Interesting info — or pure coincidence? For people saying, “Griz would never do it,” you should read this article. It makes sense in all the world for both sides:

ESPN TrueHoops: I have another idea for you: how about the Los Angeles Lakers?

They could do something that almost no other team in the league could do: make Memphis the major player in next summer’s free agent party. (Seattle, Minnesota, and Washington have the expiring contracts, but aren’t likely to want to pay Gasol.)

Kwame Brown’s large expiring contract is the key, and only needs to be partnered with something reasonable, for instance Sasha Vujacic (expiring contract) and Coby Karl to make the trade work under salary cap rules.

If Memphis did such a deal, they would almost certainly have the most cap room in the league this summer. Exactly how much they’ll have is unknowable without seeing what happens with Damon Stoudamire — who will get Memphis some more cap relief — and knowing where they will end up in the draft, which determines how much they’ll be paying a rookie.

  • double

    I’d be very ok with this. Although who’d backup Kobe at shooting guard? Critt?

  • Mr.81

    Do it. Do it. DO IT.

  • Lakerfan101
  • leo

    wow if this deal happens we are CHAMPS for sure!

  • sK

  • Flush Odumb

    Kwame Brown-stain is definitely one of the pieces of crapola that needs to be gone next year. I would only ask would we be better off dumping his contract ourselves at the end of the season and freeing up salary cap space that we could use. If we do we MUST go after a worthwhile free agent i.e., a VIABLE option to better complement Kobe not some role player like another Vlad Rad or Luke.

  • leo

    imagine fisher, kobe, lamar, gasol, bynum WOW
    crit, farmar, ariza, luke, ronny, vlade, mihm off bench…insane