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Question: I need help re. Ipad mini

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Posted February 20, 2015 - 04:40 AM

To be short, I bought my daughter a ipad mini 16GB for Christmas.

Shes 5 and Disney Jr apps are exclusive on Apple products.

The hard drive is already full with apps alone. And its really only like 15 apps. Its so full she cant even save progress most of the time. She had to delete the Frozen movie and 4-5 other apps to add Disney Infinity 2.0 and she acted like it was the biggest decision life will ever present her...lol.

Someone please give me a link to what I need to buy to give her added external memory.

USB drives dont work because the Ipads have their own funny little plug.

I bought a male ipad plug to female USB receptacle, plugged in the USB drive, but it wont recognize it??
Not sure why.


I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 16 GB. But it came with a mini SD card slot. I bought a 128 GB mini SD off ebay for $30. I have no space issues. I have 20 movies, hundreds of songs, games, apps, not even close to 1/4 full yet.


Thats what I'd like to do for my daughters Ipad mini. Im sure theres a way. Im just not familiar with how. I know theres many smart Apple savy users on here so I thought Id reach out.







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Posted February 20, 2015 - 05:51 AM

I know the feeling because I have a Nexus 4. Fabulous phone but only 16GB of storage.

16 GB actually means 12 or so because the OS and other system stuff takes some space. But less than 20 apps should take much less GBs...


Anyway, you have several choices:

  • An external USB HDD, like the Seagate GoFlex or the Kingston Wi-Drive, for example. But there are WDs, Toshiba, exc. too so you can just go with the one with good reviews or with a brand you are already familiar with.
  • A wireless external HDD, like WD's My Passport Wireless. It's available with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB of storage and there's also an SD card slot that may turn out to be useful on the go.
  • A wireless flash drive, like this SanDisk. 16, 32 or 64 GB.

Wireless storage is better in my opinion, because you can manage content between many devices at once and also stream videos or pictures. Plus, you already have Android and iOS. With a wi-fi drive you can "connect" Android, iOS, PC and Kindle altogether.


Mind the price, though, because double space often means double money. And you should take a look at Amazon. I recently bought a WD Caviar Green 2TB and I saved about 20€. Besides, if your drive ever broke, Amazon usually sends you a new one with no problem whatsoever. Or give your money back, if too much time passed.

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Posted February 20, 2015 - 06:08 AM



Man I didnt even know they existed. Thats awesome.


Freaking brilliant. 32GB will be more than enough for her.
and it says: 

Stream and store content on-the-go without the Internet

So itll work in the car/pane/hotel etc for her when were traveling.


Her Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 apps are like 3-6GB each. And the more toybox worlds she saves the more it increases. So it dominates the storage capacity.


Thanks so much Kobe-Wan. I appreciate it dude.

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Posted February 20, 2015 - 10:46 AM

Cloud storage. It's the cheapest option too. 

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