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Posted August 18, 2014 - 01:19 PM

Find any interesting mods that you recommend? Here are some of my favorite:



  • Russell
  • Nevada Skies
  • King of the Ring
  • The Someguy Series
  • A World of Pain
  • Fallout Project Brazil
  • New Vegas Bounties I
  • New Vegas Bounties II
  • Run The Lucky 38
  • The Inhereitance
  • Color Survival Map & Icons


I use lots of mods from Nexus for New Vegas (Skyrim, too).

The "utility" mods are a must:

  • FOMM
  • BOSS
  • MCM (Mod Configuration Menu)

Then graphics:

  • ENB series
  • Enhanced Shaders
  • Imaginator/Dynavision/Cinematech and Director's Chair
  • One HUDs (merges together a few good HUDs)
  • Depth Of Field Bundle
  • EVE + Electro-City
  • NMCs Textures
  • Nevada Skies + Colorful Stars
  • Wasteland Flora + Interior Lighting + Fallout Character Overhaul

And gameplay and miscellanea:

  • RACE (Radio Active Channel Extender)
  • Weapons Mods Expanded + WMX Modern Weapons
  • More Traits/Perks
  • Centered 3rd Person Camera
  • Bottle That Water
  • RobCo Certified
  • Pimp My Scars

It was a bit hard to find the right load order in FOMM but I think it's worth it.


I haven't downloaded any companion mod yet, though (aside from RobCo).

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Posted August 18, 2014 - 09:44 PM

Way back when I was feared in warcraft, someone sent me this screenshot they'd taken while playing against a team I was on(I was horde they were alliance).    Carrastealth was my name back then. 




My undergeared Paladin back in the 70s days(shockadin) 




When battlegrounds had no time limit, on my hunter 




my level 20 rogue against 29s on my 2nd rogue, same name with an accent.  




My succubus standing on top of the head of my warlock




and this debate I had with an idiot once cause he was mad I returned the flag and got us a score.  Usually procedure...he however took it personal because he'd landed the killing blow on the flag carrier... was funny to me though how mad he got =P 






ah the warcraft days of years and years ago ^_^

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