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Mount and Blade

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Posted December 02, 2014 - 03:14 PM

So my little brother has been telling me about this game for MONTHS... but I hadn't checked it out.


Saw it was on sale during thanksgiving, and I didn't really have any games that I liked playing at the moment, and said, screw it, ill check it out..


holy crap I am glad I did!

Been a while since I had a game that just totally sucked me in, and just made the HOURS disappear.. I thought I would be all about the multiplayer, but it has been the oppisete.

Single player is epic! I put almost 40 hours in, and I feel I have only scratched the surface.

When I used to play Rome Total war, I would say, 'Man, it would be fun to control just a single one of the units in the battle', that's how this game can be described, you are a single person, and you enguage in MASsIVE battles.


You start as single person, and raise an army. There are 5 different kingdoms, I choose to align myself with the Nords, was given a small village, and worked with other lords and the King to help take castles and Cities for the king. After a long while, I was able to build my army up to an impressive size, and could take cites and castles on my own without help from other lords or the king. The king was pleased with this, and started granting me fiefdom over several castles and Cities as reward for my conquests.


Now my army is devastating. 145 party capacity, and my entire army is consisted of Calvery. Devastating on the open field. I no longer have to run with the other lords or the King on the battlefield, I just stomp around the map, destroying anyone that decides to go to war with the Nords. But now my ambitions are turning.. do I still want to live under the King? Could I go it my own? Succede from the Nords and create my own kingdom?

The beginning of the game is SO ROUGH, starting as a single solider, where even the smallest group of banits or looters can overrun you, and when you approach the mid-end game, there is so much more going on, now I have to balance economies, and diplomatic relations, in addition to maintaining fiefdom security.


There is a great satisfaction when you take your first City or Castle by yourself, because the downside is TERMENDOUS. Losing in battle is brutal, you will be captured, and taken prisioner, have your army disbaned, and many of your items looted, and gold purse robbed. This happen several times to me, and when it happened, it is devastating. You spend hours and HOURS building up your army, from lowly recuits, to hard military vets, and then, BOOM, you lose in battle, and you have to start back from step one, back with recuits, and simple military units, and work your way up to where you have a MASSIVE calvery force like I have now... from the early days of it being me and only a few other horse mounted units, vs now, where a battle starts, and I have a MASSIVE cav army, charging across the field towards the enemy army, even KINGS run from my army now...


I have spent a lot of time on this game, and I feel, it is only going to get better! Definatly cannot wait to play the game from the start again, and apply all that I know.

Mulitplayer is very fun as well, but, the single player game is SO EPIC..


Anyone else played this game?

its a bit old...

2008 release... with several expansion packs that are totally worth IT! (im playing on Warband)

and, it has a new expansion pack (Viking invasion, map is all of Britan) coming out in a couple days.


If anyone is looking for a EPIC singleplayer, sandbox, RPG, medieval combat simulator, CHECK THIS OUT!


(for some reason, I cant paste on TLN, I can on all other forums on the internet, but TLN I cannot, if someone could post a video, that would be cool)

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Posted December 02, 2014 - 08:09 PM

I just found out about it a few weeks ago. Amazing game. I have around 80 hours on it already. I can't wait for the sequel. 

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