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Songs that bring back memories

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Posted February 04, 2015 - 05:55 AM

I was driving in to work this morning and this was the topic they were talking about. So many callers and reactions of so many kinds. Sad, funny, happy, etc.  I thought why not share that here on LN...Lets not get cheesy and soft here....thats not my intentions. But it may happen a bit because Im gonna be honest.
The truth is that male or female, young or old, everyone has one (or more) of these type of songs.
Some on deeper and more significant levels than others of course. 
But ones perspective, age, time frame and experience isn't truly relative to any one elses.
Some may think the one they have currently is the most significant they will ever have....until later.
Some songs will be older. Some brand new. For the sake of this post, time is just another irrelevant perspective. 
So the question is whats yours? I'm curious to see the diverse song selection.
There are 3 main songs like this for me.
My first  was Mr. Bigs "To be with you".  I imagined at the time that was as "deep" as my or anyones emotions could ever be.
Every time I hear that damn song come on the radio I cant help but reminisce on a good memory...that was more of a crush than anything. About a girl I havnt even talked to since.....or thought of at all, except for when I hear this song.
But later, as years passed it was changed...numerous times....more frivolously than I could have foreseen.
The one thats a trigger for me more than any other is Aerosmiths Armageddon Theme song.
Whats different than the others is this song reminds me of heartbreak and hurt more than anything. It reminds me of how miserable I felt....other than the moment the song became relevant in the back seat of my mustang convertible at a drive in movie theater, when all was perfect...lol. Its probably something a psychologically major could understand more than myself. Even though its my own mind. But whenever it plays....which is everyday and multiple times on light rock "listen while you work stations"...it unlocks a memory that is never thought of...except when the song comes on. And what sucks is I still like the song, so I listen to it..lol.
But then even later in my still young life, I would top that again. I would propose to me wife,  while she was wearing a gorgeous Louis Vuitton stunner red dress, and looking like the top dime of dimes, while dancing to this song.....

And thats a good memory. Honestly I never even heard the damn song before that night. I had heard of it...but never listened to it because of the generational gap between me and the song. The DJ played it randomly that night. No plan at all. I had a lil liquid courage in my veins thanks to Crown Royal.....but it started the last song Ill ever have that makes a log lasting memory in regards to a women. Good stuff.

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Posted February 04, 2015 - 07:03 PM

"All my life" by KC and JoJo is one for sure. I remember dancing at the prom to that with my girlfriend in high school. One of the happiest summers of my life.


"Spottieottiedopaliscious" by Outkast is another. Me and all my friends when I lived in Pennsylvania were all huge Outkast heads, and this was a personal favorite. Always had it on playlists and stuff when we would cruise around. Can't help but think of all my good friends when I hear it.


Any time I hear a Rick James song I always think of my one friend, we used to always listen to old funk and soul tracks and watch Soul Train and stuff :laughing:


"One Mo Gin" by D'Angelo is another one. It's a soul track about someone thinking of getting back with their ex, and catching up on the lost times. I think of my fiance when I hear this, and while I don't want to get back together with her, it hits close to home for some reason.


Can't think of any more right now. 

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Posted February 04, 2015 - 09:20 PM

Probably my favorite song of all time. First heard it because my uncle would be playing it sometimes when I was over at my grandparents house playing with my other cousins. I was young, about 5 or so. This song gave me a love for jazz used in other hip hop songs. Brings back some nostalgia from my adolescents, that's for sure.

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