Kobe at Training Camp

LA Times: The Lakers began training camp in a dim high school gym, but tucked away in a corner, under a series of championship banners for high-school kayaking and paddling, General Manager Mitch Kupchak offered a season outlook that was comparatively bright.

A few minutes before boarding the unusual Lakers team bus — stenciled on the side: “Polynesian Adventure Tours” — Kupchak said that unsuccessful attempts to land a big name to go alongside Kobe Bryant were not disappointments, and, furthermore, the Lakers might be better than anticipated.

The Lakers aren’t on anybody’s short list to win the NBA title, which was duly, if not defensively, noted by Kupchak, entering his eighth season since taking over for Jerry West.

“We think this team, if they stay healthy, is a very talented team,” he said crisply. “Expectations aren’t very high. That’s OK with me. All I keep on reading is that we’re not a very good team. So if that’s what everybody thinks, then fine. It’s up to us to prove them wrong.”

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  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks DBricks

    Alright LD2K…nuthin gets me more hyped for the season then ur videos! its about that time. we gotta have a new mixtape with Kobe, fisher, lamar…the whole squad, get us Laker fans excited about goin into another season, kinda like Remember that mixback in 06 had me goin crazy! hahaha…do ur thing Chris!

  • Tim-4-Show

    This article showed where the majority of the problem was in the off season regarding Kobe’s tirade.

    Kobe says, “What I understand about Jerry from the stuff that people have been telling me, is that he has kind of been out of the loop for the last two years.”

    Mitch says, “Clearly, Jimmy Buss is more involved in the last two or three years than he was five or six years ago…”

    Jimmy was/is a huge part of the problem. From what Kobe is saying, it appears he’s been told that the Dr. will be at the helm more and Jimbo will be secondary. Let’s just hope the front office doesn’t disappoint here, or it will get REALLY ugly.

  • TheLAunit

    If everybody stays healthy We have the best chance to win a championship. Forget what the media says about use….punk! we have great players on the roster, the goal is to just stay healthy. With Fish back at point and knowing the offense, make chances even higher. So lets Go LA Bring it BACK…….CHAMPIONSHIP! can you see it!!!

  • Michael_23

    Healthy? Lamar Odom is still recovering from injury …

    I wish we can have all players become healthy right now for training camp so everyone can understand one another. Let’s just hope after Lamar recovers that we do not experience anyone having injuries. It seems that if one of the team mates go down it breaks the chemistry and Kobe has to take over the load.

    Lamar needs to get healthy. GET HEALTHY AND GET HEALTHY NOW! Even with coach. Get healthy so we can have you for a few more years.


    We Believe!!!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Haha I hate to say this…

    But I miss the Kobe/Shaq pre-season drama.

  • foxxy

    we’re gonna have new drama…bet!!!