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Some of yall should be ashamed

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Posted December 22, 2018 - 09:56 PM

Again you're so caught up in cute stats.  Anybody here want to explain how AD is any differnet from the Kings Boogie and the Timberwolves Kevin Love? 

Guys are having 30/20 games and not getting wins.  Save me the team argument as well.  Jrue, Niko and Randle are all very complimentary to AD's game.  If they are 15-18 it means he may not have the impact on winning that you think he does.  This is not to dump on him as a player or say he's not a star but maybe we should rethink how impactful a big man that REQUIRES to be fed and an open floor to cook is.  


There couldn't be a worse fit for a sidekick for Lebron than AD as a star player.  


While I agree with this argument (I made it first), that doesn't mean he wouldn't be a great addition to this team.


The fact that Zubac is playing this well next to LeBron torpedoes the idea that AD wouldn't be better, right?  Unless you're going to make the argument that Zubac is as good or better than AD?


Last night, AD was playing with the flu and put up 30/20.  Come on, man...he's still a top 5-7 player.  He's just not a #1 option type player on a good team.  Put him next to LeBron and he'd be a monster.


You are way oversimplifying this other argument - criticism of our players doesn't mean other players are overrated.  2 things can be true at the same time.  Our guys can be underperforming while other guys are playing better than them.


Take Tatum.  Tatum is playing better than Ingram - look at the numbers before you make that argument.  I'd take Tatum over Ingram right now and so would almost every Duke Fan I've talked to.  Tatum is a natural scorer who is about as long as Ingram but stronger and more aggressive.  He'd be as natural fit next to LeBron as Kuzma...especially because Tatum is shooting like 40% from 3.



You can support our guys without bashing others.  There is no honest discussion if you can't be fair and rational.

#42 GCMD



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Posted December 22, 2018 - 10:07 PM



Against the same team...but Jody keeps saying Tatum is trash and Ingram is great...

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Posted December 23, 2018 - 01:23 AM

guys its christmas time


yall should be happy and peaceful

Lakers 4 Life. Cologne, Germany. 



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Posted December 23, 2018 - 02:41 AM

A mod should merge this into AD Trade thread.



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Posted December 23, 2018 - 03:31 AM

A lot of y’all drinking too much egg nog. Put it down.

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