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No more rebuilding time to win we go after a big trade

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Posted May 24, 2017 - 04:09 AM

I'm tired of the let's just rebuild let kids play nope we need to make big changes

First off lonZo and his dad will ruin us

First we offer randle Russelll deng 2019 pic and 27th
for kp and lee

If tht fails god help us we offer the 27th pic mosgov and nance for brook Lopez on one year rental

No matter what we offer bulls Ingram 2 pic and randle or nance Brewer and lee 2nd round pic we take get butler and Zip

Knicks will get rid of kp 2 pic and ingram is a lot but butler brings George in 2018 and u just can't get to many kps or butlers
Knicks get Russell randle 27th pic future pic and deng in tht triangle Phil is dumb enough to give us the unicorn

If he doesn't we keep Ingram and randle offer Russell number 2 and future pic with brewer

Than 27 mosgov and nance or clarkson goes to bk for one year or more of brook Lopez

James Johnson livinston r big we need to sign them teodosic is Rubio tht can shoot wants finally come over 3 years 12 million

The rest of free agents should be multi positions either shooters or defenders tht can play perimeter

Jimmy or George can be better than harden harden got 3 seed in west jimmy and George gives us a force on the wing kp gives us a cheap young "draymond" in waltons system

So we r left with clarkson David butler we call up vander d league MVP for defenders and brown who was top 5 prospect
Then we offer Lou deng to sacremento Orlando all teams with money if they don't bite we stretch his contract

Now left over we have clarkson David butler zipser zubac Robinson maybe nance kp

We sign livinston James Johnson is a must him and butler would dominate on d with kp and blocks if we can't get him cheaper jamucheal green or mirotic we sign tt best pg in Europe he wants to come over he plays for cska shabazz Muhammad on a home town discount rashad Holmes multi positioned great defender Larry sanders huge upside Brandon rush vander brown

Pg tt clarkson sharing minutes Livingston though like harden butler will handle ball livinston can defend and play off ball clarkson can be sixth man and tt will eventually fit in as dynamic piece
sg/ sf butler rashad Holmes rush David shabazz
Pf j Johnson nance Robinson and kp
C kp becones r draymond zubac Larry sanders
D league 2 eligibles vander and brown

Teodosic when he's ready he's great player
James Johnson
And kp

Livinston George Johnson kp zubac

Every guy can guard multiple positions and shoot

Bench clarkson David rush shabazz nance zubac try keep kp or butler in

2018 sign George some vets
Pg teodosic Livingston
Sg butler David rush oh I forgot bout my man zipser
Sf George Holmes can start too shabazz
Pf Johnson nance
C kp zubac

Scenario 2

Pg Livingston clarkson
Sg butler
Sf Ingram
Pf Johnson randle
C Lopez one year deal and zubac

First year butler and kp get us atleast in playoffs competing rest of r guys r huge on upside

When George comes with butler kp and guys like zubac Johnson tt livinston with upside of clarkson nance david zippser vander brown and vets like Holmes rush we can become a legit scary defender

These r moves we must make we need to land a star this year we need to fleece Phil we need stop depending on a core of young guys tht r good assets not good players we need spend smart on good NBA players at end of day we gotta compete this year show the world and players we r turning it around

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Posted May 24, 2017 - 04:15 AM

It's long read basically

Russell randle deng 2019 and 27th pic for kp

Ingram number 2 pic brewer for butler

Sign James Johnson or green

Sign long athletic positionless shooters that r cheap

Develop clarkson David nance zubac vander and brown

Look to Europe for steal like tt at point

Butler can be just as good better two ways than harden kp would be r draymond

Than lire George in 2018

Butler George Johnson kp and eventually zubac and David would be scary on defense

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