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The end result: Bynum for Earl Clark

Trade Dwight

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#41 Japago



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Posted February 18, 2013 - 07:43 AM

Let's say Dwight does sign. Then what?? Has he played his best ball in Orlando? Will his back do him in as bad backs have done numerous power leapers?? (Larry Johnson) Will D12 turn around and be the next Alonzo Mourning or Bill Russell? Who knows which way it will go. I know this; It's probably going to be a 150 million dollar question. When Kobe is done, I would rather a team of Rudy Gay, Paul George or Danny Granger, Tyreke Evans and Marcin Gortat or something like that as a core. Beleive it or not, when you have a piece like D12, a roster similar to this is not impossible. Add Hill, Clark and even if Kobe and Pau stay for mid level to 8 mil per year to win a championship, you have to keep your options open. When was the last time the most DOMINANT center in the league was the primary option on a championship team?? Shaq 7 - 10 years ago maybe?? That's right; he had Kobe and Wade. IF it's impossible to make D12 happy then use this Very GOOD player to get a few VERY GOOD players. I know our history says that we are suppose to have the best center, but times change

I would love those middle-bottom tier Lakers teams.

It's better to take a chance at potentially having something that can win than to have something you know can't win a championship. A team without a superstar won't win a championship.

Dwight has been a superstar for most his time in the league. Let's not automatically assume that's completely gone after 1 season coming off of a major back injury.
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#42 Japago



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Posted February 18, 2013 - 07:46 AM

Dwight leaving for nothing would be better than getting some of the players people are suggesting. I'm not kidding.

Look what happened to the Grizzlies when they tried to build around Pau Gasol. Stuck in mediocrity.

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#43 TKainZero


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Posted February 18, 2013 - 03:33 PM

great written piece...

I HATE dwight howard...

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Posted February 18, 2013 - 04:05 PM

After Dwight abandons a sinking ship outta LAL and signs with his beloved wet dream Brooklyn Nets do any of you realize what we did? We traded Bynum for Earl Clark straight up. LMAO.
Drew wasn't injured when we made the D12 trade, so we probably could have landed anyone in the league + fillers.
Rondo, Chandler, Lopez, Josh Smith, Noah....take your pick.
Instead Dwights gonna bounce and we will have Clark.
Dwight will be responsible for forcing the LAL into a rebuilding process.
We traded away our biggest asset in Drew. An All Star center in Drew for for a chance to rehabilitate, kiss the ass of in hopes to resign Dwight a year later. Dwight whos just a over rated version of what we already had 7 years and about $75 million in developing Drew.
We all saw what Dwight did in Orlando. To a good coach and respectable franchise. We all saw the famous interview of SVG coming clean and Dwight being the biggest hypocrite liar the NBA world has ever witnessed on live TV. A picture tells a thousand words and we all should have seen what was coming down the D12 pipeline a bit better....
Posted Image
But we ignored the signs and hoped the enigma of LA and the history of our franchise would beat the odds and convince Dwight this was where he was meant to be. That the LAL fulfill his purpose. We were wrong.

And it doesn't matter what "he say she say" there is going on in the locker room or the media. I don't need SAS to tell me Dwights gonna jet to Broketown Crooklyn because hes not happy in LA and doesn't like Nash, KB, MDT and/or cant take the pressure. When I see his game on the court it says all that. Hes lethargic and sabbatical. His demeanor is of a player who doesn't give a damn and is just burning time. Every time we lose and he laughs, what hes planning on becomes self explicit. Or every time he shoots 3-13 from the FT line and bricks his next one and laughs it off like "oh well Ill get the next one" it becomes more and more apparent his heart to LA is like that of a future dead guys heart to a transplant victim. Its alive enough until it finds its real home.

In fact the entire season of Dwight Howard in purple & gold has been like a long blind date. Everyone going out of there way to kiss his ass and make him feel comfortable, needed and important so there will be a second date that leads to contractual intercourse and a long term relationship. Even KB, the greatest player of all time (imo) changed his game to get this guy going. To motivate him and nurse him the ball. But nothing changed in Dwights attitude. He continues to laugh. As if he is more important than the name on the front of the jersey, the banners that hang from the rafters or the retired numbers that hang on the walls.

The fact is Dwight is not important. Not at all. In the prism of LAL history and the D12 saga, Dwight needs the LAL much more than the LAL need Dwight. After all 18 points and 11 rebounds isnt hard to find. After he leaves to the Nets and probably never wins a title, the LAL get back to building CHIP teams the way they do better than any team in pro sports aside from maybe the NYY. The LAL organization will lick their wounds of a very bad gamble they made, knowing the odds were against them and move forward.

And before I hear all the tired "hes playing injured" excuses, please save your keyboards efforts. A bad shoulder doesnt make you NOT rotate on defense to fill a open lane. He was cleared to play, he did play and he sucked. And thats that. No more excuses. Nobody ever defended Bynum by saying "hes playing injured" while he was helping us win Chips against our rivals. So save it. Its a hollow excuse. The doctors said Dwight was good to go and he just never got going.

So this is my plea. Trade him before were left with nothing except Earl Clark for Bynum. And no offense to Clark. Hes a solid player imo. But hes not worth a straight trade for Bynum. So trade and get anything, anyone of value. Maybe someone else we can flip to make a real future acquisition. Dont bet against the odds again. Were gonna lose. Bet against the odds 1 time and fail, that's ok....we all take risks. But do it twice involving the same fickle, wishy washy, confused, not committed, lackadaisical, immature player that is now Dwight Howard and its inexcusable.

Trade him please. While we have the opportunity to.

When I buy something off Amazon or where ever, I find the user reviews to be most helpful. Throw out the 10% high and low ones, and the 80% in the middle usually give me a good idea what I am buying. Sure wish the FO would have paid attention to the 80% of the Orlando user reviews. They were absolutely spot on.
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#45 lakerfan0307


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Posted February 18, 2013 - 04:20 PM

I am one that actually hopes Dwight stays. I think he will be twice the player next year that he was this season.

I still think he stays, but in either case, I will be glad once it is over and he signs somewhere. I hope the team is able to squeeze into the playoffs and Dwight is able to enjoy the rest of the season as a Laker. Not that I truly blame Kobe for seemingly giving Dwight the cold shoulder, but the two of them need to put their egos aside and get on the same page. If they won't do it for each other, I hope they can do it for Jerry.

#46 Ronald Artest

Ronald Artest


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Posted February 18, 2013 - 07:12 PM

We got a great deal. Earl Clark is amazing and Bynum hasn't played a game and likely won't play a single game this season.

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