One writer looks into the scariest Lakers of 2009.

Clippers Lakers BasketballLakers Examiner: If last night’s horrific loss to the Dallas Mavericks didn’t scare you enough, tonight is Halloween. You’ll be treated to scary costumes, haunted houses, and questionable female costumes involving bunny ears.

Last Halloween I provided some suggestions about which member of the Los Angeles Lakers would make the best costume idea. This year, let’s examine the scariest Lakers of all time.

Now, when I say “scary,” I mean in any sense of the word, and I’ll try to explain myself after each pick:

Ron Artest - For obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of RonRon. The scariest part about him though, is his ability to snap instantly. He’s a nice guy and a great teammate, but say the wrong word and you could be the unfortunate recipient of this look. Then it’s time to curl up in the fetal position and protect your vital organs.

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    the scariest without a doubt is benga/ see that coming down the street ,look out.IF YOUR INTO RATS THE KOBE IS A HYBRID,SCAREY!