Turiaf mentioned that he will not play in the Olympics until he has a contract situation is solved (he is a restricted free agent)…

L.A. Times: Ronny Turiaf said Thursday that he would not play for France at the Summer Olympics unless his contract situation has been resolved.

“I’m not going to play unless I’ve got a contract,” Turiaf said. “So I don’t know yet. Everything will happen like it’s supposed to. I have faith in it.”

  • Mr.81

    They didn’t make the Olympics…

  • BringDFishBack

    Get him a contract soon Mitch! I don’t want to see him leave and he seems like he loves playing for his country.

  • http://kelvlam.yelp.com/ kelvlam

    his “have faith in it”… I really like his personality and the passion. The whole “brothers” talk during the exit interview. I think even if he can’t bring the most desire game performance, he’ll be a great locker room and team dynamic catalyst!!!

  • vida8

    Well i dont think he will playing in olympics …..

  • Michael_23

    He could be like a Horace Grant, a defensive PF who can shoot the midrange jumper.

    Except Ronny has more energy than Horace.

    Resign em.

  • kb24bestever

    come on mitch give ronny a 5 year contract or something we really need that guy his part of our energy bench

  • xtro

    Sign him Mitch! He is Mr. energy.

  • ab4sure

    Watch we sign him to a nice contract and he has a drop off year and then ppl will say why the hell did Mitch resign his azz?

  • daboss1849

    give the man a 5 year 15 million contract.

  • French 001

    Even if he signs his contract before the olympics, he won’t play the olympics.
    We (france) are not qualified for those benjin’s olympics.