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Baby Mamas, Attitude Problems, and Discussion on Current State in NBA

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Posted August 03, 2018 - 12:44 AM

Disclaimer: This thread may eventually turn into a debate thread where a lot of topics are discussed at once. Keep the discussion civil, and refrain from insults.


Originally posted by Adam:


Yo y’all hear about Blake’s $258k child support news??

Like how in the world is that possible? Alimony I understand. But child support???

Some please try and explain this to me.




Originally posted by Wilt Chamberneezy:


Archaic laws. Over 50 million for this kid. She is also getting child support from another sports athlete. So tldr, Blake got finessed plus is an idiot. She is set for life lol.


NBA players having children resulting from their affairs is no secret. And sometimes, we hear rumors or confirmed stories that there are legal settlements for these affairs - recently Blake Griffin has been ordered to pay $258k for monthly child support per court.
While Griffin's case is only one instance (as far as we know), there are players who have had affairs with multiple persons and settled with them over alimony and child support. Dwight Howard and James Harden are notorious examples. In community, these persons in question are called 'Baby Mamas' (more on the term later), and I have often encountered negative connotation for both sides in the relationship, as quoted above by two members.
In this thread, I would like to open up a discussion where we delve into choices the NBA players make, and the morality aspect to it. As we acknowledge, NBA has become a far bigger community than 'National' term. And as big as it got on our daily lives, the behavioral aspect is also put on display. While the discussion for minimum age for the draft is going on, I haven't yet encountered a solid debate over the minimum education provided for the players - famous or ordinary. I think it should be mandatory to  inform the members in the association that the responsibilities come before whatever money or fame could bring. For example, just because a player earns multi millon dollar contracts, it doesn't give him a free ride to have unprotected sex that could result in unwanted offsprings. Personally, I'm not looking at it from the religious side. But I sincerely believe that freedom should be kept in check by the moral standards in the community.
As for the women that are part of this discussion, I find the term 'Baby Mama' derogatory and I hope the community can overcome this simple-minded thinking. Some women may have ulterior motive to engage in relationship with these famous figures, but as often it is with generalizations, it takes the focus out of the problem and could victimize one side. Therefore, whatever the case it may be, the language we use to describe the situation is important. No matter the money or recognition one has, it doesn't make him/her superior.
As an international fan, I haven't encountered much of a scandal in these proportions in football in Europe. Man. United players have had a similar one in maybe 7-8 years ago, but the reaction to that was quite enraged from my memory. I'm curious to know what people think of the causes for the frequency of these cases in NBA, and how the NBA community can alleviate some of those issues. 

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Posted August 03, 2018 - 04:49 PM

Players should be wary about this, but these guys are mentally mature. 18 year olds that all of a sudden become wealthy and you have girls that you thought were way out of your league willingly throwing themselves on you on a daily basis. I’m almost positive that there are plenty of players in the league with secret children hidden away from the spotlight. Frequent stories like this happen all the time. It’s just more accessible with the internet. Let’s not forget about Wilt.

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Posted August 03, 2018 - 09:56 PM

Thanks for your input. I agree with you on that 19 year-olds earning multi-million dollars can be quite overwhelming, and without proper support and direction, they could have couple head scratchers at a very early age. I have recently watched the movie 'Amateur', and it presents the money-driven issues in basketball. So many kids want to make it to the NBA, and wealth is one of the biggest reasons. This desire is etched into their path and it becomes too easy to manipulate - be it agents, brands, or society. At very early age, perhaps, the education should be provided, rather than waiting until the players already cross the finish line. Easy accesibility of these stories makes us more aware on the issue. The problem could be bigger than what NBA and Adam Silver can do, but they are quite active on other problems in the community, such as sex discrimination or racism.


In my opinion, the swifter the action is taken, the more effective these problems will be handled. Devin Booker (21) recently was offered 5 yr/$158m contract extension. That is a huge sum of money for a young person. They have earned it, but they should be made aware of the common responsibilities, and the weight this kind of fame and money brings.



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Posted August 04, 2018 - 05:35 AM

I think the league does have indoctrination programs.


But raging hormones, easy access and poor decisions will always come back to haunt people no matter their lot in life.

Excited for  1. Lebron! (Still love me some Kobe, but damn this guy is amazing) 2. Another big get (Whether in FA or in a trade we need some attractions and closers) 3. Young Guys making big jump (Assuming we have anyone left after more necessary moves either genius ones or in desperation)




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