part to support our habit.

  • Jason

    Stupid Wolves organization need to realize to HAVE MERCY ON THEIR STAR PLAYER AND JUST LET HIM WIN!!! TRADE HIM TO US! That would be the best move by Wolves in a LOOOONG while!

  • Eric Thai

    [quote comment=”6125″][quote comment=”6121″]The Nugget, what middle and high school did you go to?[/quote]
    I went to Alhambra HS for one year, my senior year. I’ve only lived here 7 years now.[/quote]

    Ahh I see. I’ve lived here all my life hah. I currently go to San Gabriel High.

  • cyrus


    Your mind beats the MIT super computer, do it yourself man, you can do it. Just do it while I am taking my wife out for dinner. I want that Trade-O-meter for all 3 players by Monday morning or else. LOL

  • Fatty


    Unofficial Blog Poll.

    Should the Lakers trade for Garnett?

    A. Tonite
    B. Tomorrow
    C. Monday

  • Fatty


    My mind only works when I’m drinking booze. I’ve calculated the rental of the M.I.T. Super Computer will actually cost less.

    Monday AM will be tough. I’m leaving tomorrow for Vegas to watch some Summer League games. I will see what I can do by Monday PM.

    Your servant, Fatty

  • “Billy” Kupchak

    Are there still those that doubt what I reported many WEEKS ago? :-D

  • mj2kb

    aight for the time being, just vote for kobe tomorrow on ESPNs “whos now”

  • Kobe24Garnett21
  • steve

    Fatty does this mean that we get the full scout report from vegas?..

  • KOBE

    come on kg come over to darkside with me. you don’t know the power of the darkside!!!

  • rmeazy82

    I think kg voted trade him to the lakers 3,999 times by himself.. take the hint minny..

  • kgmvp

    KG KB = LAKERS BACK TO DYNASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LakerNation1

    [quote comment=”6125″][quote comment=”6121″]The Nugget, what middle and high school did you go to?[/quote]
    I went to Alhambra HS for one year, my senior year. I’ve only lived here 7 years now.[/quote]

    thats awesome. Rosemead resident here =) im only like 10mins away from that taco bell haha

  • DeepFrost

    Billy u mean when u told KG’s comin to LA?

  • billyboy

    now it’s all about mcfail.

  • IE Laker

    From (Eric Pincus)

    “Odom to the Celtics
    This scenario relies on the premise that the Celtics accept that they are not getting Garnett for themselves.

    Through his agent, Garnett has indicated Boston is not a favorable destination. It’s possible that may have changed after the Celtics traded for Ray Allen, but Garnett would cost at least Al Jefferson, who is a fan favorite.

    It also assumes that Dr. Buss is willing to pay hefty luxury taxes that could exceed $10 million in 2007/8 alone. He could face a similar amount for each year Garnett is with the team.

    Those taxes would be the price to not only keep Kobe Bryant but more importantly keep the fan base that goes along with him. Given the tax bill, Buss may not agree.

    It also assumes that the Wolves want to shed as much long-term salary as they can while bringing in last year contracts, young players and draft picks. As far as which picks? Let the respective general managers hash that part out.

    So here goes:

    The Lakers send Lamar Odom to Boston.

    The Celtics in turn deal Theo Ratliff and Gerald Green to the Timberwolves.

    Minnesota trades Garnett, Mark Blount and Marko Jaric to LA.

    Finally the Lakers package Kwame Brown, Andrew Bynum, Jordan Farmar, Sasha Vujacic and Aaron McKie to the Wolves. McKie would have to agree to a sign and trade at a minimum of $1.4 million. He can sign for up to $3 million before the base year compensation rule kicks in.

    Based on the finances of the proposed deal, Garnett can waive his trade kicker. While giving up $6.75 million may seem unlikely at first glance, the Lakers can make up for Garnett’s lost wages with a lucrative extension.

    The Celtics basically swap out a promising young guard and a last year contract for the versatile Odom. While the knock on the forward is that he’s not a consistently productive scorer, he is a tenacious rebounder and strong playmaker. The Celtics will have plenty of scoring with Paul Pierce, Allen and Jefferson.

    With Odom the Celtics get tremendous flexibility. They can put Jefferson at center and Odom gives them a second low post option. They can put Kendrick Perkins at the five and Odom at the three, which would be strong defensively.

    In picking up Allen in trade from the Seattle SuperSonics, the Celtics have gone down the “win now” path and Odom would help make the Celtics one of the top teams in the East.

    The Wolves add one of the top center prospects in the league in Bynum. They also get a pair of guards with huge upside in Green and Farmar.

    In addition to three nice young players and a bunch of expiring contracts, Minnesota saves $7.4 million in payroll for the coming season. Beyond 2007/8 they shed $37.8 million by moving Jaric and Blount.

