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Here Are Some Players I Think The Lakers Should Look At

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Posted June 20, 2010 - 01:54 PM

32 Jarvis Varnado
College: Mississippi St.
Birthday: 3/1/88
NBA Position: Power Forward
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-9
Wt: 210
Hometown: Brownsville, TN
High School: Haywood

NBA Comparison: Bo Outlaw/Theo Ratliff

Strengths: The best shot blocker in the country 4.7 BPG ... He controls the paint well ... Extremely long and athletic player with great motor and ability to run the floor ... Improved offensively since a year ago and looks to post up much more than last year ... His go-to move on the low post is to receive the ball on the left side of the floor and turn around to his left shoulder and shoot the right handed hook shot ... Learned to play pick-and –roll effectively … he is a solid cutter to the basket and has no problems catching the ball in traffic ... His points are mostly inside the paint off of put-backs, dunks, offensive rebounds and second shot opportunities (converts a good percentage of shots out to 10 feet) ... Possesses great timing and excellent ability to block shots and he is extremely explosive off the floor ... It’s very difficult to shoot over him or finish around the rim when he is in the game due to his extremely long arms, and if he doesn’t block shots he will alter them ... Due to his extremely long arms and athleticism, Varnado is a very good rebounder both defensively and offensively ... Even though he averages 3.1 offensive rebounds per game, he gets his hands on many loose balls ... Defensively he often lets opponents get position on the low post and makes them shot over him ... a strong help defender ...

Weaknesses: Lacks body strength for the NBA (he improved since last year, but still has long way to go)... His body frame (shoulders) is a bit narrow for his size ... He gets pushed around too much on the low post, although he shows a willingness to battle ... Varnado needs to become a more effective low post scorer, keeping the ball up and finishing stronger under pressure and in traffic ... Needs to work on fundamentals of the game ... Offensively he is still raw and has to work on developing some more skills in the low post with back to the basket ... Has no left hand. His footwork and lateral quickness needs work as well (not good at defending man-to-man) ... Relies too much on his long arms and ability to block shots ... Has to develop a mid range jump shot ... He is only .654 FT shooter ... Can get in the foul trouble by leaving his ground on pump-fakes and trying to block every shot ...

Games Scouted:

2/3/09 Miss. St @ Kentucky- 6 points (2-6 FG, 2-4 FT), 12 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 7 blocks
2/18/09 South Carolina @ Miss. State- 10 points (3-13 FG, 2-2 FT), 6 rebounds, 4 blocks
3/13/09 Miss. St@ South Carolina- 12 points (6-14 FG, 0-1 FT), 9 rebounds, 3 assist, 6 blocks

2006-07 MSST 13.5 5 4.2 0.3 0.5 0.58 0.3 1.9 2.1 0.647 0.533 1.5
2007-08 MSST 28.5 7.9 7.8 0.5 1.2 0.44 0.5 4.6 2.9 0.641 0.5 0.5 1.58
2008-09 MSST 28.1 12.9 8.8 0.8 1.7 0.47 0.6 4.7 2.3 0.549 0.654 1.41
2009-10 MSST 31.7 13.8 10.3 0.9 2 0.45 0.7 4.7 2.4 0.582 0.61 1.57
Per Game 25.5 10.0 7.8 0.6 1.4 0.5 0.5 4.0 2.4 0.589 0.595 0.250 1.51

2010 Sporting News 2010 Defensive Player of the Year

21 Greivis Vasquez
College: Maryland
Birthday: 1/16/87
NBA Position: PG/SG
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-6
Wt: 197
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
High School: Montrose Christian

Adi Joseph - 12/23/2007

Strengths: Vasquez displays incredible on-court intensity and passion for the game ... He can control the game when his emotions take over and his shots start falling ... He attacks the rim relentlessly and has a knack for getting himself into the lane... His court vision, especially from the perimeter, is outstanding and his passing ability is notable ... His stamina seems endless, it's obvious he works hard on conditioning ... He possesses great size for a point guard ... His length allows him to disrupt passing lanes and his intensity could translate into him becoming a stand-out defender one day ... He has a tendency to step up in big games ... Excellent rebounder for his position ...

