L.A. Times: The Lakers haven’t played a quarter of the 2007-08 season but it’s clear that a major weakness for them is a lack of toughness when center Kwame Brown is not in the lineup.

Brown, who has missed the last eight games because of a sprained ankle and knee, may be offensively challenged but he provides a physical presence for the Lakers.

“The only missing part that I have always insisted about is that we need a tough guy on this team,” Coach Phil Jackson said about the Lakers, who start a two-game trip at Minnesota on Tuesday.

“Kwame Brown has been that guy for us. Even though he’s not personality-wise, but physically, he is a guy who can knock people around and seal our middle. That’s what is missing and we miss him when he’s out.”

It’s not that Brown, at 6-feet-11 and 270 pounds, is the Lakers’ only big man. But Brown is the team’s most equipped to get the job done.

Andrew Bynum, the team’s 20-year old 7-foot center, is still learning on the job and has to pick his spots when to be aggressive in order to stay out of foul trouble.

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  • lalakerfan

    I took this as a call to get someone like a Ron Artest onto this team. Perhaps a Brown and the rights to sign Marc Gasol for Ronny? What do you guys think.

  • Rob

    I’m not sure about the Lakers. I think they send mix messages. The Lakers understand the weeknesses and they refuse to do something about it. I am so tired of the whole situations. I have bee a fan of the Lakers for over 30 years and they have always got the Job done. From Kareem, Magic, Shaq, and now…..

    We need help. Sign PG Brows for help and trade Lamar. The players we have now are just not getting the job done. Also, Why is Phil playing Sasha so much….He is the worst. He gets lucky on a few shots but he cannot drible and he plays like a running time bomb waiting to explode.

    When the Lakers get serious again with player personnel, they I will be become their #1 fan again. God Bless!!!

  • lakerfan81

    lalakerfan: if you were SAC would you make that trade? What does it get Sacramento? they have to at least feel like they are getting something good out of the trade for them to make it. In that trade they are not.

    I’m not sure who the Lakers can trade to get Artest. Sac could use a PG and the best one we have right now is Farmar, and Bynum has been playing great this year so they could potentially want him (though they have Spencer Hawes who is a good shooter and nothing else). But would you trade either of those players for Artest? Maybe. Would a Farmer, Brown be enough to get Artest? probably not. Plus that would require Critt to play the back up PG and though he eventually may be better than Farmar, I don’t think he is right now or you would be seeing more of him. Bynum and Kwame could potentially get it done but I wouldn’t do that trade. Odom for Artest does not work financially. But even if it did I don’t think Sac would do it. The Lakers could try and move Odom for cap space but the only person who has that large of an expiring contract is Minnesota and I don’t think they will be parting with Ratliff’s large expiring contract. Myabe two players trade is possible that could net the Lakers about 8.5M (that is what Artest will make if he exercises his option to stay with Sac) to sign him as a FA. Not sure if he walks away from sac for anything less. But you never know I guess 5.5 M (about the MLE) is only 3M less then 8.5M plus he would be playing in a bigger market and could pick up some endorsements… wait never mind hes crazy and that might be difficult. But what better place to change you image than in LA.

    Strictly from a basketball point of view Artest makes perfect sense. If you compared him to Odom:

    3 pt shooting: Artest
    Mid range: Artest
    Driving to the basket: tie, maybe slightly in Artest favor
    Post play: Odom
    Moving without the ball: don’t know how good Artest is with that but he can’t be worse than Odom.
    Consistency: Artest
    Defense: Artest is way better than Odom except in the rebounding department.

    But does that outweigh the issues that he brings with him? Not sure but if Odom keeps playing bad than it starts to look better.

    Not too many teams will be under the cap next year (very few). So I don’t know how good Artest’s options will be if he does not exercise his option in picking up a larger or ever as large of a contract. So my bet is that he stays in Sac unless he leaves via a trade.

  • LakersFirst

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    Obviously you’re not a real Laker fan. Real Laker fans stick with the team in good times and in bad. If you only like the Lakers when they win, then you’re a bandwagon fan.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    Please get artest!!!!!!!!
    everyone is tradable except KOBE and BYNUM!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward

    kobe-wan kenobi

    I think brown, maybe ronny, odom, walton, and vujabiatch are tradable.

  • http://thelakersnation.com YalalaP the One

    look at this trade guys,


    then after the season,we could sign shawn marion…

    lakers line up




    put critt in the d league

    sign c webb

  • Newtdog

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    You’re a Moron

  • dj matt20

    i agree that we should trade Odom i disagree with trading Kobe this article basically is saying that we need a trade before the trade deadline or else we are out of the play offs. even though it is early in the season if you look at the seedings they look like they are going to be pretty similar by the end of the season. 1st round exit either by San Antonio or Phoenix. i’m a big laker fan, but i also factor in reality. we NEED a trade.

  • Ignard

    Thats how soft we are,KWAME is our toughest big man,KWAME? HE IS SOFT!

  • pjt

    Pat Riley likes odom…we could trade odom and kwamee and a filler to miami for Shaq…no really.

  • pjt

    If we could trade Farmar, Rad, and Shasha, for Artest I saw do it…I think this works out good, and works with our cap. Would Sac do it, maybe if we threw in a 1st round pick, as well?


    Though I wouldn’t wanna trade Farmar for some rason this trade sounds kinda good.GET ARTEST NOWWWWWW!

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #18598 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are fu-ck-en stupid, not only for wanting to trade Kobe but for actually thinking that the Sun’s would give up all three of those players.Yes Kobe is the best player on the world but they are not about to give up so much for him.Plus the Lakers are not going to trade Kobe get that through thick skull…

  • billybooy

    no way. farmar must stay. he’s one of our key players and has a bright future

  • domidomdomz

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    wow..that’s a good idea..Shaq will play center and Bynum at 4 spot…


    NO WAY!!!!SHAQ does not want to come back to LA(even though that would be a good idea after all his personal problems this year,WOOOOOWWW).Get the other O’NEAL(Jermaine)!!!!He’s younger.Don’t think about Shaq he’s really on the DECLINE,FO SHO.

  • http://thelakersnation.com YalalaP the One