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Posted June 25, 2018 - 06:59 PM

Excluding the injury in his first year, Randle played very similar to how he did in college his first few years.

This just isn't true.  At UK, Randle played within the flow of the offense.  He didn't shoot a lot of 3s and he didn't try to create from the perimeter nearly as much as he did with the Lakers.
Check the number of shots he attempted from 0-3, 3-10ft, 10-16ft and 16ft to <3
The total number of longer shots decreased every year.  His 1st year, he shot close to 30% of his shots from outside of 10 feet.  2nd year, 23%.  This year, he shot ~14% of his shots from outside of 10 ft, HALF the number he shot the first year.
When he got to the NBA, he tried to become Draymond Green - rebound and push, Point Forward, 3pt shooter, ISO.  It didn't work.

He was a bulldozer and had terrible tunnel vision.  Every time he got the ball, you knew exactly what he'd do and often resulted in a wild shot near the basket.

That's not what he was at UK.  NO.  He was a bulldozer but he wasn't nearly as out of control.  He took UK to the Championship game...if he had played the way he did his first few years with the Lakers, UK wouldn't have gotten out of the first round of the NCAA Tourney.

In college, the bully ball and athleticism worked for him because he was so much further ahead of everyone else.

No, again.  It worked for him then for the same reasons it works for him now - he worked within the flow of the offense.  He didn't act as a ball stopper as he did earlier in his NBA career.  He didn't try to create vs a set defense.  It was more about where and when he played Bully Ball.

It wasn't until this year that the game slowed down for him, he forced less shots, actually looked to pass out of the post, and found easier ways to score.

This year, Randle went back to what he did at UK.  Video evidence proves this.  Just look up his UK games/highlights and watch any of the previous seasons and then compare them to this year.  They aren't the same...UK year looks like this NBA year...

The other reason he worked out this year?  Lonzo vs Russell.  Pass first vs selfish.  Randle was allowed to go back to his natural position which is finisher, not creator or facilitator.

They condition helped I agree, but I don't think it was as significant as some say.

Uh, ok...well then that strengthens my argument.  Even if Randle didn't work on his conditioning, it's quite obvious he finally went back to what was working at UK.
If he had been playing the same the previous 3 seasons, we wouldn't be talking about his free agency.  NO WAY they would have declined paying Randle 12.5M/year if what you've been saying was true.



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Posted September 14, 2018 - 11:02 AM

The more videos I see of kuzma and the more I’m reading idk but I think this guy might shock a few of us this year. He’s done that important thing when you have success. He’s taken it and said it’s not enough. It’s a tough call but in a perfect world I’d much rather have kuzma, lebron and Ingram all on the floor than KCP

Just a personal opinion. But it’s clear kuzma will probably come off the bench
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