Weaknesses: Vasquez plays out of control at times, and still displays questionable decision making ... His cockiness exceeds his abilities ... He is far too physically weak and struggles to finish when drawing any sort of contact. He appears to be a guy that will always be on the thin side ... He has very poor range on his jump shot, and will struggle to force opponents to guard him close, limiting the efficiency of his driving ability ... When attacking the rim, he puts his head down, reducing his passing effectiveness ... His on-ball defense is shaky and inconsistent ... He lacks balance in his game, still unable to effectively balance distributing and scoring ... He has not shown any post-up game, an essential skill for a big point guard ... His intensity can be overbearing. He must learn to direct his energy and intensity better. Vasquez is also a full year old for his grade limiting his upside some ...

2006-07 MD 28.8 9.8 3.3 4.6 2.7 1.71 1.1 0.1 2.3 0.444 0.798 0.316 1.3
2007-08 MD 37.0 17.0 5.7 6.8 4.4 1.55 1.4 0.3 2.3 0.432 0.782 0.309 1.25
2008-09 MD 34.6 17.5 5.4 5 2.8 1.8 1.4 0.4 2.2 0.405 0.867 0.327 1.14
2009-10 MD 33.9 19.6 4.6 6.3 3.4 1.87 1.7 0.4 2.1 0.429 0.857 0.359 1.26
Per Game 33.6 16.0 4.8 5.7 3.3 1.7 1.4 0.3 2.2 0.425 0.828 0.329 1.23


Sporting News' College Basketball All-America First Team

4 Sherron Collins
College: Kansas
Birthday: 3/18/87
NBA Position: Point Guard
Class: Senior
Ht: 5-11
Wt: 215
Hometown: Chicago, IL
High School: Crane

NBA Comparison: Will Bynum

Strengths: Collins gives defenders a lot to handle from a college point guard ... He can push the tempo and utilize his great ball handling skills, with speed and explosiveness that might catch you off guard because of his stocky frame ... Much improved mid range game with nice elevation on his jumper, can shake his defender off the dribble and pull up ... Good body control, can stop and start on the dime ... Can spot up from deep, but only converting 36% from downtown... Elusive and able to get into the lane, he's more effective pulling up than taking it strong and drawing the foul due to his height ... Great vision when it comes to seeing open space, will beat you to the spot in the open floor ... Has a scorer's mentality, determined to beat his defender off the dribble ... Ability to penetrate opens up the court ... A clutch shooter and natural leader ...

Weaknesses: Only 5'11 and more of a scorer than point guard playmaker, and he won't be able to play the 2 in the pros ... Defensively he gets beat off the dribble too often, and no where near tall enough to guard a 2guard at the next level ... Lack of height also a concern offensively as he will have a tough time finishing in the paint ... Will need to improve his shooting from deep to make up for potential inability to finish around the rim against taller and stronger defenders ... Not known for passing, averages only 4.3 assists but keeps down his turnovers (2.3) per game ...

Overall: He's played 4 years on a consistently competitive and strong Kansas team and shown the ability to be a scorer and leader... However, needs to improve his playmaking abilities as a point guard if he wants to have a role on an NBA team ... His ability to score, his will to beat his defender, and his ball handling skills should make GMs think about him when looking at potential point guards, but usually small shoot-first point guards in college have a tough time making the transition to the pros. Of course, a national championship would surely help his cause ...

Jonathan Wasserman - 3/13/10
Strengths: Lightening quick and explosive with the ball, he makes up for his height with his amazing quickness and vertical leaping ability Skilled ballhandler, rarely loses the ball on his own accord Averaged 9.3 ppg as a freshman for the Jayhawks, good for fourth on the team An absolute beast for someone his size, he is built like a cannon ball, allowing him to hang with players who are taller than him, outmuscling skinnier players on drives to the basket Good stroke, gets good elevation on his jump shot, allowing for a picture perfect release with lots of arc Plays solid, frustrating on the ball defense, once again relying on his formidable strength to hassle opposing players all game long Superior athlete, Collins was recruited out of high school to play basketball, football and baseball ... Really has no fear about taking over and does so in big game situations.

Weaknesses: Point guards of his height always have an uphill battle getting into the league, but score-first PGs even more so Must improve upon his playmaking abilities, i.e. finding the open man, driving and kicking, and prove to NBA scouts that he can be a true PG who can run a team Must improve his A/T ratio, only averaged 2.9 apg along with 1.7 TO per game Must also show more mid range game, seems to either shoot threes, drive to the basket or give nothing.

