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The Official NBA 2k9 Thread

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Posted July 20, 2009 - 01:43 PM

sorry for bump but i wandered if this has happened to anyone else... where some team of scrubs becomes the most clutch team in the world and the refs favour them to no end.

i was playing as my pimped out denver nuggets team B) my team was:

PG. jameer nelson
SG. courtney lee
SF. melo
PF. nene
C. bynum

grizzlies were the same team they are now.

3 minutes left in the fourth, i was winning by 2.

OJ mayo drives to the basket, and jameer nelson jumps for a block. checked the replays, he didnt even touch the ball, let alone the player himself, but a foul is called and OJ gets and and1. thats jameers 5th.

grizzlies up by 1

i then go for a drive with melo, and marc gasol practically dives on him, and as a result he misses. no foul called at all, and they get an easy layup at the other end. i try to take the charge but get called for blocking. thats melos 5th.

grizzlies up by 3

im starting to get annoyed now, and rudy gay steps up to the 3 point line. he immeditely gets double teamed, and somehow manages to get a 3 off, and guess what? perfect swish.

grizzlies up by 6

at the other end i go for a drive with melo, who taps mike conley on the shoulder and gets called for charging. now melos fouled out. they then drive with rudy gay, and andrew bynum has a very hard foul on him. im not bothered, because bynum only has 2. rudy gays knocks into jameer nelson (who was stood in the paint minding his own business) and guess who gets called for the foul and as a result fouled out? jameer nelson. and rudy gay gets an and1

grizzlies up by 9

i then post up with nene, back in and go for a turn around j. he gets pushed slightly by zach randolph, falls over and comes off with an injury.

by this point i get pissed off so i just turn the xbox off and walk out.

anything stupid like this happen to anyone else?

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Posted July 20, 2009 - 02:13 PM

yeah, i've found that if you play on superstar or HOF the game tends to favor weaker players. maybe you have the clutch slider turned on as well. try changing some sliders.

sounds like you had a lot of bad luck in this game though. :lol:

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Posted August 07, 2009 - 05:31 PM

thats my lil bro playing dale. i dont play 2k9 lol. only he does


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Posted August 17, 2009 - 12:52 AM

aye do any of you guys have an online league im interested in joining one

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