This was posted on Turiaf’s official myspace page. It’s nice to hear him still keeping all of us close to him. We’ll miss you Ronny:

Turiaf21: Just wanted to send a thank you to all the encouraging and kind words during my transition from the Lakers to Golden State. I will admit, I do have a few people sending me hate mail, but if they really knew Ronny Turiaf as a person that would not be happening.

I do read each and every comment made on this page and I think it’s dope to reach out to all of you. Just remember, I am no better than the next man and I appreciate all of your support.

I am here in France with my mom and my fam bam…feels good to be back home for a bit. I will definitely send pics from France since I will be here for a good month or so.

Oh, and I am not taking down my Laker photos…those are my memories and my former teammates are my boyz, my family and my dear friends along with PJ and Mitch.

Holla at ya boy anytime!

R. Teezy

Oh and congratulations to my publicist Danika and her fiance.. Joe who had their baby which is my God Daughter – Zoe Brianne Kouaho.

She is absolutely GORGEOUS!! My ZoZo!

  • PhilJackson

    Turiaf = Lakers 4 Life!!!!!

  • True Lakers Fan

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    true that

  • Diehardfan

    Can’t believe he is getting hate mail. I am sure that most of the hate for Ronny is because Laker fans believe that he owes the fans and Lakers organization something for helping him through his medical issues. But, anyone who would be in his position would defenitely take the money and run. We are talking about making 4 times more per year. I defenitely would do what he did. It is a business. Nothing personal.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Ima miss this dude

  • Billy Kupchak

    yup! yup! he is close with our family! :cool:

  • Michaelmichael

    gosh man I cant believe hes gone to another team though but one day he will be back.

  • Billy Kupchak

    yup! yup! Ronny is close to our family! :cool:


    is that myspace really his??

  • Whatsa


  • ak24

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  • http://- Kobefan11

    I miss you Ronny,you are a Laker for life!

    I hope,you will be back!

  • Tim M.

    I’m REALLY going to miss R-Teezy.

  • 123KID


  • lyk13

    Damn…for some weird reason, I felt sad all of a sudden, at least he definitely knows that the laker fans are concerned about him…hope the warriors fans will not underestimate him….he’s a true warrior and dancer man….in any case, Lakers fans will mostly remain true to him if Warriors dun deem fit….

  • Jay

    Turiaf will be back in a lakers uniform one day but i understand that money he got was to hard 2 turn still going to be rooting for him

  • xtro

    Adieu, mon ami.

  • gugy

    Turiaf is a good guy, he just is looking for his future. The money the Warriors offered was a very good. He did the right thing.

    Good luck to him.

  • Mamba2410

    Ronny, all I can say is, best of luck to you being on the Warriors, and hopefully you can bring some cheer to the Warriors and bring the heart and soul that we know you can bring, in which you’ve already brought it to us. With your hustle, your strength, your mid-range jumper, your blocking ability, your heart and soul, your rebounding, and…your nice and funny personality. We all love you R. Teezy and wish you the best!D

  • AOL

    i am sad :(

  • Ejunkie21

    Ronnie! Have Fun in NorCal buddy.. we’ll all definitely miss you. all you haters need to shut your mouths.

  • lakers4life

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    umm thats me..

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Turiaf will always be remembered for the cheer leading, blocking shots and energy he brings on and off the court.

  • Laker Man

    whoever sent him those hate mails needs a reality check

  • Nana

    Wish him the best of luck. He was a awesome player. We will miss him so much.

  • pio2u

    I’m glad to hear that Ronny “Ironman” Turiaf reads this forum. Ronny, you are a true warrior & everybody in my household will love you forever! PS: Take care of my homeboy, Richard Hendrix, with Golden State. Purple & Gold; Baby!!

  • Sako

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    true that

  • Mamba2410

    Ronny, I have to admit, I was kind of pissed that you left and how Mitch could’ve signed you back, but after seeing how we couldn’t have played you that much and you had a better chance money-wise and playing-wise in Golden State.

    Best of luck to you R. Teezy,

  • kb24bestever

    Damn just like a month and a couple of weeks ago he was playing with us i would of never thought he was gone be gone out of everybody man Ronny here in LA we love you and were always gonna have your back and wish you the best luck..

  • Diego Rodriguez

    Thats really kewl of you Ronny…..we’ll miss you, and everything you stand for….wat you brought to longtime LAKER FANS was excitement, and HEART…..we wish you the best, and who knows, maybe in 3 to 4 years…..yup yup….OPT OUT? we would love to have you back Ronny…the Inland Empire, especially Riverside has much LOVE for you

  • lakers2000

    We’ll all miss you, but can you fake an injury when you play us so I can continue the love? Just kidding. I will now be interested in watching the Warriors. Late!

  • http://getgarnet Louis

    Well Ronny best luck for beinging with the Warriors.Hope you
    come back and play for us, dance for us, and mostly help us
    win a championship.Good LUCK.

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Spoken like a true LAKER…

  • Cheryle

    I’m seriously gonna miss Ronny so much! <3333

  • west213

    guys this is not official dont worry……believe!!!!

  • west213

    it is =[[[[[[[


    I’m not going to lie, ever since the rumors started I couldn’t hold back tears, because all I kept thinking to myself, after going through an open heart surgery, recovered successfully, BUST HIS ASS night in and out, beginning to end, show no fear nor backs down to anyone regardless of how much height and size he gives up, most of all the most energetic and inspiring player on the floor, you would think, why would you trade such a player like that.

    RONY you are a perfect example of how a person should appreciate the oppurtunity to don the colors of purple/gold and play for the city of Los Angeles as if you LIFE depended on it, you sported them colors PROUD, and you represented the city even better, you didn’t talk about anything, you let your GAME speak for you, the main reason why it bothers me so bad because anybody that knows how to play the game FEARLESS night in and night out, and as a end result you get traded instead of others that are useless to the WORLD (C.Mihm) then it’s like all that hard work got you a better payday, but not a secure spot on your original team….. dis sum bullshit!

    But for what it’s worth Rony, I’m glad your 1st team was da LAKERS, I appreciate the love you showed the city and us crazy ass fans, this is hard as hell because I admire your game so much and it’s like your a brother I never knew or met, but, I wish you the best and you will always be a LAKER to me BIG HOMIE, WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, stay up!

    Mike B N Temecula

  • dom3983

    Sucks to see him leave, but I dont blame him. Like all of us in our own personal careers, we are looking for a big pay raise and financial security. I knew quite a few of these players from this past season will soon leave. You cant keep everyone and I think so more of these Laker favorites will be gone in the next year or two. Odom looks to be next within the year.

  • Pet

    We need guys like Ronny!