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Lamar Odom joined the Dan Patrick show for his first public interview since being traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

Odom talked about his emotions when he found out the Lakers agreed to trade him to New Orleans. He also talked about how he will feel when he comes back to L.A. to play the Lakers on January 16th, and what he expects the crowd to do when his name is announced.

The full transcript is below. Or you can also listen to the entire interview via our partners over at Fox Sports Radio LA.

How’s Lamar Odom “Dallas Mavericks Forward” sound to you?

“It’s a good thing; it’s a good thing. I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to defending the title.”

Did you demand a trade?

“Ehh I don’t know…I demanded to stay on the team, and if they couldn’t do that then it must have been time for me to go.”

On hearing about the New Orleans trade:

“That’s when I figured out that it was going to happen at any given time. They were going to trade me this year no matter what. They were trying to make the best business move for themselves, which didn’t have my best interest. I had to kind of take control of the situation and land in a place like Dallas. A city like Dallas, play for an owner like Mark Cuban. A team like the Mavericks was my first choice.”

Have you talked to Kobe since the trade?

“Not yet, I spoke to Luke [Walton] for maybe about two hours. It was emotional, and sometimes I think about situations and it’s hard to control my emotions. I was emotionally in debt to [the Lakers] and to those guys in that locker room. Winning and losing, and so many battles sometimes you have to put that to the side.”

Are you more angry or sad?

“Shocked and surprised. It took me for a loop. [Los Angeles] is a great place to play, great team, and I took pride in helping [the Lakers] try and defend a championship.”

Have you met with Mark Cuban?

“Over the phone. He’s a great guy. He’s looking forward to it.”

When’s Khloe coming to town?

“Khloe will be here on Friday, making my hotel room into a home.”

How does Khloe look in the Mavericks colors?

“Khloe looks great in everything bro”

On how this affects the reality show:

“It is reality. On the show our lives unfold like right on the spot.”

On playing the Lakers at Staples Center on January 16th:

That’s pretty quick huh! It will be weird. The first time I ever left a team was when I played for the Clippers and went to the Heat…My first time playing in LA with Miami it was pretty awkward. It will be awkward, but I got to go out there, and I have a job to do.”

What he expects the Lakers fans to do when his name is announced?

“They’ll cheer, I think so.”

On playing against the Nets and Kris Humphries:

“That may be a little bit more awkward, then even going to LA.”

Will Kim Kardashian show up to that game?

“No, I’m keeping away from that one.”

Do you feel sorry for Kris Humphries?

“I would feel bad for anybody that was put in that situation and that happened to him.”

On not having to defend Dirk Nowitzki anymore:

“That’s a great thing. Free him up a little bit. Along with Jason Kidd”

  • Ha5hi

    I’d cheer for him when he come back.  LO is a good guy.

  • Tenshi_zanki

    Total BS odom did not want to stay we all know that from his twitter post why the F did he say he wanted to stay of course LA wouldve made him stay if he wanted

  • efunkflex

    f him. he obvi didn’t have kobe’s work ethic and that was clear from him not practicing etc…or ever tapping into his talent. w/e, can’t wait till he gets boarded or slammed on.

  • Earl Joshua Swank

     LO said he has a job to do. His job last week was to show up at practice like everyone else. Khloe took this trade more like a man than LO did.

  • Jzosaa12@gmail.complete

    LO will alwyas be a laker! I dont think he wanted to leave. But after finding out he was gonna be traded im sure it hurt. I mean it took the whole summer of negotiation to get odom to sign and take a paycut. Then to be treated this way sux. Its all business but who trades away 6th man of the year for nothing?

    • Guest

      He asked to be traded. Unlike Pau, Martin, Scola, and Dragic who didn’t whine and did what they were suppose to do.

  • David2831g

    Too bad Lamar couldnt man up. I really liked him and will detest seeing him in a Mavs jersey, but oh well! With that attitude, its no wonder he wasnt consistent.

  • RALLYxISH728

    LO is a pussy for acting the way he did. His job as a Laker was to go to practice and man the eff up, regardless of any trade talks. Surprisingly Gasol was a bigger man about it than LO, he’s more of a Kardashian than he is Odom, good riddance.

  • kb

    whatever man, LO is too emotional and lack mental toughness. Look at how he was during the playoffs last season. He didn’t show energy and probably had some gripe with teammates during the whole pau gasol situation.

  • laker fan

    give this man the respect he deserves..where the f#ck is the laker fans loyalty at? put yourself in his shoes…for everyone disrespectin odom needs to grow the f#ck up

  • laker fan

    bottomline is im not goin to waste time to explain the definition of loyalty and respect…for those who disrespects lamar is fake and those who understands where lamar comes from is real…real recognizes real..if your not usin lamar to trade for chris or dwight then any trade for lamar is stupid point blank..btw f#ck david stern

  • Kingjamesda3rd87

    Gotta love lamar folks.

  • Lakergirl14

    Yes … gotta love Lamar!  You must not be a true fan if you can’t understand his disappointment … he’ll do well anywhere … Gonna miss him!

  • HinjuRock

    The attempted Chris Paul trade was freakin’ retarded, trading Lamar was freakin’ retarded, and trying to trade Bynum for Howard is freakin’ retarded. The Lakers managers are making some really stupid decisions lately.

  • C T

    I will boo his ass for wanting a trade!

  • C T

    I will boo his ass for wanting a trade!


    Lamar’s immaturity has rendered the Lakers in a difficult situation. They are without his services as well as a backup big man for either Bynum or Pau, plus a lead man off the bench. I’m sorry I feel he disrespected the Lakers as much as he felt that way. Maybe if he was more mature he’d had waited a few days to let the emotion run its course…but he didn’t.

  • Lakerlover71

    I consider myself a very DIEHARD laker fan. If they lose I can’t sleep that evening. I thank Lamar Odom for his time here. I WILL boo his whining sorry pathetic self when he comes to play against the PURPLE AND GOLD. If you loved us SOOOO much, why would you ever request a trade??…Hike up your skirt MR KARDASHIAN!!.In the end and what most athletes this is a business.NOTHING PERSONAL!!…When you allow your emotions to take over..YOU Lamar..make it PERSONAL!..GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!

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