Outlook: Will share PG responsibilities with Mario Chalmers and Russell Robinson in the 07-08 season, so improving significantly on his stats from last year may prove to be difficult with playing time to be split up three ways, the same as last year. In a league where measurables are nearly as important as actual skills, coming in at under 6-foot is as close to a death kiss as you can be, even though he weighs in at an impressive 200 lbs. With the success of Nate Robinson and Earl Boykins, there is definitely a chance for Collins, but he is going to have to fight for it, and it may take at least another year or two.

James Burbridge - 7/26/2007

2006-07 KU 22.3 9.3 2.3 2.9 1.7 1.78 0.7 1.8 0.478 0.766 0.405 1.31
2007-08 KU 23.8 9.3 2.2 3.1 2.0 1.54 1.1 0.1 1.6 0.462 0.776 0.362 1.25
2008-09 KU 35.1 18.9 2.9 5 3.3 1.51 1.1 1.9 0.434 0.795 0.376 1.27
2009-10 KU 33.0 15.5 2.1 4.5 2.4 1.89 1.1 0.1 1.7 0.426 0.855 0.370 1.29
Per Game 28.5 13.2 2.4 3.9 2.3 1.7 1.0 0.0 1.8 0.444 0.808 0.377 1.28

Sporting News' College Basketball All-America Second Team

55 Jordan Crawford
College: Xavier
Birthday: 10/23/88
NBA Position: Shooting Guard
Class: Sophomore
Ht: 6-4
Wt: 195
Hometown: Detroit, MI
High School: Hargrave Military Acad.

NBA Comparison: Terry Teagle/Bob Sura

Strengths: Crawford has become one of the most potent scorers in college basketball ... At 6'4, he uses a nice first step plus excellent elevation on his jumper to allow him to create shots for himself on almost any possession ... He is excellent in isolation, can shoot with hands in his face while barely needing an inch to get off his shot ... His midrange and long range game have both become quite efficient, showing he can shoot off the dribble from inside and behind the arch ... When spotting up, he looks much more under control and his motion tends to be more fluent ... Relentless and persistent when taking it to the hoop, seems to have that "nobody can stop me" attitude, regardless if the lane is there or not ... Moves pretty well without the ball which can be directly related to his desire to be the featured scorer on every possession ... Shows explosiveness when using momentum moving towards the hoop ... Defensively he anticipates well, and has the potential to be a good on-ball defender with more focus and dedication ... Has a low handle, and solid all around ball handling skills ...

Weaknesses: Crawford is somewhat one-dimensional in that he's mainly only effective offensively with the ball in his hands ... He averages 16 shots per game, and at the next level, he will not be able to dominate the ball like he does in college ... Will need to learn how to be a compliment instead of the go-to guy ... His shot selection will need to improve, as he tends to engage in too many "heat checks" after 1 or 2 shots go down for him ... Inconsistency shooting due to what looks like an awkward shot form when pulling up off the dribble. Often fades away on his shot instead of going up straight ... He gets frustrated when his defender face-guards him and tries to deny him the ball... Somewhat tunnel-vision when taking it to the basket, he rarely kicks it out when driving in traffic while occasionally forcing the issue by trying to drive with no available lane ... Not the greatest finisher around the basket ... Needs to improve ball handling skills ... He uses all of his energy on the offensive end, resulting in fatigued defensive possessions in which he tends to gamble, as opposed to staying in front of his defender and moving his feet ... He's a bit undersized at 6'4 in shoes, and has a standard 6'5.5 wingspan ... Body posture is a little hunched over and appears unusual ...

Overall: Crawford put on a show for scouts in the NCAA tournament, averaging 29 points per game in 3 contests, while single handedly keeping his team alive at points... His ability to score the ball is unquestioned, however his ability to transform to more of a role player is... He will have to learn to "not need" the ball to contribute, and will have to focus more on the defensive side of the ball... His tournament play might have pushed him towards the first round, however he's already a 21 year old sophomore after transferring from Indiana, which won't help his draft stock come June ...

