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Lakers Name Rob Pelinka General Manager

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Posted March 25, 2017 - 11:59 AM

I think he and Magic are playing nice for the media right now but they are going to gut this team and no one is safe if the trade is right. I don't think these guys are going to wait around until 2020. If it cost us Russell, Randle, Nance, Ingram and Clarkson to get Butler, Paul and CP3 or Blake, they may pull the trigger. I don't recall Magic having patience with the Dodgers and I don't believe he's going to fool around with this Trust the Process ISH while watching the top 3 or 4 teams win chips through Free Agency and trade. I don't think they want to be like the Trust the Process teams and have the 7 year plan just to make to the 5th seed. If we were building around Kat and Wiggins it may make sense but we don't. If we had Milwaukees roster MAYBE, But we don't. Our best have glaring mechanical and or mental deficiencies and I'm not sure if we will see any of them if the Price is Right. Russell is definitely improving, but would you bank on him leading us to the 4th seed by 2019 especially if he's the best on our team? Not too many championship caliber teams in the last 20 years who had a non athletic 2 guard or a 2 that didn't have pretty damn good one on one D. I for one am not mad we wiffed on some of the so-called big time FA in the last year or 2. (we never had a chance at LeBron by the way) I don't think a lot of them were franchise changers by themselves however there are some coming in the next 2 years that make you go Hmmmmmm. I know everyone would like the Golden State feel good story and would love to see our young core turn into Curry Thompson Green and Barnes but that rarely happens, By the way; as good of a shooter Russell is, whats the chances 2 of our players developing into two of the best shooters on the planet let alone in the NBA? (and even that wasn't good enough against Cleveland) Insert FA KD 





You're ok with us having MIL roster? Roster is led by Giannis who has been in the for 4 years now and you probably havent heard about him until he got his legs wet in the NBA, experience you know? Something fans cant accept or acknowledge. 

Minny? Yeah KAT is exceptional but Wiggins took him until this year to show signs of improvement( to be precise, he has improved steadily but didnt live up to the hype when he was in HS, which is fine)


We dont know what we have yet, but players like Brandon, Russell Randle, and Zubac are showing glimpses of their potential(with various degrees) but yet we want consistency from a bunch of teenagers from the get go.

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