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Magic Johnson - "We don't want anyone over 7-8% body fat anymore"

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Posted April 23, 2017 - 06:15 AM

The bottom line I believe Magic is shooting for is for the team to be in the best hape possible to do something different. He may being saying "we may not be the most skilled team, but we won't be tired in the fourth quarter after running all game"

exactly,people take things way too literally. All he's really saying is he wants next year's group to be in the best possible shape

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Posted April 23, 2017 - 09:02 AM

The bottom line I believe Magic is shooting for is for the team to be in the best hape possible to do something different. He may being saying "we may not be the most skilled team, but we won't be tired in the fourth quarter after running all game"


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Posted April 23, 2017 - 07:20 PM

"Oh don't take Magic so literally." 

Why? The guy he's getting it from meant it VERY literally.   That guy?  Pat Riley 


Pat Riley did the same thing in Miami and he benched veterans for measuring 9% when their target was 8% body fat. Same as Magic's. 



"There's been an ongoing conditioning goal that our team has
had to make since the summer. ... January was the deadline, they
haven't made it, and they knew this was going to happen if they
didn't make it," Riley said. "By the way, both of them are in the
best condition of their lives. They're very close. But a deadline
is a deadline."


Posey said his deactivation stemmed from a rule the Heat has

about body fat. He said his body fat is 9 percent, but Riley wanted
it to be 8 percent.

"He wants the weight to be down and he has his standards, I
guess, for the bigs and the perimeters or whatever," Posey said.
"It's the weight and for the perimeters [it's] 8 percent body fat.
... I'm at 9 percent body fat. And, that's not eight."


It's not a coincidence. 

fyi the year he decided to do this, the defending champ Heat won 44 games, down from the 52 games they'd won the year prior, were plagued by injuries and were swept in the First Round by the Chicago Bulls 0-4.

So yeah....

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"Bryant had come to rage against the idea that Howard's clownish disposition could overtake the locker room, the Lakers' culture, and had warned Howard that he would never, ever let it happen." 

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Posted Yesterday, 10:20 PM

Body fat percentage is being measured more accurately now so it is possible to hover in the 6-8 range. Now it's not necessary but it's possible. Anything lower is what bodybuilders look to achieve on competition day

6-10 is normal for a pro athlete

Hugh Hackman got to 5-6 for wolverine. A lot of it is just dieting. Healthy is 6-8 for an athlete. It's maintainable and healthy

9-10 is still good. Anything higher for a player in their early 20s is too much imo. Players 18-21 years old are still growing into their bodies so it's not abnormal to hover in the 8-12 range

But a 24 year old pro athlete should be in the 6-10 range at least. They have elite nutritionists to keep their diet in check with good tasting food and professional trainers at their disposal around the clock

So while I don't love all of what magic has to say I like what he's trying to achieve with this. Though with how young our roster is id set expectations more in the 8-10 range

muscle content is huge as well. Someone like lebron has an easier time achieving 8% body fat than Brandon Ingram for example

Dwight Howard could hit 6-8% easy compared to zubac

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Posted Today, 10:42 AM

As previously stated this is kind of ridiculous. When I was playing college ball I was hovering around 7% or so. It's super easy to get out of that range but 14-15% really isn't that bad for a top-level athlete. Soon as I started lifting more it started to creep up that much easier to the 12-15% range. 


It's difficult to get and maintain single digit ranges. 

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Posted Today, 12:02 PM

Well you always make your goals just beyond reach so you do your very best to attain them, if you come up a little short look what improvement you've made, lower body fat coupled with endurance, should go far into improvement. Glad to see an active FrontOffice now if they did Riles workouts no one could last, they were over the top. I had suggested a defensive skill camp to improve fundamentals

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