Jonathan Wasserman 3/31/10

2007-2008 IND 25.3 9.7 3.4 2.3 1.9 1.19 0.9 0.2 1.6 0.44 0.746 0.366 1.2
2008-2009 DNP
2009-2010 XAV 32.8 20.5 4.7 2.9 2.4 1.19 1.3 0.2 1.6 0.462 0.773 0.391 1.28
Totals 29.3 15.5 4.1 2.6 2.2 1.19 1.2 0.2 1.6 0.455 0.765 0.384 1.25

Sporting News' College Basketball All-America Third Team

23 Darrington Hobson
College: New Mexico
Birthday: 9/29/87
NBA Position: Small Forward
Class: Junior
Ht: 6-7
Wt: 205
Hometown: Houston, TX
High School: Calvary Christian

Sporting News' College Basketball All-America Third Team

44 Luke Harangody
College: Notre Dame
Birthday: 1/2/88
NBA Position: SF/PF
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-7
Wt: 240
Hometown: Schererville, IN
High School: Andrean

NBA Comparison: N/A

Strengths: Luke is an elite scorer at the college level ... Averaging over 20 points a game in each of his last 3 years, he at times carries his team on his back in the toughest conference ... Crafty around hoop, he finds a way to score and finishes well around the rim, moves well in the paint and reads what he has given to him ... One of the hardest working players around, hes gritty, strong and persistent... absorbs contact well and gets to the line quite frequently ... Has the ability to face up to the basket and shoot, and occasionally can take the defender off the dribble from the elbow ... Positions himself well for rebounds, good nose for the ball on the offensive glass ... Sees plenty of double-teams, and his passing has improved as a result ... Has a great feel for the game, and regardless of how unorthodox his game is, he's one tough competitor who finds a way to get it done ... Measured well in the predraft camp combine with excellent length (standing reach for his height - 8'10") and strength numbers (combine leading 23 bench press reps at 185) ...
Weaknesses: Luke's biggest weakness and toughest obstacle to overcome will be his lack of athleticism, explosiveness and height, resulting in a lack of a true position at the next level ... Too slow to guard the 3, undersized at the 4 ... He has the ability to square up and shoot medium to deeper range jump shots, but can't hit them nearly consistently enough to call them a strength, and without improvement will struggle to make it in the NBA ... Takes a ton of shots, although thats just a product of him being on a team that lacks alternative scoring threats ... Defensively his lateral movement is a liability, and he will struggle to keep up against taller and quicker athletes at the next level ... 4s in the NBA will shoot over him down low, and 3s will blow by him on the perimeter ... A low release and not much spring in his knees on his shot, combined with his lack of height, will cause problems for him on the offensive side of the ball when being guarded by true power forwards in the NBA

Overall: Luke can flat-out put the ball in the basket, and his work ethic is unquestioned ... He is a leader, and the heart and soul of his college team ... However, his lack of athleticism, explosiveness and height will limit his potential and ability to be effective at the next level ...

Jonathan Wasserman 2/24/10

2006-07 ND 20.6 11.2 6.2 1.2 1.2 0.97 0.9 0.5 2.6 0.459 0.816 1.24
2007-08 ND 29.0 20.4 10.6 1.7 2.3 0.72 0.8 0.9 2.6 0.5 0.763 0.333 1.30
2008-09 ND 34.2 23.3 11.8 2.1 1.8 1.13 0.9 0.9 2.3 0.459 0.777 0.368 1.21
2009-10 ND 33.0 21.8 9.1 1.6 1.8 0.87 0.5 0.7 2.3 0.481 0.787 0.309 1.29
PerGame 29.2 19.2 9.5 1.6 1.8 0.9 0.8 0.7 2.4 0.476 0.782 0.326 1.26

Sporting News' College Basketball All-America Third Team

3 Jerome Randle
College: California
Birthday: 5/21/87
NBA Position: Point Guard
Class: Senior
Ht: 5-10
Wt: 165
Hometown: Chicago, IL
High School: Hales Franciscan

NBA Comparison: Jose Juan Barea

Strengths: A fearless point guard who can beat you with the pass or shot ... Extremely quick first step ... Has the extra gear to turn the corner or change direction even against top level defenders ... Has superior ball handling and a variety of moves off the dribble ... His wiry strength and aggressive approach allow him to make plays in the driving lanes against much bigger defenders ... Creative finisher around the basket, uses angles and his soft touch to convert … Uses a nice floater and teardrop to make shots before the defense rotates ... Extremely efficient shooter (he has had tremendous shooting percentages in all three categories the last two seasons) … Has terrific range and is comfortable stepping out to the NBA three … His release is extremely quick and he is able to make difficult shots under duress … Very dangerous attacking in transition where his quickness, savvy handle and ability to shoot off the dribble make him a very tough guy to stop ... Great pick&roll player - keeps his dribble alive, makes good reads and attacks the openings ... Looks to make plays for his teammates ... Has solid court vision and can deliver precise passes ...

