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Getting the Best out of the Forums: Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions

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Posted March 04, 2014 - 01:58 PM

Welcome to the Laker Nation Forums! This thread is intended to satisfy frequently asked questions; offer tips, tricks, and suggestions; direct members to important announcements; and to serve as a resource for both new and veteran members.


Rules, Regulations and Guidelines


The rules, regulations and guidelines serve as the normative standards that keep the structure of LakerNation together. We encourage disagreement and a variety of opinion, but in a respectful manner that utilizes the golden rule.

Do not attempt to bypass the guidelines. For example, deliberately evading the swear filter constitutes as bypassing the guidelines. More times than not, this could resort in a warn. Accumulating warns could lead to suspension or a permanent ban by IP Address. If you are a habitual offender, we reserve the right to ban by IP range, so don't ruin the LakerNation experience for your peers!


*There is an exception to evading the swear filter: LakerNation will not regulate the content of pictures, video, and audio, assuming:

  • They contain NO gore
  • They contain NO nudity

If you will be posting media that contains sensitive content, be respectful of all audiences and use the spoiler tags when appropriate (viz. Posting Ettiquette).



Getting Started


How to register

Logging in and out
Your settings


Topics and forums






Personal messager






Viewing active topics and new posts



Email notification of new messages



Contacting the staff



Your Control Panel



My Assistant



Member list



Cookies and cookie usage


Lost your password?



Viewing member's profile information



*Contacting the moderating team and reporting posts




Posting Ettiquette


While not required, following common courtesy and the recommended posting ettiquette will get you a long way. Not only this, but it makes the jobs of the staff easier and makes the experience of the bulletin board richer.


Before posting a new topic, make sure it hasn't been posted first!

Before posting a new topic, make sure that the topic has not already been created by another member. The Search and View New Content tools that are available to you will make this process easier. In addition to utilizing these tools, you should examine if there is an appropriate thread already available to share your information. If you wanted to post an inspirational quote for example, instead of creating a new topic you should make a new post in the relevant thread.


When posting a new topic, try your best to post in the relevant forum.

Before posting a new topic, ask yourself, "how would I best categorize this topic? What subject does this content most relate to?"


If possible, tag your topics!

While it may seem unnecessary, tagging your topic enriches the bulletin board experience for other members. The Laker Nation forum software creates topic recommendations similar to Netflix and Amazon based upon topic tags! A tag should consist of keywords that are separated by commas. For example, if the topic was relating to a statistical analysis of Kobe Bryant, it may be tagged as:



Topics that utilize those same tags, or even a few of them, will be recommended to users as they view the thread! Tagging is an essential part of enriching the social media experience. The more you tag (accurately), the better for the community.


Use NSFW and NSFL tags when applicable.

Material that may be deemed sensitive to certain audiences should be hidden using the spoiler tag:

[spoiler]Some hidden information goes here[/spoiler]



In addition to putting sensitive material within spoilers, it would be courteous if you were to associate the type of sensitive material to a label: NSFW or NSFL.


NSFW stands for Not Safe for Work and is generally associated with sexual content and excessive language.


NSFL stands for Not Safe for Life and is generally associated with material that is "not safe" in any environment: violence and instances that may introduce individuals to significant harm.


Use appropriate formatting to title your threads.

Please do not title your threads in UPPER CASE or lower case. Use sentence case, proper case, or title case. Here is a utility that can help you format your thread titles if you are having trouble.


Cite sources.

If you are making any sort of argument that was made by another individual, or are directly quoting a resource of any sort, cite your source! Plagarism is not a vice that is exclusive to academic environments. Plagarism illustrates a lack of integrity and is generally not welcome in any forum, digital or not.


Do not mini-moderate. Use the warn system.

If you see a member breaking the rules, do not "mini-moderate" and try to correct them of their behavior. Simply report the post. A notification will be sent out to the entire staff team, who will respond to the report promptly.


Have fun.

Remember to enjoy yourself! There is no need to get worked up over a simple disagreement.





View New Content

The View New Content tool is a very powerful utility that is overlooked by many. It shows the member all of the posts and topics that they have not yet read. In addition to allowing members to stay up-to-date on the latest forum activity, there are extremely powerful filters that allow for members to sort by content type and time period. Check it out if you haven't already!


Status Updates

Status Updates are a fun way for members to update their "mood" or to state what is on their mind. Status updates are publicly displayed in a sidebar on the right side of the bulletin board. You can post a status update by entering some text in the dropdown menu that is used to sign out of the forums.


