This is a really cool read. Turiaf will be missed and definitely remembered! I have to tell you that yesterday at practice I got to see my man Kareem Abdul Jabaar. He has been a great force behind a lot of my success. He is not the type of guy that is going to speak his mind about your game too much…unless you want him to. When I was in Los Angeles, he would sit on the sideline and watch how I play – he could tell I was struggling and trying to pass the ball too much at certain times. He really helped me gain faith in myself and confidence in myself. He always worked on the Mikan drill with me before practice and he would always tell me: “Ronny, I know you are a great passer, but I want you to be able to score the ball and create fouls after you get offensive rebounds.”

I remember last year during the playoffs against the Spurs, I got an offensive rebound and my first thought was to pass it, but then I remembered what he said so I went up and dunked the ball with Tim Duncan right next to me. After the play, I was pointing at him because we were just talking about doing that on the morning of the game. He said “Ronny, tonight, you are not passing the ball if you get an offensive rebound.”

Kareem is a guy who was always there for me and whenever I was down I could always go to him and he would be that voice of reason. I can say that I am friends with Kareem Abdul Jabaar and that is pretty neat.

  • Salty

    I really hope Ronny resigns once his new contract is up. As much as Powell brings the same rebounding and mid-range game as Ronny, his character and locker room presence alone is irreplaceable. Come back Ronny!


    I’ll keep praying ’til your back in a Laker uniform.,nuff said.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Bonjour Ronnie and bon chance en Goldenstate.


    Man I miss Ronny, and reading this just brought back a lot of thought about him. I would welcome him back any day. I just wish he never left.

  • CACA

    That was really one co cat!! Now who’s gonna be our side line cheerleader?!

  • DMX

    Ronny is gone. kind of like the Mad dog. no one misses him now huh.


    he is no longer a laker, so on the court he is now the enemy!

    he was good guy to have on the team…

  • Nabil

    what a guy, n’est pas? anyone know what the Mikan drill is (how do you run it?). I presume it refers to George Mikan, but never heard of the drill.

  • Jack Nicholson

    damn it hurts seeing him in china on that horrible warriors uni.

    i would give up a dozen luke waltons for ronny’s top half.

  • laker


  • LN1

    anyone who boos ronnie when he comes to LA like Utah fans did to fish shoud be shot in the face….

  • kbfan24

    Ronny will always be remembered :(

  • Jack Nicholson

    [Comment ID #52566 Will Be Quoted Here]

    and i’d take pleasure in gutting them.