Weaknesses: Lacks the prototypical PG size which hurts him significantly against bigger opponents ... His height makes it difficult for him to finish at the basket, especially against the helpside defense ... He is a hard working and tough defender, but with his size he will be undersized on a nightly basis … His light frame makes it difficult for him to keep more physical guards out of the lane (as they can body him all the way to the hoop) … For such a quick player, he surprisingly doesn’t have elite level open court speed (his short strides don’t allow him to cover a lot of ground when going full speed) ... Has a tendency to take shots early in the shot clock and out of the offense too often ... Can become to scoring oriented at times … Over penetrates and gets in trouble by attacking into traffic, forcing him to make tough plays which usually lead to turnovers ...
Borko Popic - 04/12/2010

2006-07 CAL 17.9 6.7 1.5 2.8 1.7 1.64 0.5 1.5 0.383 0.823 0.315 1.18
2007-08 CAL 32.3 11.8 2.5 3.7 3.0 1.25 0.8 2.0 0.428 0.870 0.397 1.27
2008-09 CAL 35.3 18.3 3.0 5.0 2.9 1.74 0.7 1.8 0.501 0.863 0.463 1.58
2009-10 CAL 35.0 18.6 2.1 4.3 3.5 1.22 0.7 1.5 0.457 0.933 0.404 1.42
PerGame 30.1 13.9 2.3 4.0 2.8 1.4 0.7 0.0 1.7 0.452 0.882 0.406 1.40

Sporting News' College Basketball All-America Fourth Team

15 Matt Bouldin
College: Gonzaga
Birthday: 1/7/88
NBA Position: PG/SG
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-5
Wt: 214
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
High School: Thunder Ridge

NBA Comparison: NA
Strengths: Big lead guard with a tremendous feel for the game His best asset is his vision and passing ability Very smooth and crafty He can handle and pass like a seasoned veteran Has excellent fundamentals Has a real fire and hunger for the game Always seems to be a step ahead of the competition anticipating plays before they happen and spotting openings for passes His vision and ability to see over smaller defenders makes him very intriguing Very good and driving and kicking Feeds the post very well, and has a good grasp of running the pick and roll Has a solid outside shot with range out to college 3, and good ability to make shots off the dribble Has deceptive athleticism. His body type gives the impression that he doesn't have the speed to move the way he actually can Has a decent first step that he sets up well with pump fakes, and uses his body well to screen off defenders His size and strength give him the ability to rebound well Gutsy player who steps up to the challenge as he proved playing a key role in Gonzaga's upset win over #2 ranked North Carolina with 14 points in 31 minutes A sound defender, doesn't gamble too much, stays in front of his man and hustles His quick hands and anticipation make him more dangerous as an on ball defender

Weaknesses: Lacks great run/jump ability He can get off the floor, but isn't going to win any dunk contests Needs to add consistency to his outside shooting, but the shooting form and makings are there His lateral foot speed defensively can cause him problems against smaller, quicker guards Has good body strength, but trimming 10-15 pounds in the mid section would enhance his agility. Toning his body will add to his speed in the open floor and overall quickness How much quicker and more athletic he can become is a key factor in determining his overall potential Has a great feel for the game but still must learn to master the point guard position.

Notes: Was the top high school player in Colorado as a senior The mop top hair and competitive fire are reminiscent of former Zag Adam Morrison. Hes something between Morrison and Blake Stepp After seeing him practice once, Rick Majeras called him Gonzaga's top back court player and compared him to Deron Williams Tom Brennan, former Vermont coach and current ESPN analyst commented that his hair looks like it was done by a robin. SIs Seth Davis proclaimed his look worthy of Grant Wahls All Hobbit team
Aran Smith - 11/26/2006

