Well the new Lakers slogan, “We Know Drama” definetely applies to this team. With rumors and speculation arising in which Magic would have been the “Lakers insider” that trashed Kobe, TrueHoop pointed out a source claims it was not Magic. Interesting stuff…

ESPN TrueHoop: In closing, Heisler — who covers the Lakers every day — implies that Magic Johnson is certainly not a key source in his own work:

“I wish Magic was an emissary. I love him, but he hasn’t returned a phone call in 10 years. To sit down with him. … I don’t know what you’d have to do … I haven’t since he retired, went into business, and got so busy.”

The article also questions whether Jim Buss, who is speculated by a lot of Lakers fans, is the “Lakers insider” or not:

Jim Buss, the owner’s son, was and is the first name off NBA insiders’ lips when the subject of Bynum is broached. For his part Jim Buss has said little about the situation, but he certainly has never said that Bynum cannot be traded. So it must be that the “someone” responsible for all the behind the scenes talk is the person in the ear of the Buss family telling them that, with patience, Bynum is the future of the franchise; that ultimately the LA Lakers can be rebuilt around the barely 20-year-old center.

  • lakerfan81

    ????? What is the point of this article?

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Just reporting.

    TrueHoop gave the Lakers fans some unique stuff. People on the forums were crucifying Magic last week.

  • steve

    Good to know its not magic..This person needs to be found

  • lalakerfan

    I doubt anyone thought he was. But thanks for the article

  • ab4sure

    This was a good article to put up. Good job Ld2k. Mark Heisler, is a fair reporter, who looks at things not towards any viewpoint so much as he accurately reports what he knows… and he knows alot.

  • Butch

    I’d bet that the “insider” is Mitch. Why else would Kobe be so upset?