    In 2008/9 the Wolves would have a nice chunk of cap space available with just $34.9 million on the books. They’d have a bright young crew of backcourt/wing players in Corey Brewer, Randy Foye, Rashad McCants, Farmar and Green . . . along with Bynum in the frontcourt.

    They’d need to bring in a long-term solution at the four, but the rebuilding process would have made a sizable leap forward.

    The Lakers land Garnett, pacify Bryant and give the NBA a very marketable contender in LA (which is good for the entire league). The Lakers give up a lot to get Garnett, but by bringing in Blount and Jaric they’d at least have serviceable bodies back to round out the roster.

    They can still look to sign Derek Fisher with part of the Mid-Level Exception and bring back Chris Mihm to fortify the front line.

    PG: Derek Fisher\Marko Jaric\Javaris Crittenton
    SG: Kobe Bryant\Mo Evans
    SF: Luke Walton\Vladimir Radmanovic
    PF: Kevin Garnett\Ronny Turiaf\Brian Cook
    C: Mark Blount\Chris Mihm

    Perhaps LA uses the balance of their Mid-Level on a defensive-minded small forward. Maybe they bring in either or both of their second-round picks (Sun Yue or Marc Gasol).

    Laker payroll would skyrocket into the $82 million range, which means luxury taxes for Dr. Buss.

    Is that a team that can compete for the NBA Championship?

    Do the Lakers give up too much?

    Do the Celtics want Lamar Odom? Would they want to make a deal that helps the Lakers pair Garnett with Bryant?

    Do the Wolves get enough in return for Garnett?

    Do other teams make better offers?

    At some point the fantasy probably crashes to the reality that the answer is “no.”

    For now it is the summertime and fantasy is just about all Laker fans have until the current crisis is resolved for better or worse.

    Of course the Celtics aren’t the only team who can help the Lakers land Garnett. With Lamar Odom as bait perhaps another team would step up (Chicago?) but unfortunately multi-team trades are very hard to come by.

    Perhaps the Wolves won’t find any better offers than Bynum and Odom and make things easy for LA . . . but it’s far more likely they hold onto Garnett until the trade deadline to see if they can’t get the perfect package.

    If so will the Lakers and Bryant be willing to wait that long?”


  • gugy

    if anybody cares for Garnett wants him alongside with Kobe. That duo on the Lakers will make NBA history as more powerful duo than Shaq and Kobe or Kareen and MAgic or Pippen and MJ.
    I just hope happens soon. I am so tired of waiting.

  • lakerfan81

    If you think about if from a business standpoint it makes sense for them to trade Garnett. It may sound weird to trade your franchise player as far as business goes, but they are not going anywhere with Garnett in the lineup. They will probably be a lottery team next year with or without Garnett. So ticket sales will go down because no one wants to see them lose. So the way to increase interest in the team will be to get a new young team on the court. They could get the #1 pick next year. There are a couple of kids next year likely to be in the draft that will probably be able to generate a lot of hype for your team (Mayo, Gordon, Rose, Beasley). The way to generate hype for a bad team is to get younger and more talented, not hang on to your big names which are not taking you anywhere.

    So McHale may not want to deal with the Lakers, but he may be under a lot of pressure from the owner to deal Garnett to the highest bidder.

  • Fatty

    On the way to vegas…..reports to follow

    [Trade-O-Meter] is taking the day off


    “I am so tired of waiting.”

    I hear ya

    Have fun, Go Lakers!

  • laker2421

    I have a birthday coming up 7/14 I want KG to be a Laker before then. I am really starting to think everyone in the world wants KG to be a Laker(even Wolves owner Glen Taylor)except for the two biggest DBags in the world Kevin McFail(worst GM ever) and DIC I mean Ric Bucher(worst insider ever). Dr. Buss call your buddy Glen Taylor back yourself and get this deal done not just for Laker fans but for every fan of NBA basketball. It is a known fact when the Lakers matter, which right now they don’t Kobe and Phil do but the Lakers as a whole don’t, the NBA is better business for everyone involved. So once again PLEASE GETGARNETT TO THE LAKERS ASAP!

  • mfoznot

    Of course its going to happen. The main point is we’ve reached a tipping point in regards to expectations, so has Kobe. There is no return and there is no WAY nothing is going to happen. We’ve crossed the point of return to nothingness which is what has been happening for the past three years. If not KG than someone else, but be sure that this fall our line up is going to draw some weary eyes.

  • somelakerfan1

    isnt it the owner making the trades? not the gm

    so mchfail fuck u stay outta this shit

  • lakerfan81

    Heres an interesting article from I have proposed a very similar trade before. It’s unlikely but its still fun to speculate.

  • lakerfan81

    heres an interesting article from i have proposed a similar trade before. Its inlikely but it is fun to speculate/

  • Ed24

    Hey isn’t someone from Minny coming back from his fishing trip or something like that today? Maybe a deal might get done today? I hope so.