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Lottery for Lakers tickets?

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Posted May 18, 2010 - 11:25 PM

I took the TLN survey a while back and one of the questions was stated as such:

The Lakers Nation is a fan-operated site – meaning that all of our expenses are out of pocket. We have taken steps in the last year to assemble a marketing strategy that can help us offset some of our growing costs. In doing so, we only want to promote products and businesses that reflect your interests - all without being intrusive to the content you visit our site for. What type of Ads would you like to see? (I.e. Lakers Apparel, Event Tickets, etc)

I just had an idea of TLN purchasing tickets in advance, making a schedule of what tickets TLN has purchased (So people know when to come). What would be cool is, if TLN bought tickets for the big games (Lakers-Cavs) (Lakers-Celtics) (Lakers-Nuggers) in pairs, maybe 1-3 sets, and have a lottery, selling numbers (received in e-mail) and have numbers in a hat, having proof that all numbers are in a hat and have a random person grab the numbers off the street (putting the video of it on TLN). Each number would have a name on the back (according to the order of purchase), and of course people would be able to buy more than one number. Buying a number (to buy the pair) would be say around 5-7 dollars based on how important the game is.
Don't know how much it costs for regular season tickets, but I paid $165 for my playoff ticket, So I am sure that regular season is at least 1/4th that price. Of course, TLN could change those prices accordingly.

Instead of Ads, sell tickets (lottery style), it will bring in traffic, and revenue. Once you get popular, you can start buying more sets to get more people to buy for better chances to go to a Lakers game.

I know that TLN does make 9% off of all sales on Barrystickets through the link on the blog, and I think having something like a lottery for a set of two tickets would make a lot more money. I would pay to try to get tickets.

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