Looks like Ronny has a shot at starting this season. I don’t know if I’m all for this or not. Luke seems to make things run smoothly out there; Odom at the 3 didn’t really work out that great for us either.

Ronny TuriafPE: He has been called the Lakers’ “silent warrior,” even though Coach Phil Jackson says Ronny Turiaf is “an outspoken guy.”

But it’s that warrior mentality, that energy and effort and defensive intensity that had Jackson saying after practice Friday that Turiaf has positioned himself to have a bigger role.

“I plan on starting him,” Jackson said. “I really am seriously considering starting him. Those positions are so wide open. He’s a guy that can bring energy to the game, the kind of start we need to have with a physical front. He’s a guy that can block some shots.”

It had been assumed that Luke Walton would start at small forward and Lamar Odom at power forward, just like last season. But Jackson is toying with the idea of bringing Walton off the bench.

Jackson was asked if he had told Walton about his plans.

“No,” Jackson responded.

Is Walton OK with that?

“He’s OK with it,” Jackson said, laughing.

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  • SILO

    So a possible starting line up could be . . .


    Considering if this does become the starting line up, this is a very energetic and active front court. Having Turiaf and Bynum pair up together brings a good pair for grabbing boards and more importantly shotting blocking. Hopefully they are good enough together to make players like Barbosa and AI think twice before driving to the hole.

    Im not sure if Turiaf has the defense and power to match up against players like KG and Tim Duncan but he has more than enough energy for it.

    It would be a great asset and another weapon if Ronny can produce points as well. He has a fair jumpshot for a big man and we all know he can throw it down unlike a certain number 54. No layups for this man, always throws it down for a certified 2 points.

    Like i said, hes more like a Mark Madsen, except he actually has game and he can dance;)

  • kb24 4life

    i like this lineups
    for starters fish,kobe,lamar,ronny,mihm
    for bench critt,sasha,mo,kwame,bynum

  • SILO

    [quote comment=”14133″]i like this lineups
    for starters fish,kobe,lamar,ronny,mihm
    for bench critt,sasha,mo,kwame,bynum[/quote]

    you forgot luke, and farmar for the bench.

  • lakerschamps08

    yup i like it as long as lo comes up with 20 a night and turiaf and bynum for about 20 plus points its good and we all know kb24 gonna do his think drop 50 or 60 so yup… lakers champs 08

  • lakerfan81

    I like that Idea. If only Turiaf can play without fouling every 5 minutes. He averages something like 7.3 fouls per 48 minutes. Can’t have that in a starter.

  • kb24 4life

    i like this lineups
    for starters fish,kobe,lamar,ronny,mihm
    for bench critt,sasha,mo,kwame,bynum

    you forgot luke, and farmar for the bench.

    ohh yea sorry
    so put mo for sasha and luke for mo

    i dont know what will happern with farmar


    about time ronny gets his credit. he may not have the talent some of the other guys have but he gives the effort we need. other than kobe nobody gives you more on the lakers. way to go jackson!!!

  • Neo-Laker Era

    I’ve heard about Mihm playing some of the 4 spot. Anyone think this is a good idea? I still say start Bynum so he can gain that confidence.


    That’s a huge (literally) lineup, and we’ve seen Turiaf tear it up off the bench, so why not keep him there, but use him a lot more?

    However, I still consider Mihm to be a true center.

    Gah, I’m torn!

  • TheLAunit

    Its good to see Ronny in the starting lineups, he’s a Baller and he kinda deserves it the way he hustles on the court. By putting him in the starter role he will be more confident about his game a play better on the floor. I like Ronny becuz of his determination and his work ethics when he’s out there….Good move Phil