2006-07 GONZ 27.8 8.9 3.6 3.1 2.0 1.51 0.8 0.1 2.5 0.448 0.742 0.363 1.31
2007-08 GONZ 32.0 12.6 3.7 2.9 2.5 1.18 1.4 0.1 1.5 0.462 0.767 0.365 1.34
2008-09 GONZ 31.7 13.6 4.1 3.4 1.7 1.98 1.5 0.1 1.6 0.491 0.744 0.423 1.46
2009-10 GONZ 35.6 15.6 4.7 4.0 2.3 1.76 1.4 0.2 2.1 0.451 0.858 0.365 1.40
PerGame 31.8 12.7 4.0 3.3 2.1 1.60 1.3 0.1 1.9 0.463 0.785 0.380 1.38

Sporting News' College Basketball All-America Fourth Team

50 Omar Samhan
Birthday: 11/3/88
NBA Position: Center
Class: Senior
Ht: 6-10
Wt: 265
Hometown: San Ramon, CA
High School: Valley

NBA Comparison: Aaron Gray

Strengths: A late bloomer who has shown steady development throughout his college career ... Statistically one of the best big men in the country (over 20p, 10r, 3 blk) … At 6’11, he knows how to use his size and weight to his advantage in the post ... Has good interior footwork to create space to get his shot off ... He knows how to take advantage of mismatches on switches in the post and passes well out of double teams ... Shows patience and poise on offense, willing to pass the ball out and work in reposting to have a better angle for his shot and is constantly working on getting quality post position ... For a low post player he demonstrates good shooting mechanics. Shoots in the mid 70% from the free throw line, and shows range out to 15 feet ... He has improved in the pick and roll this season and his familiarity with it should help him at the pro level ... Was voted Defensive Player of the Year in the WCC while averaging over 11 rebounds and 3 blocks per game. Omar plays hard on defense and uses his size and body to box out, explaining his double digit boards. Demonstrates very strong intangibles (has lost over 60 pounds since his freshman year, strong work ethic, strong leadership qualities, and very good with the media and fans) ...

Weaknesses: Omar’s body is a work in progress ... While he has lost weight, as mentioned above, he still must build strength and muscle while dropping more bodyfat ... In addition there are serious questions whether he has the ability to handle NBA speed both on offense and on defense ... At St. Mary’s he was a focal point of a half court offense ... Since few teams in the NBA run a half court offense these days, it is imperative that Omar continues to work on his stamina and speed ... While he has worked on the pick and roll he is not the passer or the shooter that slower big men such as Brad Miller or Vlade Divac were ... He has a slow mechanics on his release which makes it easier to defend, and as with most interior players, does not possess a strong dribble ... Scouts have similar concerns on the defensive side for Omar as he appears to be slow laterally and would probably have one of the worst verticals at the NBA draft combine ... Despite averaging 3 blocks per game, he will never be a low post intimidator or shot blocker at the NBA level because of his athletic limitations ...

Outlook: His height and strong showing in the NCAA tournament has firmly put him on the NBA radar for the 2010 draft ... He could certainly take advantage of his Egyptian heritage to play in international competitions. Late blooming big men with a strong work ethic stay on NBA scouts radars. A strong career in Europe can often be more rewarding than a journeyman career in the NBA ...

Eric Guilleminault 3/20/10

Sporting News' College Basketball Awards: West Coast Defensive Player of the Year

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Posted June 20, 2010 - 03:33 PM

Lakers should draft jordan crawford, so he can dunk on lebron again

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Posted June 22, 2010 - 08:27 AM

I think it will be Crawford or Harangody.

I just hope its a player that we've heard of before. I hate waiting for the Lakers to pick and saying its gonna be this guy or that guy, then we get a guy with some weird name. :laughing:

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Posted June 23, 2010 - 12:13 AM

Brian Zoubek (Center)
Sherron Collins (PG)
Lance Stephenson (SG)

I want at least one of those three.

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Posted June 23, 2010 - 12:21 AM

Art Parakhouski:



People say he didn't play against good competition, but he put up 21-14-3 (7 off rebounds) on Duke. And 21-13-2 (6 off rebounds) on Kansas.

Most mock drafts have him going in the 2nd round to Miami (48th pick) and a far down as Utah (55th pick) and one as high as 25th-ish. But most have him as a 2nd rounder (10th ranked C in the country). I think he is underrated just because he came from a small school, and we should draft him. He can play 10-15 MPG right away and give pau and lamar a breather who always log in heavy minutes.

I'm hoping we sign T-Mac and Steve Blake.. along with drafting him.

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