Follow Topics

Is there a certain topic that you enjoy more than others? You can follow certain topics and receive notification updates when a reply is made in one of them! To do so, simply click "Follow this topic" in the upper right hand corner of the thread that you wish to follow. You can manage the topics that you are following here.


Custom Notifications and Privacy Settings

You can manage which type of notifications you receive in your Custom Notifications settings. Here, you can update your privacy settings and decide which types of events you wish to be notified about. If somebody quotes a post that you make, you can be notified. If somebody gives you reputation, you can be notified. If somebody replies to any of your topics, you can be notified. Or, you can choose to not be notified. These options extend to also receiving automatic emails, so make use of these settings to your liking!


Ignore Settings

If you are in constant dispute with another member or simply no longer wish to read anything that they post, be the bigger person and ignore them. Laker Nation offers a method which allows for you to ignore members so that their posts are automatically hidden from you. "Out of sight, out of mind."



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I post a YouTube video?

A: You can post a YouTube video, alongside a variety of other mediums of video, using the media bbcode tags. To manually invoke this, enter in the URL of the video in between the respective bbcode tags:


Additionally, if you are using the Rich Text Editor, you can simply paste in the URL and it should automatically embed the video into your post.


Q: How come when I try to post a YouTube video, it only posts the link?

A: This could be due to a number of reasons. If you are experiecing this issue, toggle into the Rich Text Editor (see Help if you do not know how to do this). The surest way to embed media when it is not working for you is to manually invoke the media bbcode (see the first FAQ).


Q: How do I upload a picture and embed it into one of my posts?

A: 1) Send the files from your phone to somewhere you can access on the internet (so if you are on Android or iOS, you can use the "send to email" option and then retrieve the photos on your computer, OR you can install the Dropbox or MEGA app and use "send to cloud").


2) On your computer, access your email or cloud storage and save the photo(s) to your computer.


3) Go to http://imgur.com and select "Upload photos." Select the files on your computer and it will upload to Imgur. Imgur will provide you links, like this:




4) Copy the text where it says BBCode and then paste it into the RTE (rich text editor) on LN.


5) Hit post! Win!



Q: Can a moderator update a thread title?

A: Moderators certainly can, but it is not their obligation or duty to. If a member of the staff is able to help you with this, it is because they have graciously done so with any spare time that they may have available. It is the moderator's duty to enforce the rules of the board through observation and the warn system. Anything else is just extra. Moderators don't mind putting in extra work beyond their obligations and duties, but it should be noted that they do so in their spare time and only at their convenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Q: I have an idea to improve the site. Who should I suggest it to?

A: Please post all of your suggestions here. The LakerNation staff have a procedure as to how we consider and implement suggestions. This varies based on the circumstances. Some suggestions may be implemented within days, while others may be implemented over months. Other suggestions may not be implemented altogether. At the end of the day, the staff takes into consideration each and every suggestion and takes great honor in improving the community. Your patience is much obliged.


Q: How do I embed Tweets into my post?

A: At this time, the official method of embedding tweets consists of utilizing the quote bbcode.


1) Copy the tweet you wish to share in your post.

2) Paste that content in between quote bbcode tags.

3) Include a link to your source.



[quote]Kobe Bryant ‏@kobebryant Mar 1
Time has wings my brotha. Your game pushed my then 21 year old self to play beyond my years. Your… http://instagram.com/p/lB65GLxNt8/[/quote]



Kobe Bryant @kobebryant Mar 1

Time has wings my brotha. Your game pushed my then 21 year old self to play beyond my years. Your… http://instagram.com/p/lB65GLxNt8/


Q: How do I embed Instagram or Vine content into my posts?

A: The same way that you would with a YouTube video. See the first and second FAQs.



This thread may be updated to elaborate on new features and satisfy new questions as they become available. It may be in your best interest to check back frequently.

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Posted March 04, 2014 - 02:47 PM

Wade, you are truly something else.






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Posted March 04, 2014 - 03:18 PM

this is all really basic stufff. most people who join forums already know this off the bat.


#4 West Coast

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Posted March 04, 2014 - 03:19 PM

this is all really basic stufff. most people who join forums already know this off the bat.


You would think so but with the amount of PMs the staff gets, this is necessary to post. 

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Posted March 04, 2014 - 03:30 PM

This should be read by all new members immediately after registering (and some of you who've been here awhile too).

If only it could be incorporated into the registration page?

But great job.

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Posted March 04, 2014 - 05:09 PM

Now that looked like it took a bit of time to write up. Good stuff Wade, I hope everyone takes the time reading it.

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