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There are reasons to get excited about Julius Randle this year

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#1121 Adam



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Posted Today, 02:30 PM

I honestly hate videos with those kind of taglines. Randle never said "I can do the same thing etc etc paul george/lebron etc" or whatever exactly he said.


I thought his response was appropriate. and it basically summed down to yes i'd like to play for him. he's an all time great. lots to learn. he has a history of making his teammates better and making it easy for them.


Like what else is he supposed to say? And unless i missed something, Randle was asked if he wants to play with lebron. I didn't hear any mention of paul goerge




This can't be true...


#1122 Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf


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Posted Today, 02:59 PM

The only thing Randle is an embodiment of is the penchant for Lakers Fans to overrate their own players.

if he becomes a better player next year.. would it change ur mind?

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Posted Today, 03:05 PM

if he becomes a better player next year.. would it change ur mind?


Not really.  I've always said Randle will be a star one day.  Superstar?  I'd have to see it to believe it.


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